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  1. LastTango

    I do not understand....MEN

    I feel bad that so many people seem to not be happy in their relationships. It shouldn't be this hard. It doesn't have to be. Things have been better the last couple of days. Maybe I've made a turn for the better ;)
  2. LastTango

    I do not understand....MEN

    I was feeling particularly sad today, so my friend Terry came over after was so nice to be hugged by someone who cares. He literally let me sob on his shoulders. He's like he brother I wish I had. I had been trying to figure out what to do about Facebook. I didn't want to act all...
  3. LastTango

    I do not understand....MEN

    Exercise lover, Yesterday was not a good day. Lack of sleep, a sick stomach, and sad feelings are not a good mix. I went to work, but ended up going home. This is the first time I've missed work in years. I came home, took some benadryl and went to sleep. I felt pretty good all day today...
  4. LastTango

    I do not understand....MEN

    Exercise-lover, Thank you for reminding me. No, I wasn't happy....or better yet, I couldn't stop putting off some of the things that were happening. Things could have continued in this way for years, and I knew it was time for some honesty. Yes, there were things that kept me hanging on: the...
  5. LastTango

    I do not understand....MEN

    Exercise lover, Yes, I understand you can't change other people's behavior. That's why I told him how I felt, even though I was scared to death. I told him I was scared. I was calm, didn't get over dramatic....I didn't give any ultimatums. I asked what he felt, and what did he want, and why...
  6. LastTango

    I do not understand....MEN

    Clare, Yes, I get tired sometimes. I do everything, take care of everything, make all the decisions in my life, and it is good that I am capable of that.....sometimes though, I would like to know someone has my back. I guess I have a hard time reconciling the two parts of him: the...
  7. LastTango

    I do not understand....MEN

    This past Friday, I had to walk away from a man I love. After being just friends for 3 years, and being together for 4, I had to walk away. We had a long distance relationship, and it was time for it to end. I finally forced myself to talk to you love me? What do you want? Just TALK...
  8. LastTango

    XTRAIN Hard Strikes Request

    I would love some heavy bag work too!
  9. LastTango

    Pre-Sale has begun!

    Ordered mine!
  10. LastTango

    Playing downloads on Roku

    That's great to know, thanks.
  11. LastTango

    Playing downloads on Roku

    Ok, so now I'm looking at the WD Tv Live since it plays more video formats. Anyone know what the format for the downloads is? I saw somewhere that it was h.264, but is it Pi10? There is one format that the WD player has problems playing.
  12. LastTango

    Playing downloads on Roku

    I am looking at buying the new series as a digital download. I have several Apple devices I can use to play them on my tv, but I'm looking at storing them on an external hard drive and using a media player to play them. I dont want to keep them on my iPhone or iPad all the time, and I don't...
  13. LastTango

    The FIRM 500 cal workout

    I started out doing the Firm, and still have some of the old ones. I stopped though, because the new workouts drive me crazy: the instructors cannot keep a tempo or beat. I'm a dancer, and used to be in band years ago, and I find this issue really distracting to me. One instructor in...
  14. LastTango

    Les Mills Pump...any more reviews??

    I just got this yesterday. The barbell is not bad. It feels pretty sturdy. One of my clips is slightly smaller in diameter than the other, and I can't get it on one end of the bar....or if I do, it won't close. I tried my spring clips from my regular barbell set, and it too has a hard time...
  15. LastTango

    I'm eating PIZZA today, and I don't care...

    :D I'm down here by myself this Thanksgiving, mainly because I have to work through the weekend. I will not cook some huge meal for myself, so I am having Pizza for my Thanksgiving meal!!! However, I am being good, and am going to get in my workout (Athletic Training today), and I did...
  16. LastTango

    Vent: hey celebs, quit mocking marriage!

    I cannot stand their show, and I really can't stand The Bachelor or the Bachelorette....every time those shows come on, I want to get a shot gun and shoot the TV. I just hope these folks don't procreate. We don't need their DNA in the gene pool.
  17. LastTango

    I feel so out of shape...

    Afterburner is really a leg-burner! The top of my thighs are sore today. I was feeling it immediately after I finished the workout.
  18. LastTango

    Crunch free abs/standing abs

    An all-around, core-focused workout set would be great! Think Rev-Abs, but Cathe style, and much better I'm sure!
  19. LastTango

    Another boxing workout using the heavy bag

    I second that! I would also like to see a core- focused series.
  20. LastTango

    DH said he doesn't want man arms on me grrrr

    Many women I work with always comment about women with muscles, especially arm muscles (like Kelly Rippa). They think it's ugly...I always remind them that for a woman to get really good muscles like that, it takes A LOT OF WORK. A woman like that is in shape, and they should proud of her and...