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    More options for the uncoordinated among us!

    I'm another one who would appreciate more athletic/bootcamp type workouts. I love workouts that I can just jump into and work hard. I'm not a big fan of highly choreographed workouts. I am so looking forward to the new kickbox and bootcamp workouts. The bootcamp drills sound amazing.
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    Why Interval Max is Such a Great Workout!

    Kathryn, I couldn't agree with you more. I really like Imax 2, can't really get the hang of the step parts in 3 (choreographed step is not my thing), so for me nothing even comes close to beating Interval Max. As a matter of fact I was just wondering why I even keep 3 since I just got 1 a...
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    Thank you for the blog updates

    I agree. The updates are fantastic and the workouts look absolutely amazing. :-)
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    jumping rope

    I do something similiar. I will occassionally replace the drills in bootcamp with one minute of rope jumping. I do the same thing with some of my other circuit workouts. It really gets your heartrate up and is great for slimming the entire body. I love it.:D
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    Pretty sure I just wasted 2 yrs of my life in nursing..

    RE: Pretty sure I just wasted 2 yrs of my life in nursi... Mu aunt and one of my best friends both have nursing degrees and neither are in the nursing profession. Instead they have used their degrees to get excellent administration jobs in local hospitals that they both love. These are jobs...
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    New workout premixes

    I second the HIIT request.
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    New workout premixes

    I would also love to see some circuit workouts as well, but I am thrilled to hear that there will be several cardio only options. I am so looking forward to the bootcamp and kickbox cardio in particular, so anyway you can mix those two together to kick some butt would be great. Thanks for...
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    New workout premixes

    Cathe, I am really impressed and excited about the number of premixes that will be included in the new workouts. What I read said a lot about strength premixes, so I was wondering if there will be any just cardio premixes or circuit type premixes? Thanks.
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    Here are the codes for the free downloads: AH2007, CW2007, and YL2007
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    Lotte Berk or The Bar Method

    I forgot to mention if you're looking for some barre workouts that are incredibly tough you might want to check into Itrain's Iballet. I've been doing these for a while now and they are extremely challenging. Grace creates some serious burn.
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    Lotte Berk or The Bar Method

    I'd skip both the Lotte Berk and Bar Method workouts and get the new Squeeze workout. It is far superior in every way to both Berk and Bar.
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    isculpt ballet?

    I've been doing Iballet pretty regularly and I absolutely love them. My current favorites are #10, 11, 12, 15, and 16. I also love the Isculpt Traditional workouts #4, 5, and 9. These are similiar to Iballet, but they incorporate some upper body work. These workouts are tough, but my body is...
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    Squeeze DVD w/ Tracey Effinger - Pilates/Yoga/Ballet/Res Training & Squeeze Workout

    RE: Squeeze DVD w/ Tracey Effinger - Pilates/Yoga/Balle... Amy, I have a Power Rangers rubber ball of my nephews that I use and it works prefectly. It's solid and the right size. Just look for something like that. Something that kids might use for kickball. That's about the size you're...
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    One of the BEST Years???

    So many workouts, so little time. Here are some threads from Video Fitness regarding squeeze: and for Rose here is a...
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    One of the BEST Years???

    Rose, You get printouts of each exercise when you purchase one of the workouts. I print them out and take a look at what I'll be doing ahead of time so I have no trouble following along with Grace. Once you've done them a few times you get used to the moves and it is really easy to follow...
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    One of the BEST Years???

    Rose, The website is If you click on workout programs it will take you to a menu of workout choices. I love the iballet workouts. They are incredibly tough. Some are more so than others, but Grace works you hard. Also, people think you have to have an mp3 to do these, but...
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    Squeeze DVD w/ Tracey Effinger - Pilates/Yoga/Ballet/Res Training & Squeeze Workout

    RE: Squeeze DVD w/ Tracey Effinger - Pilates/Yoga/Balle... lorajc, You sound like me when I finally discovered these type of workouts a few years ago. I started with Callanetics and then got the Bar Method and Berk Method when they came out. Bar/Berk were never favorites of mine because...
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    One of the BEST Years???

    I ordered the Squeeze workout a few weeks ago and I am definitely one of those who thinks it's one of my best workout purchases in a long time. There is nothing about it that I found disappointing. I had high expectations after reading all the reviews and it has exceeded those expectations...
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    What is Your Opinion of "Drill Max"?

    RE: What is Your Opinion of I'm definitely in the LOVE Drill Max camp. It's right up there as one of my favorite Cathe workouts. I love that it's just straight up tough. It's fantastic.:D
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    iTrain for free

    Thanks so much for posting the code. With the exception of the latest Nip/Tuck Iballet, my collection of Iballets is now complete (until something new is released of course). Thanks again.