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    Looking for input- Mirena expereince

    I LOOOOOVE mine! The con for me was having it inserted. It was very painful. However, I've never had children and I've heard it hurts more if you've never given birth. I took the day off and I'm glad I did as I had some pretty significant cramping for the rest of the day. But after that, no...
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    Good Health/Fitness/Motivation Books you've Read

    "You: On a Diet" changed my life...seriously.
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    Weaning off of sugar?

    I have to say that for me, I can't wean myself off of it. I have to go cold turkey. If I eat it, I crave more and then the whole vicious cycle starts all over again. Even high GI fruits will set me off. I will agree that the first couple of weeks are horrendous...headaches, grouchiness...
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    Multiple Dog Owners...Look Here!

    Well, we just got back from our visit. Oh my gosh! She's even sweeter and cuter than I remember! She wants so much to please and to be loved. It breaks my heart to think of the horrible situation she was in before she was rescued. I do NOT know how people can be so heartless. She thought...
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    Multiple Dog Owners...Look Here!

    Oh, and here's a picture of Ranger!
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    Multiple Dog Owners...Look Here!

    You guys are so wonderful! Thank you so much for all the great input! I loved the idea of bringing her into the house on a "test run" but unfortunately the rescue is about 3 hours from us (one way) and they only come in to town to do the adoption fairs. So yes, we're making a 6 hour round...
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    Multiple Dog Owners...Look Here!

    Thanks for the replies so far! Keep 'em coming! Fit44 - Your babies are SO cute. The dog we're looking at is a boxer mix (or so they say). She's brindle like your boy-baby. Hiitdogs - Ranger likes other dogs, although he's not as keen on big dogs. I think he thinks they're trying to...
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    Multiple Dog Owners...Look Here!

    I need your help with a BIG decision! We currently have two cats and a dog (a rat terrier). We have been thinking about getting another dog for awhile and we saw one at an adoption fair last weekend that...I can't explain it...I just bonded with immediately. We walked away but I cannot quit...
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    Tell me why you love Kettlebells...

    Hi there! Well, I bought a KB and AOS Providence right after Christmas and I STILL haven't done it. I think I may be a little intimidated and find myself worried that I won't be able to do it with proper form, etc. I know it's stupid. The only way to find out is JUST DO IT! But... I...
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    So what are giving up or adding to Lenten practices?

    Sugar! I actually was off of it for over a year and I never felt better. Last year was very stressful and it slowly crept back into my life. I probably have some sort of sugar everyday and it bothers me. For me, it's very addictive, so if I even have a little bit, I want more. So I'm...
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    Too OLD to Pierce?

    I got mine pierced not long before my 40th birthday and honestly, I loved it but it just didn't work out for me. Here's a few pointers: 1. Do lots of research on your piercer. I didn't and I think things might have been different if I had. He put a bar in that was too long and it moved...
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    No matter what your political affiliation, inauguration day is always something to be proud of. The peaceful transfer of power is something other countries can only dream about. Having said that, there seems to be so much more joy and pride surrounding this inauguration than any I've...
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    Little secrets - share!

    Remembered another one. If you have a stainless steel sink, use olive oil to make it shine. Just put some on a paper towel and rub it all over. Then take another paper towel and wipe up the excess. Shiny!
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    Little secrets - share!

    Use parchment paper to line baking and casserole dishes when baking anything that is typically difficult to clean up. Don't won't catch fire and it makes clean-up a breeze!
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    I posted the other day that I have a bruised rib. Well, with a Visa gift certificate I got for Christmas, I ordered the Cathe Pyramid DVD and Kettlebell Way. They arrived yesterday and are now sitting on my coffee table just taunting me!! It's killing me that I can't do them RIGHT NOW...
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    Anyone bruised a rib?

    Thanks, guys! The thought of not working out really freaks me out but I know that I need to let my body rest. I did talk to my sister tonite (who's an MD) and she pretty much said the same thing. Take ibuprofen, make sure you take deep breaths, and if things seem to start getting worse, go to...
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    Anyone bruised a rib?

    I'm pretty sure I have a bruised rib (from falling down our stairs...don't even have a good story, ha!). Unless it gets worse, I'm not planning on going to the doctor because there's nothing they can do for it anyway. I know that the best thing I can do is rest. I'm just wondering if...
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    Update on my kitten

    My heart is breaking for you! I saw this on Good Morning America a few months ago. Apparently, they have a really high success rate. I don't know how much money you have to spend, but it might be worth it: Good luck to you! I hope your baby comes back!
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    Cathe and Kettlebell Users...

    Thank you all! I'm really excited about the kettlebells and just wanted to make sure I was going in the right direction! Thanks again for the help!
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    Cathe and Kettlebell Users...

    I'm just starting to dip my toes into the world of kettlebells. If you do both, could you post how you integrate the two? I'm thinking something like: Day 1: PUB Day 2: Cardio Day 3: Kettlebell Day 4: Cardio Day 5: PLB Day 6: Yoga or Cardio What do you think? Also, is AOS...