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  1. freebird

    August 12, 2021

    Yesss!!! Love HIIT, especially a no equipment workout
  2. freebird

    Cathe Apparel?

    Go to, there's alot of Cathe shirts on there
  3. freebird

    CBD oil for pain and inflammation

    I've been using marijuana for years, I have lupus and NOTHING has helped me like thc/cbd has. I don't drink much, the plant life is for me
  4. freebird

    Dec 31, 2020

  5. freebird

    Video Clip of Cathe's Metabolic Lower Body Workout

    Did this one yesterday, still feeling cooked today
  6. freebird

    Egg weights

    Anyone else hear of Egg weights? Just bought a set, held them during Rev'd up Rumble and it REALLY kicked up the intensity a few notches. Definitely a good fitness purchase, about $45. I bought the "cardio max" set, 3 pounds total.
  7. freebird

    Video Clip From Cathe's Perfect HiiT High Impact Workout

    This is the one I'm looking the most forward to, we were due for a whopper of a workout
  8. freebird

    How do I get a step with 4 risers per side (8 total)?

    Try Ebay. I bought extra risers from there years ago
  9. freebird

    Cathe's Touch Up Training Lower Body Live Workout

    DOMS for days after this one...
  10. freebird

    Video Clip of Cathe's All In Upper Body Live Workout.

    Did this one for the second time yesterday, I can barely move my arms today lol
  11. freebird

    Hair Color

    It's not that hard to do, my post above references the fact that if she doesn't have the formula that her stylist uses, it's going to be hard to match. It's a pandemic, we all have to do what we have to do lol
  12. freebird

    Idea for one on one at home or CatheLive one on one

    Kelly Coffey has a DVD formatted exactly like this.
  13. freebird

    Advise on menopause please...

    I'm in menopause, no period for almost 2 years. I've kept up exercising, but I found my appetite decreased significantly from the hormones. I actually lost almost 15 pounds. Didn't need to lose any but I managed to put 5 pounds back on. Not being snarky, just sharing my menopause story
  14. freebird

    April 9, 2020

  15. freebird

    Hair Color

    I'm a hair stylist, 32 years. In reference to the post about asking a stylist for a house call during these times is illegal. For those of u with color and highlights, don't even attempt to color yourself, as application is key. If you're a level 6 or 7 light brown/dark blonde, I recommend a...
  16. freebird

    Our 285th Cathe Live Broadcast

    Definitely metabolic
  17. freebird

    Video Clip of Cathe's Breathless Legs Live Workout

    Just did this one, definitely left me "breathless"!
  18. freebird

    Can't connect to live

    Mine finally started working again yesterday
  19. freebird

    Can't connect to live

    Still not working, been 2 weeks now...
  20. freebird

    November 21, 2019

    Did this one today, loved it! Hard but fun, fun, fun!