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    Hmmm, I might need to re-think Atkins

    Lauramax, I have really identified with everything you've posted about Atkins. I also lost a lot of weight on Atkins. I've never been so skinny. I had managed to do Atkins as a vegetarian, and there wasn't much I could eat in the induction and O.W.L. phase (Green veggie and cheese overload!)...
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    Are there any vegans out there?

    Totally! My favorite recipe blog is, but I also rely on (the Post Punk Kitchen) and of course, the Veganomicon. My current favorite recipes are the Chickpea cutlets from the Veganomicon (my omnivorous sweetie currently considers these, in whatever form they take...
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    Cardio Sport wow this was kinda fun

    Hey thanks for the tip - I tried this today on your recommendation and it WAS fun! It was a nice mix of cardio and sculpting, short (about 21 minutes?) and different from everything I have on DVD. Cool! I found this under the "Men's Fitness" heading on my Comcast OnDemand Exercise TV...
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    Hmmm... I'm not really an expert, but I have 2 rescue dogs (I got them at the same time, when they were puppies) and I've had similar experiences. I discovered that I had several problems: 1) I wasn't being consistent. Like you, I took the "exercise" part of dog care seriously. But I...
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    Burnt out on Cathe workouts and weight lifting

    This same thing happens to me sometimes. I decide that my body and brain have been working hard and that I'm going to give them a present: a week off, walking the dogs of course, but no workouts that I don't really, really want to do. Usually, by the end of the week, I find something I DO want...
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    Not in that boat right now, but I certainly have been, and it is SO LAME! I had a major operation (unplanned!) about a week before the B&G, BM2, LIC, etc releases. I had preordered them, and they were delayed because Cathe was injured, so I had been waiting for MONTHS. And months and months...
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    Butts and Gutts--and now I can't sit down :-)

    That workout is sooooooooo tough! I've never gotten all the way through B&G. I can do all the standing work (barely!), but I can't even get through the first round of floorwork after that. I love the ab work, though. Dee
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    Have you seen "I am Legend" SPOILER

    RE: Have you seen I read "I am Legend" years ago and I knew that the dog would die, and that's why I didn't go to see the movie. It seems like every time a dog is in a movie, he or she dies! So lame! So, you're not alone. Dee
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    Shin splints!!

    Hi! I just got over pretty bad shin splints, which I usually get from running on pavement and not taking anough rest days (because I am an idiot). I took 1 weeks off completely, took painkillers and iced my leg 3x/day for 15 minutes (recommended by my doctor). After the first week, I...
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    becoming vegetarian

    Oh, I wanted to add that while BECOMING veg*n can be challenging, being a veg*n, once you've gotten used to dealing with reading labels and finding veg*n food and all that, is actually really easy. It also doesn't have to be expensive. I've been sending this link to everyone I know, because...
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    becoming vegetarian

    Hi there! How exciting! I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the local veggie resources, like vegetarian restaurants and health-food stores that will carry the veg*n resources you'll need for cooking. Some web resources you might enjoy... The book "Vegan...
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    Any curly heads out there w/short hair?

    I have really curly hair, really REALLY curly, but it's also massively thick. I had it cut super-short for years, and found it to be a lot of trouble, and only occasionally cute. Now I'm growing it back out and it seems to be locked into a permanent awkward stage despite the authoritative...
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    Pain/weird sensation BEHIND right knee

    Hi there; OK, not to freak you out or anything, but my Mom had a similar problem about three years ago, a mild discomfort behind her knee that came on suddenly. She was diagnosed with "thrombophlebitis", essentially the same thing as a thrombosis, but not in a deep vein, so not as dangerous...
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    Hate to Exercise or Hate to Diet?

    Love working out, hate not eating everything in sight. Lisa
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    Fell without firing one shot

    "We" are happy to see other Catheite trekkies as well. Dee
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    Fell without firing one shot

    See, isn't it better now that all that futile resistance is over and done with and you've been assimilated? We'll add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Or at least, we'll all be waiting for STS as a collective... Dee
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    Atmosphere for yoga

    I like to set up my special yoga mat in the guest room/office, and sometimes run a little space heater for a while in advance. It's quiet, warm, and relaxing; then the dogs shove the door open and want to play with squeaky toys, or lick my face when I'm in downward dog, or try doing a little...
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    new (to me) cardio

    I'm going to play devil's advocate and recommend that you splurge and get 4DS. If you like the IMAXes and DM, you will LOVE the cardio portions on 4DS. Plus there are lots of premixes. I have the same favorites (iMaxes, DrillMax), and while I occasionally do one or two combos from LowMax...
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    cancelled my preorder

    Ha! I almost cancelled, too, thinking...oh, I don't know, that it was a lot of money, that maybe I wouldn't be able to commit to such a long-term program...but then I thought about it and realized that Cathe got me committed to high-intensity cardio and weightlifting workouts almost every day...
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    Vegan Recipe/food ideas plz!!

    Kathryn; I have had a few terrible cupcake disasters, too. Once I tried to make vegan cupcakes (so the vegans can eat them) that were also gluten-free (so my celiac's-disease-afflicted friend could eat them, too) and they had NO structural integrity. If you picked them up, they crumbled to...