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    I keep reading about how everyone loves barre and how it is changing their bodies. What exactly is it? What equiment? What dvds/instructors are the best? Thanks I have been curious? Mary
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    Art Of strength Providence or the Kettlebell way

    Thanks everyone!!! My birthday is coming so I will have to add this one to my list. I'm excited! Great advice!
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    Art Of strength Providence or the Kettlebell way

    I am loving kettlebells. Thanks fo my fellow Cathe fans for aharing about these. I have all 3 Lauren Brooks, Vol 1 & 2 Iron Core, plus Iron core bootcamp and warrior. Jillian Michaels and 2 of Bob Harper and Angie Miller's one. Lauren Brookes is my favorite. I keep reading about AOS...
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    Too many dvds

    I have so many dvds and half I don't use. THat has not stopped me from wanting all Cathe's new dvds and the new Beachbody and Firm Express. I'm thinking of selling my Amy Bento and Tracey Staehle dvds because I just don't use them. It makes me a little sad though. I like both these...
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    turbo fire and CLX hybrid

    I'm thinking of this to combine turbo fire and chalean extreme. Monday one of her HIITS and Burn 1 Tuesday- fire 45 ez WEdnesday-sprints and Burn 2 Thursday fire 30 ez Friday- Hiit and Burn 30 Saturday- run Sundayeasy swim or stretch Any feedback would be great. Anyone elase...
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    Jogging Stroller Help

    I also have the dreamer design double and love it. I also have the BOB single and love it. I have several friends that have the new BOB double that has the swivel wheel in front and it is much easier to push. My BOB single is 7 years old and still going strong. I would recomend the BOB and...
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    T. Staehle's Cardio KB Challenge rave

    I also love this workout!!! Love Josef and the new girl kicks it up a notch. I love all her dvds. I find TRacey so personable. If you send her a question, she personally emails you back!!! Gotta love that! I have to start preordering her workouts! Mary
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    running question in Cathe's rotations

    I am a runner at heart, and always keep running. I have read you only need 3 runs a week. Great book Run less, run faster. One longer run, one speed workout and one tempo run. I would definetly keep your 3 days of running. None of Cathe's workouts compare to running. Running is one of...
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    weight workout after HiiT

    I am doing Cathe STS strength right now. I do the first disc on Monday, 1/2 of the legs on Tuesday with a HIIT and then the other 1/2 legs on Thursday with a HIIT and then back/bis wed. Just an idea. The HIIT with the legs is a great workout, it's like getting some bonus legs with the plyos...
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    Other HIIT dvds

    I am loving Cathe's HIIT workouts. I do it 2x per week. I'm afraid I might get bored. Does anyone know of any other of hers or other workouts that are like her HIIT. I did Kelly Coffey-Meyer cardio balst Plyo workout today and thaT IS like a HIIT workout. Any suggestions would be great...
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    The STS 6 month rotation question

    I did meso 1 2x, loved it, now I am in meso 2, week 4, only doing 1x and them meso 3 1x. This is working well for me. I find it hard and boring to lift heavy, so if I had to do meso 2 and 3 double, I would get too bored. Hope this helps. Mary
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    Problems with deadlifts

    My hamstrings have been so tight and when I do the STS deadlifts, now in meso 2, week 4, it does not feel good. I am afraid of pulling my hamstrings. Should I just skip the deadlifts or substitute something else. I have been doing alot of high impact cardio, like sprints and HIIT. I...
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    bands in STS

    Cathe, I am doing STS and love it. Which bands are you using in STS. Is it the 3 pack TPR bands. I have those and the resistance is so strong I can only use the pink one. One other question, in another thread SNM mentioned you will stop selling the TPR bands once the TPE bands are...
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    Re-post: Travel Fit Bands

    Why no more TPR bands? I'm curious why the TPR bands will no longer be sold after they start selling the new ones. Is it because the resistance is too strong. In STS, is Cathe using the TPR bands. I would love to know. Thanks, Mary
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    meso 2 help

    Thanks everyone for your feedback. Meso 2 is a challenge. I think it is because I prefer endurance workouts and mixing muscles up and not doing say all back to failure. I think since this is my first round of STS and meso 2 is scary and meso 3 might be crazy hard, I am going to do each meso...
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    meso 2 help

    I posted this in sts forum, but thought I would post here too. I just started meso 2 and it is so hard. i am trying to do the 6 month rotation, I already completed 8 weeks of meso 1 and took 1 week rest. I'm not sure if I could do 8 weeks of meso 2 and then a month of meso 3. Do u think it is...
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    meso 2 help

    I just started meso 2 and it is so hard. i am trying to do the 6 month rotation, I already completed 8 weeks of meso 1 and took 1 week rest. I'm not sure if I could do 8 weeks of meso 2 and then a month of meso 3. Do u think it is ok to do meso 2 and 3 just one time(1 month each). So that...
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    athletic step

    I found the choreography harder in this one than step moves. Maybe I was having an off day. I should attempt again. Mary
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    Anyone done all 3 HiiTs in one bout?

    I have done 30/30 after a 20 minute sprint workout. I would like to try 2 back to back but 3 might be pushing it! Something to aspire too! Mary
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    2 or 4 lb weighted gloves?

    I would recommend the new 4 lb microload gloves. I had both and prefer this one, because so versatile and I love the full glove, the other one was open and not as comfortable. Mary