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    Shout out to Beloved Heather!

    RE: Pure Juice vs. Concentrate I was >curious about the limes because I have a huge Costco size bag >full of them and they need to be used. LOL! > > >[font face="script" color=magenta >size=+2]*~Dallys~*[/font] > > Guacamole? Classic Margarita...
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    Jennifer Love Hewitt issue

    >This society has gotten so insane about womens bodies. My >goodness there is not a woman out there who is sheer >perfection. Jennifer is a very pretty girl and her body looks >just fine. Should'nt we all feel like we are able to enjoy >ourselves at a beach whether or not the person...
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    no animal protein

    I recently cut waayyyyyy back on the animal protein, less dairy. More beans, fruits, greens, grains...the way I like to eat. It's been liberating, to say the least. I'm not binge eating like I was eating cottage cheese, chicken, tuna, etc every day. The dairy is kind of tough for me...
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    Your favorite fruit?

    I can only pick one? :) I could be a fruitarian, easily. Let's see, white nectarines, peaches, canteloupe, pears, apples...
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    Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for Friday July 27

    Charlotte: I know I don't know you personally nor through a check-in, but I de-lurked to tell you how sorry I am about your FIL. I'll keep your family in my prayers (12 years Catholic school, all that tuition, should get me ahead of the line...LOL! ). Take care of yourself!
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    i can't do it!

    >Oh, i hear you. I love my wine, and cosmopolitans... Anne >AKA >Storm To the OP: Don't beat yourself up over it. This is going to sound weird but maybe measure out your wine? Or try every other night? Anne: The cosmos are good aren't they? It's so nice to have a drink on the patio in...
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    i'm going to do it

    kariev: Mind if I ask what your rotation/split will look like? I'm looking for ideas, here and I know I look better with more weights. I did the Pyramid Combo bonus workout 2-3x a week with short cardio in between and had great results. Wonder why I don't do this again? LOL! Thanks, btw!
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    Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for Wed July 4

    >Press182 - Studies have shown that HIIT is really one of the >best ways to get the best results from your cardio. Of course >I can't tell you where these studies are :P, but I've read it >again and again. I think that's one of the reasons that if you >go on the Body for Life program you can...
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    Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for Wed July 4

    Good morning and Happy Fourth of July! I just thought I'd shoot a question to all of you regarding cardio. How much should I do? Sorry if this is a dumb question but I swear the more I read the crazier I'm getting. I keep seeing threads popping up here and there that say say HIIT is the...
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    Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for Saturday June 16

    Yeah, I won't be eating that food. The smell will be >bad enough to deal with. I hope I will motivate others not to >eat it. Probably not. lol. > Charlotte: Ha! You might have the opposite effect! People might think you look as good as you do from EATING Tastee Freeze! "Damn, if I eat...
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    Do Some Peop;e REALLY Eat This Way

    Um, I wouldn't single out overweight people. I see many thin people in my grocery store eating mostly junk, cart loads of diet soda, Weight Watchers treats, fat free this, processed that, the usual suspects (candy, chips, ice cream)yet no fruits, vegetables, whole grains or lean proteins. No...
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    to Kathryn

    Just popping in to agree with what everyone posted! I always look at Kathryn's replies to various questions! Oh, and Kathyrn, I know you mentioned going raw, did you ever do it?
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    Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for Wed Feb 28

    Hi Dallys! Oh yeah! Funny thing is she only does that to DH! Guess he's special?! I swear I have the only cat on the planet that's a slob! I have a 90+ lb dog and it's the CAT that is destroying the house! Chewing, hair, dingleberries. I love her, though, can't help it! >Hi...
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    Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for Wed Feb 28

    I hope you don't mind, I just wanted to post a quick "Hi!". I mostly lurk but I read your thread for ideas. I wanted to let you know how much all of you inspire me! Toasty: Sorry about your couch! If it makes you feel any better I have a cat that likes to use my furniture or DH's lap...
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    When it rains, it pours!

    Kathryn: I don't know you well, but it is heartbreaking to lose a beloved pet. You probably feel like you let her down, but please don't feel guilty. She knows you cared. My neighbors leave their 2 year old labradoodle in the backyard all day, to get snowed and sleeted on until they "remember...
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    Any Raw Fooders Here?

    >YMMV, but 50-90% raw (depending on season) seems much more >sensible/doable. There are just some foods that are better >digested cooked (grains, beans--though I would take the raw >fooder advice of soaking or even sprouting them before >using...then preparing them by steaming, for example...
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    Any Raw Fooders Here?

    >Wow...where did you get the recipes?? > >The stuff off the Alissa Cohen site looks really good. I got them from Jennifer Cornbleet's book, "Raw Food for 1 or 2 People". Oh, I agree with you about Alissa's recipes...they do look good!
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    Any Raw Fooders Here?

    Ooh, David Wolfe is another raw foodist with several books. "Eating for Beauty" "The SunFood Diet System" and more. Don't have any of 'em, but they're on my wish list!
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    Any Raw Fooders Here?

    I've dabbled with Raw off and on. I have Jennifer Cornbleet's book and I really like it and I've been eyeballing Alissa Cohen's book for quite some time. The reason I decided to look into raw was really, the, um, desserts. I have a terrible sweet tooth and I figured at least with those...
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    P90X, injuries and no measurable strength gains

    Sorry, you're hurting, Michelle. I had to stop P90X after the recovery week because my shoulders were grinding. I don't want to get flamed, but here goes, I think the system is too shoulder heavy. I think for me or some people doing power yoga after Shoulders and Arms is a little too much...