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    CDs to learn Spanish?

    Thanks so much, ladies! iris123
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    CDs to learn Spanish?

    We are considering Mexico for vacation. I took a little Spanish in high school, but never used it and don't remember much. I've checked the library for language CDs. So far, they are all painfully boring!! Anyone have a CD set that you can recommend? iris123
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    Happy Birthday Jane (Luvtorun)

    Happy Birthday, Jane! Have a super great day!! iris123
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    Doable Dancy!!!

    This does sound like sooo much fun!! I can't wait! :7 Thanks, Cathe, for all the fun updates! iris123
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    Happy Birthday, Cathe!!!!

    Happy Birthday, Cathe! You are such an inspiration! Hope you have a fun day! iris123
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    16 years anniversary

    16! How sweet! Here's a belated wish for many more years together! iris123
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    Puppy Picture

    Carola, Congrats! Thanks for sharing the adorable pics and the story! I just love the names!! Take care, Patty
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    Clean and Tidy - Tues June 19

    Good morning, Everyone! Phyllis - It's funny how shocked my family is whenever Mom doesn't know that we are out of Chex Mix or popsicles, etc! Robin - oooo! Berry salad! Sounds yummy! Katie - I hope you have an easier day today. To quote Cathe, I am finding that "every day is a new day."...
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    Clean and Tidy -Not this Weekend! Mon. June 18

    Hey, All, Man, I put off posting all day out of guilt! Is it wrong to be glad and relieved that some of you indulged this past weekend? I'm sorry, but, then, I don't have to feel so all alone!;-) Today I did much better. :-) See ya tomorrow, Patty
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    Clean and Tidy...Sunday 17 June

    Hi, Everyone! We'll be having baked sea bass :9 for Father's day dinner. This is DH's favorite fish. Thankfully, it was on sale, otherwise, I would have been tempted to go with steaks which he really loves. Carrie - How is your recovery going? Hope you are doing well! Phyllis -...
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    Clean and Tidy...Saturday 16 June

    Hi, Ladies, What interesting reading this morning! Lorie - That picture of Linus is adorable! Wendi - I'll say it again...I'm just in awe of your work days! Robin - Good luck today with your travels! My plan today: B- oatmeal, half a chopped apple s- watermelon, a few nuts L- plain...
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    Clean and Tidy - TGIF June 15

    Lorie - Yes, the social aspect of eating is one of the toughest! At this point, I would definately rather compromise somewhat with food in order to be more social. I wouldn't have reordered the trout either! Would being at work be easier because there is no social eating where you work? I...
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    Clean and Tidy - TGIF June 15

    Hello, Everyone, :-) DH made my day by saying my "waist looks trimmer.":-) Today's plan: B - oatmeal, chopped apple s - pineapple and cottage cheese L - veggie and hummus wrap, grape tomatoes s - banana with nl pb D - baked tilapia, brown rice, asparagus s - plain yogurt and berries...
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    Sweeping up the cake crumbs - Clean June 14

    Hi, everyone, I did ErrandMax today, but I hope to find time for PUB tonight. Last night I had a few tortilla chips x( and guac, but all else went as planned. Today I had: B -nl pb on and apple, oatmeal s -cherries and nuts L -plain yogurt with berries, carrot sticks and broccoli...
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    Happy Birthday, Robin!! Hope you have a fabulous day. See you tomorrow in the clean/tidy check-in ;) Patty
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    Clean or tidy...Wednesday 13 June

    Hi, All, I changed my menu a little last night because DS had a dinner guest. I didn't make quinoa and I ate some leftover ww pasta, and made regular bow tie pasta for everyone else. So, I'll make the quinoa tonight. B- oatmeal and berries s- apple with nl pb L- ww wrap with leftover...
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    Clean or tidy check-in Tuesday 12 June

    Hi, Lorie, Kim, Phyllis, Gayle, Robin, Valerie, Wendi and all who follow! Jess -I tend to forget to drink enough water, but your posts are a great reminder. Thanks! Yesterday I did make a brief stop at the grocery, so I had nl pb on a brown rice cake for my afternoon snack. All else went...
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    Clean or tidy...Clean eating check in Monday 11 June

    Lorie -Chocolate...great point! I'm just feeling very psyched today because I don't feel like going on a totally unclean binge. The cleanest days I've had are really not perfectly clean...just so much cleaner than my usual. You have been so much more strict than I have been! I know I'll be...
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    Who's getting keen for a Cathe update?

    ooooo, Kathryn, thanks for the heavenly daydream :-) iris123
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    Clean or tidy...Clean eating check in Monday 11 June

    Hi, Clean and Tidy Eaters! Last night my dinner out wasn't the greatest. I couldn't resist the sushi appetizer }( and had 1 glass of wine. Otherwise, shrimp and veggies was one of the cleaner choices, so I went with that. I haven't been as strict as Gayle and Lori, but it is day 14 for me...