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    Runners & Skin

    I agree with mspina. Aquaphor works really well.
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    which insanity dvd is your favorite?

    I really love all of them, but my favorites are Max Interval Circuit, Max Interval Sports, and Pure Cardio.
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    Hey Kettlebellers, question

    I absolutely love Firepower. The Alt Double Clean from round 4 is brutal.
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    Cathe is going on tour?!?!?!

    Great News! I'm hoping Cathe will make a stop in the Northern California.
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    Great cardio Fix add on!!

    The Arms and Abs non treadmill cardio with Barry as the leader is really tough!
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    the guys in STS..

    I didn't like seeing the guys when I first started STS, but now they have all grown on me. I'm really starting to like Greg a lot more than before. He seems like he's having fun with the program.
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    P90X and P90x+ are both great programs, but if I had to choose between p90x and STS, I would definitely pick STS. I gained a lot of strength with P90x, but way more strength and muscle gains just with the first meso of STS.
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    Michael Olajide article

    Here's an article about Michael Olajide
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    I can do the splits on both sides, but I'm nowhere near being able to do front splits.
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    Best Kettlebell Workout for Beginner

    I just purchased this dvd from ebay for $34.99 plus free shipping from seller i hula (total fitness dvds)...
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    circular strength training? clubbells?

    Are any of you familiar with circular strength training or clubbells? My cousin referred me to a circular strength trainer and I really have no idea what to expect. The clubbell looks like some kind of weighted baseball bat.
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    Jari Revisited

    The advanced rotation uses Ripped 1000 and GRC. I did this and added a cathe leg w/o and cardio coach. I believe there's another rotation that uses Slim and Lean and RTTC. Fit44- I think I read on this forum that you started the Slim Series after the Jari rotation. If so, how's it going...
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    Jari Revisited

    I just finished the advanced Jari rotation with great results-really helped me slim down. Jari's forum mentioned that she just finished filming some new workouts, but I couldn't find any release dates or anything else about it.
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    Another OU Fan- Go Sooners!
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    favorite perfume?

    Miss Cherie- Dior Pleasures Exotic- Estee Lauder Be Delicious-DKNY Escape-Calivn Klein
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    The truck is here!!!

    The weighted gloves (includes a dvd) are on sale for $32.99 on the following site- shipping is also included in the price.
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    Barrys Bootcamp??

    I really like the BBC Arms and Abs non treadmill cardio and the Full Body w/o.
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    Wii FIT

    According to one Target employee, they get Wii's about 30 Wii's once a month. My local Target just got some in last week, so you might check Target if you have one in your area. Also, my friend said that they have Wii's available at Costco. Hope you find one soon :)
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    Amy Winehouse bugs the crap outta me!

    I've been listening to Amy Winehouse since her debut 'Frank' and love her music, but her actions make me not want to listen to her anymore. She really needs to put down the crack pipe and get some serious help before it's too late.
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    Great Pilates Video

    Another vote for MTV Pilates Mix- great workout! Jules Benson also has a good one- Total Core Pilates.