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    End of STS...What Next? Body Beast?

    I like the modified Body Beast plan..... every other day. I've been a bit aprehensive to start BB and this makes it "doable". Thanks for the idea.
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    Question for those who sell their unwanted fitness dvd's/videos online

    What is the advantage of start/finish Sunday night?
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    Has anyone done STS 6X per wk for 7 wks?

    What a great idea! In my first STS rotation, I felt I could have done more. It's now planned in my calendar for January 9 start. cheers Rosemarie PS, just got Supreme 90 but that will have to wait now.
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    Anybody Gluten Free, and loving it?

    Read this post and went to the Wheatbelly site....and just spent a very interesting 2 hours perusing the site and surfing other links....I could spend a day doing this, so interesting. Unfortunately the house badly needs a "pre Xmas" clean up so that will have to wait. Good luck Kikster...
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    Supreme 90 day: Who has tried this?

    Sounds good, even with international shipping charges! I've just bought it on Ebay. Wow, LIS & this too....I'm going to be SSSOOOOOOOO fit in2012!:rolleyes: cheers Rosemarie
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    STS/Shock cardio rotation

    Hi Jen, Thanks for asking me to be a check in buddy but I do feel a certain sense of stress at the idea.....knowing me; I'll end up doing it for my check in buddy and not for I'm going to say no, but thanks anyway! And macbeanur - I was thinking the same too, gonna have to get...
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    Anyone heard of the Paleo Diet?

    Well, this is an all time low for me - perusing the Primal Blueprint site whilst eating 2 huge Dutch donuts - which are literally called "balls of oil" (oliebollen):o I want to turn over a new leaf.....but I think it's just fallen off the tree anyway....:( cheers Rosemarie
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    STS/Shock cardio rotation

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction Sarah, I foung it......starting January 4! cheers Rosemarie
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    STS/Shock cardio rotation

    Hi all, The answer is probably somewhere here in the forum......but I can't find it! So; is there a ready made rotation which incorporates the Shock cardio series with STS? I've did a round of STS when it first came out and now it's time to do it again together with the (still in the...
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    fad diets & weight loss gimmicks: do you jump on the bandwagon?

    Fit44 - I'm interested to know more...... Are you guided by any particular book or website I can check out? cheers Rosemarie
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    Suggestions for slide and glides

    Amazing how this problem solved itself! I just used the holiday sale special (15% discount AND free international shipping) to buy the S&Gs and 3 LIS dvds. Plus the S&Gs were today's special deal was meant to be!! Can't wait to start sliding and gliding...... cheers Rosemarie
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    Suggestions for slide and glides

    Wow, I go to sleep and wake up to a pile of great suggestions!:rolleyes: Thanks everyone, I have a few options now that I'll check out. cheers Rosemarie
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    Suggestions for slide and glides

    I'm in the Netherlands and the shipping is $15 (S&G is $23) Still, your enthusiasm makes me want to reconsider!
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    Suggestions for slide and glides

    Thanks for replying Ellie. I've tried paper plates, it's OK but not more than that. Left little balls of paper on the carpet too....had to vacumn after each workout! cheers Rosemarie
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    Suggestions for slide and glides

    Hi all, I'd love to buy the slide and glides but the shipping cost is almost as much as the product itself. Does anyone have a suggestion for alternaive slide and glides (for use on carpet)? All suggestions welcome! cheers Rosemarie
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    P90X2 pre-order.....who's caving?

    I'm thinking of ordering but I'm not impressed that BB won't send the 2 freebies with my order b/c it's an international order:mad: What's the diff?
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    Need to purchase a new Blender....

    I'm a Blendtec fan
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    Have you ever noticed...

    So....what does HHR and WWJD mean?
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    Last year I visited a dietician to help with weight loss. She told me that my daily intake of 6 -10 pieces of fruit plus 1 or 2 fruit smoothies was not as healthy as I thought and, in fact, my (fruit) sugar intake was the equivilent of 2 liter bottles of coca cola!! I always thought...
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    still waiting for STS cardio?

    Hi Nelly, Glad you posted b/c I was planning to ask you the same question now its 1 February! No, nothing yet.:(:confused::mad: It's really time to contact SNM / Cathe and find out where our dvds are. Honestly, I could have travelled to the moon and back in the same time...