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    ---Let's go---Thursday --->

    Good Afternoon Ladies! I did David Swensons Primary Series today but not the whole thing (I think I did the first hour). I felt good in the poses today. Did well with bound angle poses and balances. Did a new pose where I was in lotus and pulled my arms up through my legs to almost cup my...
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    LET'S Go~ * ~ * WEDNESDAY

    Good Evening! Sorry for posting so late but DH was on the computer a long time today. He did fix my VCR yesterday though so I was able to do PS Back & Bis today. I really liked the workout. Short, effective and I was able to use heavy weight. I really like only 10 reps and feel like I'm...
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    < * ^ * Let's Go * * * Tuesday* ^ * >

    Hi Ladies! Interview seemed to go well. I met with 2 people in HR. Their firm seemed to be very similar to where I used to work. I did well on the tests. If I get on their list to be called back, they just have to check my references and I have to meet with the head of HR just as a...
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    Lets Go === Moody Monday

    Hi Again! Thanks, Gin. Yes, DH does cook. Nothing real fancy but he can put dinner on the table. So are you going to try BFL? Marcy
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    Lets Go === Moody Monday

    Thanks, Deanie! Gin - I sent you an e-mail. Marcy
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    Lets Go === Moody Monday

    Good Afternoon Ladies! I had a great workout today. I did Legs & Glutes and Muscle Max abs and added on a minute of plankwork. I used 10# for most of the workout. Calf raises were okay for me today (although I don't think she does as many as she does in GSL). I actually felt my legs...
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    Lets Go! ! !Weekend Edition! ! !

    Good Evening! I did GS C&T today although I had to do it in spurts because we were running in and out. Dbbl Bench Press - 23# all 3 sets (4 more reps on 3rd set) Dbbl Chest Flyes - 18# all 3 sets for all 12 reps (3 more reps on 3rd set) Dbbl Incline Bench Press - 23# (4 more reps on 1st...
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    P90X grad...what next?

    P90X+, of course! These are a little more endurance based than P90X. I actually liked the cardio better in this one. Abs/Core+ is much tougher than Ab Ripper X. I love the hanging moves. He does a variety of standing, sitting, lying and hanging moves which makes it fun and challenging...
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    Let's Go! TGIF!

    Hi Again! Gin - It went well with the legal recruiter although I'm still waiting to hear back from her. She said the big firms aren't using agencies right now to keep their budget down. But I did get a call today directly from the firm that I really wanted to work at. A friend at my old...
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    Let's Go! TGIF!

    Hi Ladies! Sorry I didn't post yesterday. We were busy running around. I did Kickbox Xtreme yesterday for the first time. It was pretty good. It was 5 combos and intervals. She did combo 1 and then an interval, combo 2 and then and interval and then combined combo and intervals 1 and...
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    LETS GO===Work Work Wednesday

    Hi Again! Things went pretty good at the recruiters. At least she had a couple of job openings to talk to me about. Not that the exact kind of positions I was hoping for but something is better than nothing. I also have to take those stupid tests again for the umpteenth time. But they...
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    LETS GO===Work Work Wednesday

    Good Afternoon Ladies! I did GS BS&B today, except we had to go out so I didn't get to do all of the biceps section (which I kind of don't mind because I hate working biceps!) 2 chinups 2 sets of dbbl row reverse grip: 23# 8/8 reps 2 pullups (only 1/2 way) skipped 3rd set of rows 1...
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    Good Afternoon Ladies! Sorry to be posting so late. Did GS Legs today. Not too bad today. Used same weights as last time for standing portion. Slow motion lunges were killer! Also, the 1-legged glute lifts and outer thighs were tough too. I think for the next two weeks I'm going to do...
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    : : : : Lets Go : : : : Monday : : : :

    Gin - I've been a little more tired too. That's why I missed a couple of workouts this week. Probably TTOM, but I've been feeling like I need to do more cardio now to keep my belly from protruding too much (that's always the first place weight gain shows). The only problem is when I do too...
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    Anyone watching the Olympic Trials?

    I also watched the gymnastics. It was great. Shawn Johnson was one of the ones that made it and Natasha Liukin was the other. There was a third that's probably going to make the all-around but her name excapes me too. Marcy
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    : : : : Lets Go : : : : Monday : : : :

    Hi Ladies! I got a workout in yesterday - GS Chest & Tris. This is such a tough workout for me. I feel like she does way too much chest work in this and doesn't do an equal amount of chest & tris. Didn't get to finish Incline Flys, Close Grip Press and Kickbacks with band. I did...
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    Lets Go + ! + ! + ! July 4th weekend

    Hi Ladies! BBQ last night was great. I have a funny story. I told you I've been wanting to get DH to go line dancing with me. First of all, he's not into dancing, has bad feet and is an early bird (usually is up by about 4am so he goes to bed early). But he said to my friend (the hostess...
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    Lets Go + ! + ! + ! July 4th weekend

    Good Afternoon! No workout for me today. We're going to a BBQ today with some friends I made at line dancing. Had to gp shopping and bake a cake. I'm going to try and do GS C&T tomorrow and kickbox on Sunday. Went dancing last night. It was great as usual. Open dancing is great...
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    >>>LeT's Go^^^^ThUrSdAy<<<

    Good Morning! I did a 25 minute run/walk, Core Max 1 and Stretch Max 1. I really needed SM today since I have DOMS everywhere -- shoulders, bis, inner thighs, calves. 2nd days of DOMS for shoulders & bis. Core Max was pretty easy for me. Levitations holds were no problem as long as my...
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    Let's Go<----Wednesday---->7.2

    Good Morning! Today I did GS Legs. It's been a long time since I did a "gym style" leg workout. Barre workouts are great and I really like them but I think I needed to try something different again and GS Legs just seems to hit the legs from every possible angle. Didn't do all of the calf...