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    Patriotic songs for July 4 cookout

    Thanks so much for the ideas!! I'm adding your suggestions. I also came up with "Born in the USA" (Springsteen) and "The House I Live In" (Sinatra). Have a great Fourth, and thanks again! Valerie :-)
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    Patriotic songs for July 4 cookout

    Happy Independence Day! I'm getting my husband to put together a bunch of songs for background music for this afternoon's cookout, and I needed a few more suggestions for patriotic songs. I already have on my list: Living in America--James Brown Coming to America--Neil Diamond...
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    Which CC would you recommend for DH?

    Thank you, Michele and Vrinda, for the recommendations! That helps a lot--I am going to order a couple of workouts for DH today. I may even give one of them a try myself! Thanks again, Valerie
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    Which CC would you recommend for DH?

    My husband wants to get started with Cardio Coach, but since I don't do them (yet), I don't know which ones would be right for him. He is in pretty good shape and right now uses the elliptical or runs/walks outdoors for his cardio. Which of the Cardio Coach workouts would you recommend for...
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    My daughter used to say she was "flusterated"! I've heard people say "kindly" instead of "kind of" (as in, "She was kindly rude to me the other day"). When I think of more, I'll post them! Fun thread! Valerie
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    cardio DVD

    I LOVE Cardio Kicks! I just got it a couple of months ago because I wanted a break from step, and it is great!! Sixty minutes of kickboxing-type workout, and it is so much fun! Valerie
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    Okay, What's the story behind your Cathe name?

    I went to college in the '80s when the movie "Valleygirl" was popular (anyone remember that one?). My name is Valerie, and my friends started calling me Valley Girl. Sometimes I was also called "Valene" like the character from Knots Landing. I loved the '80s! But I'm glad those aren't my...
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    Help with paint color

    I am a fan of greens and blues, so I would suggest a light or medium aqua or even turquoise. We painted our kids' bathroom a bright aqua and it looks colorful and upbeat. You could choose a subdued shade if you don't want to go too bold in the room. Just my opinion, but I never get tired of...
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    Babies after 35?

    I had my first child at age 35 1/2, and then my twins at age 38, and I was also considered "advanced maternal age" with both my pregnancies. I also have friends who had their children in their late 30's and early 40's. Good luck, and happy birthday!! Valerie:-)
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    Cardio Kicks---What a fun workout!!

    I just purchased CK/CM last week, and I've done CK twice. It is so much fun and a pretty good cardio workout! I love Cathe's personality in the workout, the music, the moves, and the addition of the two men working out! I'll try Circuit Max soon, but I'm hooked on Cardio Kicks! If you like...
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    Question about Disney World--Meal--Dining Plan

    Thank you for all your input on the Dining Plan! This will really help us decide whether or not to purchase it. We're leaning toward not buying it because we're not big eaters, especially in the heat and the excitement of WDW! Thanks again for the info! Valerie
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    Question about Disney World--Meal--Dining Plan

    Hi, all! DH and I are taking the children to Disney World this summer, and we can't decide whether or not to purchase the Dining Plan. We've heard pros and cons about it, and apparently they've changed it just this year so that the plan doesn't include tax and tip. Has anyone who has...
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    Which is your favorite?

    Low Max! I actually hate to get to the end of this workout because I'm having so much fun! The time flies on this one, and it is a great workout!
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    Tennessee folks??

    Hi! Another Tennessean here! I'm in Germantown and have been working out to Cathe for about four years. Actually, a large number of people here are health-conscious. I remember when we moved here a few years ago, we couldn't get over the huge number of people outside every day walking...
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    12 Week Challenge SATURDAY

    Good morning! It's cold here, and two of my kids have the flu, so we're staying inside today. I'm about to work out and will do a circuit, so I can get in cardio and a bit of strength. I may do LIC or SJP. Gayle, thanks again for the info on Cardio Kicks. I plan to order it in the future...
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    Hey, thanks for the info on Cardio Kicks, Gayle! As soon as I can justify buying another workout dvd, I'm going to order this one! Have a great weekend, and as always, thank you for your inspiring and motivating posts. Valerie
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    Hi Everyone! Sounds like you guys have great eating and workout plans ahead! I can't seem to get on a roll with my workouts. Now both my DD's have the flu, so we'll be staying inside all weekend. Maybe I'll get in a couple of long workouts . Hope y'all are staying well and are staying away...
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    *** 12 Week Challenge Jan 31st ***

    Hi, Everyone! We've got some semi-cold weather here, too, but no school closings today. I didn't get to work out this morning and was not planning on having time to do it today, due to a Bible study and then a lunch meeting. But DD's school called at 9:30 saying she had a fever and I picked...
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    12 week challenge*~*~*~*~Mon-Jan,28

    Hi all you Challengers!! I've been absent from the boards for about a week, but I've been thinking about you all and our challenge. Internet was down for several days, then I got busy and didn't have time to post. But I'm glad to hear many of us are having success!! I've been doing just...
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    **** 12 Week Challenge Jan 18 ****

    Good afternoon, Challengers! I haven't had a chance to post the last few days, and I've missed you gals! DH's b'day was yesterday, and the kids and I made a chocolate chip cookie cake for him--I had a nice-sized piece! Wish I could throw away the leftovers! Yesterday's workout was...