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  1. fit@home1

    Loving fit/split except for abs...

    I have some pretty bad arthritis in my left wrist and hand. I watched the Bonus Abs segment and was truly saddened and angry that I probably won't be able to do any of those exercises. And the exercises in the workouts that use the wrists and walking planks and whatnot - ugh. When will Cathe...
  2. fit@home1

    Low impact series and body changes

    What the hell? I ordered this series back in May and it's still not here. :mad:
  3. fit@home1

    My success story and first figure competition

    Truly inspiring. Congrats! You look absolutely amazing.
  4. fit@home1

    DVDs are HERE

    You must have done overnight shipping. That is wicked fast. My email says I won't get mine until the 29th.
  5. fit@home1

    A complete Low Impact series please please please

    I've been dying for a low impact, high intensity series for years now. Not just one or two token low impact, high intensity vids every now and again. However, realistically, how much intensity can we have with all low impact, and how much variety? I don't know, but I know if anyone can...
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    Accessories for 4 New workouts?

    I called my local Sports Authority and Dick's Sporting Goods stores, but neither carries Cathe products in-store. Lame. :mad:
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    I'm still "old skool." I still buy music CDs and books. I just love having something tangible in my grubby lil' hands. :D
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    love Shock Cardio so far!

    I did Athletic Step yesterday. Simple, yet lots of fun and a very good work out. I was sweating! :D
  9. fit@home1

    ok, I don't get why I would download anything?

    *edit* - never mind. I found the answer.
  10. fit@home1

    (((Chinups/Pullups/Whatever Your Pleasure)))

    Yup. First day I got the email. :D
  11. fit@home1

    How Are You Doing With Your STS Workouts?

    I'll be doing disc 6 today. I am loving STS.
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    I notice that each Mesocycle has 12 DVDs, and the Ab circuits is one DVD. That's 37 DVDs. SNM mentioned 41 DVDs. What are the extras? Perhaps I missed something along the way.
  13. fit@home1

    STS & age

    41 1/2 here, but I've got some injuries and aches & pains that I have to modify for as well. I'm lovin' all the "seasoned" ladies here who are still going strong. :cool:
  14. fit@home1

    The Tower

    So awesome. My kids got me a $75 Cathe gift certificate, AND I still have some Christmas money left. I know what I want! :D :D
  15. fit@home1

    I returned my calendar

    I FINALLY got my calendar today, and I LOVE IT!!! Though I can understand the disappointment with the pictures being too large (taking up the top and part of the bottom page) to take the calendar apart and use the pics as motivation. Other than that, A+.
  16. fit@home1

    Did you all see Collage Video has STS Meso 1 for presale? (clips)

    How much was the STS when the presale first started? That's when I ordered, and I have my email, but I think I bought other things with it so my email reflects something like $226, give or take. Is that about right? I think I figured it to be $5.51 with tax and shipping. That's a damn good...
  17. fit@home1

    I LOVE Cathe but...

    Great thread. Let me give my Thanks and Appreciation to Cathe & staff also. You all rock! :D
  18. fit@home1

    Question for those that received your calendars

    No calendar yet. Boohoooo! :(
  19. fit@home1

    I love you Cathe but I am tired of waiting.....

    I'm sorry to disagree, and I'm not trying to keep an argument going, but I for one had no grand illusions we'd see the STS series as early as May or July. I think most of us are/were well aware that this is a huge undertaking.