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  1. kkvls2004

    Help, my body has shifted...menopause?

    I am 45, but went through menopause early at 34 (ovarian failure syndrome). Despite being on HRT (which has greatly reduced other symptoms like brain fog and fatigue), my body changed in the exact way you mention. It doesn't help that I also developed hypothyroid (which I am also on medication...
  2. kkvls2004

    Has anyone tried Turbo Fire?

    I agree with the consensus - Turbo Fire is a good program. I have most of Cathe's DVDs (the Shock Cardio Series and Low Impact Series would be good alternatives to Turbo Fire IMO) and Slim in 6, P90X, Turbo Jam, and others. On the pro-side: very driving music and energy; Chalene does not...
  3. kkvls2004


    4-Week Rotation Here's a rotation using the videos you have. I had the most difficulty with varying the upper body routines so if you decide to pick up a few more videos, I'd recommend the Gym Style series and also the Push/Pull - Supersets one. The rotation will ramp up a bit in intensity as...
  4. kkvls2004

    turbo Barre

    Yes, I keep mine broken down in 2 pieces and stored against a wall when not in use. It doesn't get totally flat but could probably be stored under a bed, for example. You just take some pins out and it comes right apart.
  5. kkvls2004

    Precision Nutrition or Tom Venuto's Burn the Fat

    I have both and found Precision Nutrition more useful. It comes with a lot of starter recipes and the Gourmet Nutrition cookbook is great too. I enrolled in PN's Lean Eating program for women in January - I'm really finding it valuable. I really like the way JB is scaling the PN habits to...
  6. kkvls2004

    Discs and other suggestions

    I use Valslides - they work very well on carpet.
  7. kkvls2004

    What DVD to get next?

    Another vote for LowMax. :) If I had any budget left over I would probably get Core Max next - I love the workouts in that DVD for Core add-ons.
  8. kkvls2004

    Yoga recommendations

    The ones I rotate through are: Yoga Short Forms: The Practice DVD (David Swenson) Yoga: Gentle Vinyasa Flow (Zyrka Landwijt) Rodney Yee's Yoga for Every Day of the Week and his Energy Balance Yoga DVDs; and finally Eoian Finn's Pursuit of Happy Hips and Pure and Simple Yoga DVDs...
  9. kkvls2004

    Hypothyroidism - What works for you? (sorry..long!)

    I was diagnosed hypothyroid a good 8+ years ago, around the same time I went into early menopause due to what they think is OFS. There has been a lot of tweaking over the years - hormone replacement plus levothyroxine. I too had really debilitating fatigue and still have problems with exercise...
  10. kkvls2004

    adjustable weights to use for STS

    Hi, I invested in Powerblock adjustable dumbbells before I started Chalean Extreme - they market the Bowflex SelecTech dumbbells but there were mixed reviews on those and I knew I would also use the set for STS, so I wanted something really durable. I am very happy with the Powerblocks -...
  11. kkvls2004

    Another green smoothie question

    For the dill/kale/tomato/avo/lime smoothie, here is my recipe with amounts given. It is an adaptation of "Sergei's Favorite" in Victoria Boutenko's Green For Life book. Dill Delight Smoothie - 6 green kale leaves (I like dino kale and remove the tough middle stems) - 4-5 fronds of fresh...
  12. kkvls2004

    Question about Sketchers Tone-ups

    I agree with the other posters - I have the Skechers toning shoes and while I really enjoy them for walking, they feel very purpose-built for that activity and I wouldn't feel comfortable using them for step or other cardio. I just replaced my old peeling Rykas with a fresh pair for that. :)
  13. kkvls2004

    Another green smoothie question

    I think broccoli and cauliflower might toughen the consistency a bit ... I haven't seen them used in any of my green smoothie recipe books. I think I have seen cucumber used (seeds removed) but sparingly. Technically cucumber is a vine fruit and not a green, but still great for you. What I...
  14. kkvls2004


    I am on my last week of the GRFS rotation. It's been great - a real tour through Cathe's whole oeuvre. ;-) The strength training in that rotation is 1 day total body, 1 day STS legs, and 1 circuit training day per week. I think it will be easier to gauge your weight based on what Cathe...
  15. kkvls2004

    What supplements do you take?

    I have been taking Vitamin D3 for about a year now based on my doctor finding me deficient, and I have to say it has had a huge impact on evening out and increasing my energy. I also supplement omegas and niacin on her orders, since I have somewhat high cholesterol. Like most folks I order...
  16. kkvls2004

    Breville Juicer or Naked Juice?

    I have both a Breville and a Champion juicer. IMO juices do taste better when you make them yourself, plus they are not flash-pasteurized like the bottled juices are required to be, so they retain more enzymes. I also feel like some of the Naked Juice flavors taste "foamy," and when you make...
  17. kkvls2004

    40th birthday ideas?

    My friend Julie turns 40 this month and she is having a "wig party" to celebrate, along with like 85 of her closest friends. :D You don't have to wear a full costume, but you do have to wear some kind of goofy wig. People end up trading wigs around, staging and taking lots of funny pictures...
  18. kkvls2004

    South Beach, Eat Clean, The Zone, WW???

    I am finally getting results after 3-4 years of struggle through a combination of WW (right now I just use it to keep me accountable for check-in and only count points online if I start to slip), clean eating with focus on plant-based foods, and increasing my cardio workout frequency and...
  19. kkvls2004

    Marriage-Dealing with religious differences

    Hi Janie, I had a close friend go through a similar situation. She was a "non-churchy" Christian - an artist (dancer) with a high degree of commitment to continuing her creative work, when she fell in love with a man who had a pastoral calling. When they married, initially she felt some...
  20. kkvls2004

    Whole grain cookbook

    I have two that I rely on a lot - one is 366 Delicious Ways to Cook Rice, Bean, and Grains by Andrea Chesman, and the other is Super Natural Cooking by Heidi Swanson. You can actually get a lot of recipes and ideas off of Heidi Swanson's blog - here is a link directly to those recipes...