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  1. sundari

    Steig Larsson fans

    New Stieg Larsson Movie coming Did you all notice that there will be a movie coming of "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo"? Noomi Repace will be playing the part of Lizbeth Salander. Watch our exclusive interview with the director and star of the feature film adaptation of Stieg Larsson's...
  2. sundari

    Steig Larsson fans

    Thanks for sharing Nancy and Clare.
  3. sundari

    Steig Larsson fans

    Clare - thank you so much for taking so much time to describe and recommend these books. I really appreciate it. I'm not in London but do enjoy novels set abroad. I get that they are very different than the James Patterson Lindsay San Francisco setting. As far as book forums I haven't found...
  4. sundari

    Steig Larsson fans

    Thanks Nancy I had not thought Amazon UK since I've never ordered or had to go there. Thanks to everyone for all the reading suggestions. When I went to Barnes & Noble and to Borders to see what they suggested reading after Steig's books these are two authors they mentioned: Tana...
  5. sundari

    Steig Larsson fans

    I am such a fan. I loved both "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" and "The Girl Who Played With fire". And I can't wait for May 25th for the release of his third and last "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest".
  6. sundari

    Valerie Waters AHB dvd set

    Thanks Cynthia for your impressions about the first circuit.
  7. sundari

    Valerie Waters AHB dvd set

    Thanks Cynthia looking forward to your impressions.
  8. sundari

    Valerie Waters AHB dvd set

    Val's Email Update Hey it's Val. I'm so excited for you to get your Action Hero Babe, I know you're anxiously awaiting and we're busy shipping everything out right this moment. Unfortunately, there was a slight delay due to a problem with some of the bonus DVDs. :-( We're all squared...
  9. sundari

    Valerie Waters - Action Hero Babe

    Please do let us know if they are follow along DVD's. Its great to read that everyone finds Valerie's workouts good. Thanks
  10. sundari

    Hey pet owners -do you have insurance?

    Janie - I know that as far as having a medical plan that seems to save pet owners some money. For example: Banfield hospital has a few different plans. I know a couple who own two dogs and they pay $25 per month for the medical plan. They can take their dogs in whenever they want and get...
  11. sundari

    bar workouts

    Here are some barre workouts to try. Its true the original Pure Barre is not the greatest quality. There are many others that are good. As mentioned Physique 57 are the newest and greatest for now. The new Bar Methods, Cardio Barre, Core Fusion Body Sculpt & Thighs and Glutes, Tracy's Mat...
  12. sundari

    Question for those who have done Physique 57

    I've heard this so many times. They really should be upfront about the back order situation. They should just post the information on their website. That way you can decide if you want to order knowing that the item is back ordered or in stock. I mean Amazon tells you if the item is in stock...
  13. sundari

    Question for those who have done Physique 57

    I don't think that barre workouts in general have an intense upper body section. However the "Squeeze" workout is an exception.
  14. sundari

    Amy Bento or Kelley Coffey-Meyer?

    I'd say go with Kelly!
  15. sundari

    another 4 day split questions

    4DS "HIS" took me two times. I used my remote control in slow motion and got the choreo. Thats the only way I got it. I've never had any other trouble with Cathe's step choreo before so this was quite a surprise for me. The workouts I got the first time. I haven't liked the Boot Camp which...
  16. sundari

    Cabo San Lucas Hotels

    Whatever you do don't stay at the "Melia". I was in Cabo earlier this year on a business trip and the Americans staying there were fleeing due to horrible rooms and service.
  17. sundari

    most "feel good" high energy workout?

    Cardio & Weights For me its "Cardio & Weights". Just a very fun step routine with music that stays with you.
  18. sundari

    Gin Miller Kettlebell Workout

    I just haven't been able to get into Kettlebells.
  19. sundari

    New Jewelry website

    Congratulations on your new venture!!! I'm sure you'll do well.
  20. sundari

    Getting older/ No kids

    >Wow! Everyone's circumstance is so different. > >I would also like to mention that we assume that every parent >has been unselfish and loving. That's simply not the case. This is also very true not every parent has been a good parent. Also having children will not guarantee that...