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    Coach Sean! :(

    Oh my. What a shock! I'm just on my way to the gym to do CC #3. How sad. He was awesome.
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    Rock Of Ages...NYC

    I saw it in NYC last November and it was SOOO FUN!! As soon as I left the theatre I couldn't help thinking, when can I see it again? There was no way to sit through that show without getting up and dancing! Love it.
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    Need advice-stubborn college kid and weight gain!

    I agree with the posters who wrote it is up to her to get that "aha" moment where she decides she wants to do something about her health and weight. My daughter gained some weight due to a thyroid issue but once she got that under control she did not lose weight right away. I tried to give her...
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    Need BC advice

    I had a Meridian IUD inserted about 18 months ago and I could not be happier with it. It is good for five years (I'm pretty sure).
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    Procedures for heavy periods

    Here's another vote for IUD. I'm 47 and had to stop bc pills about 15 months ago. Dr. recommended Meridian IUD. I've had one or two periods since then; none for the last year. I love it.
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    Darth Vadar Superbowl Ad

    So adorable. The boy did a great acting job considering he had to convey his emotions without using his face. His body language was spot on.
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    Anyone else eat the same things most of the time?

    I eat oatmeal every weekday because I prepare it the night before and then heat it up when I get to work. Lunch is pretty much the same too. I roast a bunch of beets on the weekend, peel them, cut them up, put a little vinegar and salt and pepper. During the week I put mixed greens in a...
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    What's your motivation/matra?

    Suck it up!!!
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    Nor' Easter Snow Storm

    It's still snowing here in Vermont. I'm not even going to attempt to go out today.
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    "Women who talk politics are such a turnoff."

    GRRRR!!! I'm married but I were single, I would not even consider dating a man who did not share my core politically beliefs. I'm not saying total agreement is necessary (Lord knows, DH and I have our share of heated political debates) but politics are too important to me to waste my time...
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    Possible Torn ACL

    I tore my acl in my late 20's skiing downhill. I lived with it for about 8 years. Sometimes I could work out fine and other times I was limping along. I finally had surgery to replace the acl and it is perfect now. No problem whatsoever. Good luck.
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    Feet Numbness Issues...Any Suggestions?

    My feet used to go numb all the time when I ran. I went to a specialty shop and had my running shoes properly fitted and I realized I was buying shoes too small. I wear a 6 1/2 normally but in workout shoes I need a 7 1/2. Go figure. It solved the problem though.
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    finding a hair stylist

    I found my stylist by asking someone whose hair I liked where she got hers done. I really love my stylist and would be heartbroken to lose her. I've started carrying her cards with my because people always ask me where I get my hair done. I give my stylist all the credit because I don't have...
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    What food fills you up the longest?

    I find that if I eat something with good fats I'll stay full longer. A big salad that includes avocado seems to do the trick. I happened to notice this morning that I ate two eggs and a slice of toast and I was starving by lunchtime. Yesterday I had a bowl of oatmeal and raisins cooked in...
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    How would you feel if your husband.....

    I would be furious. Honestly, I can't even imagine that. My husband won't even retrieve something from my purse when I ask him to because he thinks he is violating my privacy; he'll just bring me my purse for me to get whatever I want. It seems to me there is something deeper going on here...
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    Can't Tell Left From Right

    I'm right there with you. I can't tell my right from my left. I have to look down to see which hand my wedding band is on. I always feel so foolish because when someone says, "its on the left", I hestitate for a beat to check out my wedding band.
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    lets talk apps

    I really like the Couch to 5K app. I'm not a runner but I wanted to run a 5k last spring. the C25K app was perfect. I had no problem finishing the run and made better time then I predicted.
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    Afraid of flu vaccines, please help...

    I don't know how the nurse at my doc's office did it but I didn't even feel the needle go in at all. Hopefully you'll be lucky too and not feel it.
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    Afraid of flu vaccines, please help...

    I got the regular flu vaccine and the H1N1 vaccine last year. I had zero side effects and I didn't get sick at all. I'll probably get the flu vaccine again this year.
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    Anyone else use dry shampoo?

    I like the Oscar Blandi one as well.