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    Well I Went n Injured Myself Somethin' Awful1

    HI Honey, I waited 2 years - finally couldn't sleep on either side because the OTHER shoulder went bad! Xray of the first - some degenerative changes consistent with years of DOING WEIGHTS, wear and tear....the second, didn't get xray, just went right to cortisone...likely impingement from...
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    Well I Went n Injured Myself Somethin' Awful1

    Yup, you done it.....there myself...and its been 2 years...never back to baseline again...that's why I cancelled STS...broke down and got cortisone when I could no longer sleep on either side, and even just walking with my arms hanging on my side was too least 8 weeks of NOTHING may...
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    very personal.....

    You're still on the pill and haven't been on anti biotics or anything to lesson the effects? No worries, I'll bet my feeble paycheck its negative....
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    Jari Love--yikes

    I'm with Jess - I find Jari very soothing and her workouts are excellent...she filmed that series back to back and became more gaunt as time went on because of the intense filming...Saw clips of her recently and she's fleshed out abit..I cancelled STS because her workouts are so thorough and SO...
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    Baby after 35, maybe new job...

    My hubby is 15 years my senior (looks like Harrison Ford with dark hair) - and had 2 grown from his first marriage....then had two with me.....the good part he says is that his career "thing" was in the downward mode...he was 45 when our first was born, 50 when our second came....and he had lots...
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    Save for a rainy day, or live like there's no tomorrow?

    My Dad always said, "Live like you're going to die tomorrow, but save as though you're going to live forever.." I work with the elderly, and as the decades pass these days, ya better be prepared!
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    I got someone arrested....(long)

    How Evil and Cruel - I can only hope what goes around comes around....including the goodness of your kind and generous heart - people like you make me believe there's some small hope for humanity....We are praying that this man is put away....cruelty to animals is PROVEN statistically to go...
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    Satellite Internet Anyone?

    A gal at Video Fitness mentioned that she cannot always get reliable downloads with satellite .......I love Directv as an alternative to the cable companies.....I hate cable companies, and went to Verizon for internet when it came available and find it more reliable than cable....satellite...
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    Do you have a lipstick you just can't live without?

    Mac Bombshell - but going to go organic too...suggestions? Loving the Mychelle line!
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    Our homeless guy rides a 10-speed to the liquor store!

    >It bothers me far more when wealthy people shake their money >cup and wave their signs at the government after knowingly >building their homes (or in many cases vacation homes) in >flood/hurricane/natural disaster prone areas looking for their >tax dollar handout so they can rebuild before...
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    OMG!! Sculley and Mulder are back!!

    Ok, we were real x-file fanatics - hubby and me,.......and I'm only a little mortified to admit that we want to see it to hope they have sex.....been waiting how many years?????????????/
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    Tim Russert died!

    You got it, he was a journalist, not a clown like the folks on Fox since Rupert Murdock took it over and turned it tabloid, or Lou Dobbs and CNN's spinners-who went from reporter to nut as well.........he was a good man...I guess the blessing is that he didn't survive prolonged CPR - losing...
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    Help! Thinking of buying a yogurt maker

    I got the 18 dollar one from amazon...and it paid for itself within a week...I use skim milk and greek non fat yogurt as the base so the protein is quite high....its wonderful!
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    Shoulder pain

    prolly is probably - I just learned it from my son! Glad to know he's learning something for all the tuition to Christian school! :)
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    Very Sad:(

    Aw darling friend -even though we've never met...what you did, you did for love of your beloved pet....hold your head high, and know that there is another animal so desperately waiting for your love....and it will hurt as much again....for the love they give us, that's the deal....but would you...
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    Shoulder pain

    HI! Me too, same thing, it could be rotator, bursitis, the rupture is unlikely (see, I've been to the doc!) - but your shoulder sounds, aleve - prolly 500mgs twice a day - watch your stomach - and I had to creatively ace wrap too...but over 2 years, it took less and less to set it...
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    Am I defeating the purpose of working out if I'm...........

    Well as long as you practice periodization and alternate the cooler and dumbell, I don't see a want to be a cheap and easy date your hubby will love? Try 90 minutes of hot yoga on a 100 degree day and follow with a beer as a chaser to a shot of wheatgrass juice of course, -...
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    My sincere apology

    Sadly your society is no better than the rest of us. >Welcome to the real world. Don't be so gulliable or naive. In America, the idealism is to make ourselves better than we are born to be....personally, just because sexism,racism, genocide are everywhere, doesn't mean we have to accept...
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    What is your AC set at?

    Lorrie, I teach hot yoga, so I"m a hazy hot and humid lover too.....we have it set at 75 - but in 108 degrees, here in southern Va, even with ceiling fans...its hard to keep cool....
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    Clinton or Obama

    Hillary's plan for healthcare should appeal to the old style Republicans who used to support small business, and people's liberty - not this pseudo big brother regime that has given windfall millions to a few and 1200 to the rest of us.........she offends a lot of people though, and is...