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    What are you wearing??

    A lot of them are Nike. You can tell which ones they are because of the swoosh. The plainer Nike tops are from their Gym Basics line. I believe someone said you can get them from Sports Authority but they don't have all the colors. The tank tops with the buttons are from Mina Fina although I...
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    Those who've quit smoking, do you consider yourselves

    I quit a couple years ago and I consider myself a non smoker. I have absolutely no desire to light up again. I think the smell is nasty. One day I decided to quit and I never bought another pack.
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    Cathe's outfit in Meso #1 Back & Triceps?

    The top is made by Mina Fina but I don't think it's available anymore.
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    Squat Rack for STS

    I won't need a squat rack because my knees can't handle that much weight.:-( Oh well, my legs tend to bulk up anyway so maybe it's a good thing.
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    How to rotate series?

    I'd like to know too. I do so much better when I have everything planned out.
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    is there any hope for a non-stepper

    I haven't done the 4DS yet but I'll be starting them soon. I don't plan on using the cardio in these workouts all the time. If I don't feel like doing them I'll substitute another cardio from a different workout. So if you're a lousy stepper, skip the step workout and do something else. Then...
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    Cathe, is there enough cardio in 4DS to get lean?

    I think some time not too long ago someone asked Cathe what she did to train for her videos and she said she did 30 minutes of cardio 3 times a week, if I'm remembering correctly. The rest of the time she lifted weights. It looks like cardio isn't the big fat burner everybody once thought it...
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    Anyone have any New Year fitness resolutions?

    My resolution is to eat cleaner, kick the sugar habit and get serious about my workouts.
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    I've heard Canadians come over the border all the time for health care.
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    I think a big problem here in the US is lawsuits. I'm not saying that people shouldn't be able to sue but there needs to be a cap on what they can get. My DH knows a man who got out of medicine because his malpractice insurance was so much. I don't know how much he paid but it was well over...
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    I sell on ebay and I had a customer in Canada whose mother had cancer. I don't know if she had to wait for treatment but in order to get it she had to get on a plane and travel far away from her home. I think I'd have to do a lot of research and talk to many different people before I made up my...
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    I've heard, tho, that there is a long wait in other countries who get free healthcare for things that they need done. If I find out I have cancer, I want something done now. Waiting could be the difference between life and death.
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    Need product opinions on...Mary Kay and George Foreman

    RE: Need product opinions on...Mary Kay and George Fore... Before you get a GF grill read up on Hulk Hogan's Ultimate Grill. It's more expensive but it's very impressive. The GF grill I have doesn't have a temperature control and I don't like that. As far as skincare goes I use Paula's Choice...
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    90 MINUTE workouts?!!

    I'm always afraid to work out for more than an hour because I've seen so many posts where people have had better results doing less. Why should I kill myself for less results?
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    Map of Obesity in the U.S.

    Wow. I was going to be lazy today and take a day off from working out but I think I'll go downstairs and get moving. All three of my sisters are overweight. I've only got about 15 pounds to lose. I'm the only one in my family doing anything about it. It's funny, when I was younger it was all...
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    A fabulous video on global warming

    I'm still not convinced global warming is a fact. Back when I was in grade school we were warned of a mini ice age that was coming. That never happened. The ice caps on Mars are beginning to melt too so possibly this is caused by activity going on with the sun. My DH's boss is good friends with...
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    no more cardio

    I really don't think you need to do cardio to keep your lungs strong and healthy. I don't do much cardio at but I do breathing exercises everyday so when I do cardio, I have no problem at all in the breathing department. The muscles in my legs give out before my lungs do. Just make sure that...
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    Flooded by all different kinds of donation requests?

    Right now we just donate to my daughter's college fund (she's going to a private college which is very expensive) and I don't feel guilty in the least. My kids come first. Money's a little tight right now and when people call me wanting money it really makes me mad. I'd like to tell them I need...
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    Brittany Spears

    I just don't care for gossip period. I know of too many people who have been hurt by it. Most of that celebrity gossip you read about isn't true anyway. I just always thought of it as a waste of time because of that. I'd rather read a good book.
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    Recommend a wrinkle cream, please!

    Don't forget sunscreen. I think that's one of the most important things you can put on your body that will definitely make a difference in what you look like many years from now. I only wish I'd started when I was in my teens.