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    Where is Kathryn?

    I have to say that no one seems "snarky" at all, but in fact, very factual. No one is calling you names or saying that you did anything illegal. Obviously, it's not illegal to pose in lingerie on the internet. But, the internet is not private by any means, and if you choose to put yourself...
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    Changing your photo

    test, testing 123
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    Sharing My Heart and Pictures

    Heather!!!!!:-) :-) :-) I'm so proud that I get to meet you in person. You are a truly beautiful person. The Lord has blessed you with so much, and you are a joy to everyone! 2 months baby, and we'll be shaking our groove things at Cathe's. GREAT picture!
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    Road Trip from MI?

    Cheryl, I'm in MI (metro Detroit suburbs). I plan to fly out of Metro and then back into Traverse City to meet my husband up north. What airline are you flying?
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    Roadtrippers! Post here when you're signed up!!!

    Hey everyone - I haven't posted here in a looong time (since like when the board switched over:o, )but I'm #73 and from Michigan:-)
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    Hormone and thyroid testing - blood or saliva?

    No, not the gyn. A doctor who just happens to specialize in this area shares an office with my dermatologist. It should be interesting.
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    Hormone and thyroid testing - blood or saliva?

    I'm going to get checked with both saliva and blood next week. I think I'm beginning menopause and I want to see if I can do anything about it. My DH says compounding pharmacies are doing a brisk business in this area. It's becoming very popular.
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    Situps vs. Abdominoplasty

    All the sit ups and cardio in the world can not make muscles that are separated go back together. It depends on what the issue is; fat, sagging skin or the muscles. I had a TT and the muscles were about 3 inches apart, when they should be right against each other. The surgeon sewed them...
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    Issues with weight loss

    Marlene, I really have been hoping to find someone who has had a TT and does Cathe's workouts, and you're the only one I've found. I'm having a full TT in 3 weeks. I lost 100 lbs, and had 2 kids in 18 months, so my stomach is a nightmare. I had planned to attend a Pilates certification 8...
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    Tummy Tuck/working out after?

    Everyone, thanks so much for the great replies. Susan - I know you lost, what? 130 lbs? way to go for you too! Lori - that's a GREAT website. Thanks so much for posting it. I saved it to my favorites, and I'll continue reading about her recovery.
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    Tummy Tuck/working out after?

    I'm having a tummy tuck after losing 111 lbs. I have excess skin due to the weight loss, and the doctor believes that he'll remove approx. 6-8 lbs. of skin from my stomach. As contradictory as it may seem, many doctors don't seem to know a lot about exercise. Have any of you had a tummy...
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    Any recommendations for losing over 100lbs?

    I've lost over 100 lbs, and you can too! Of course it's not easy, but do-able. I stopped drinking soda pop, cut out white foods - rice, pasta, etc..., no refined carbs at all, and added in lean meats and vegetables. I kept the fat higher at the beginning and then had to taper off to lose...
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    I went to Cathe's Grand Opening today at the gym:)

    RE: Hi DebbieH!!!!! I haven't "seen" Francine in ages. She looks great! Those pictures are wonderful. It looks like you had a great time!
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    Upper Body Endurance - How to make a new workout

    I have a knee injury and will be having surgery next month. As a result I've been concentrating on upper body and really seeing nice results. I would like to do an endurance workout once per week, in addition to the two strength workouts I'm currently doing. I combined the upper body...
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    Honeybunch's bun and thigh rocker rotation, anyone?????

    Debbie - you are a doll! Thanks so much - I appreciate it. I've been going a little crazy since I've hurt my knee, and I hope that this will do the trick. :*
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    Honeybunch's bun and thigh rocker rotation, anyone?????

    I haven't used my B&TR in ages, but want to again, after injuring my knee. Stepping, and bending are out of the question. For those of you who bought this - does anyone still have the rotation? I'm most interested in doing LL with this, in addition to her rotation. Thank you!:)
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    Speaking of changes, see Cathe's old site!

    I haven't posted in a looooong time. Does anyone remember when Annette called Cathe an alien and she jumped into the thread and was laughing? What year was that? That was the best!
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    South beach vs. atkins?

    Wayne, That's an excellent point. When I was morbidly obese my diet was almost fat free. Go figure. Adding in good fats like Salmon and olive oil seemed to also make me feel full for a long time.
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    South beach vs. atkins?

    I think Nancy's eating plan is very sensible and definitely great for life long eating. I started eating Kashi because of Nancy:-) I did Atkins and lost 82 lbs. My obesity was very extreme, and I had a lot to lose. I wanted to be very focused and wanted to lose the weight quickly...
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    dhc skincare

    I use the cleansing oil and the olive virgin oil. I don't use the soap, it dried out my face too much. I use MD Forte cleanser instead. I love the DHC velvet veil. It's a wonderful product.