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    baked spaghetti/lasagna recipe needed

    One word----Stoffers. :D I did do this though. Eggplant casserole. Chinese noodles-not wheat but rice. Layer with spaghetti sauce (diced tomatoes and tomato sauce and other herbs and spices), cheese and eggplant. Annette Bethel
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    Not worth the energy....

    You are not alone...I had a woman at church to ask me. Then she got turned off when I told her. Go figure (sorry about the pun). Sometimes we just need to show by example and not by words. You are doing the right thing, bringing healthy foods, etc. Until one makes up his or her mind...
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    Floor space to workout

    I don't have that much floor space, so I modify when I can. Don't have wall space either. What I do need is my own workout room---waiting until one or both kids go to college....:D Annette Bethel
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    Pure Strength Re-visited

    I did PS this week as well. Quick and to the point! This is my favorite series with GS and SH. Annette Bethel
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    Dream Kitchen contest. Please pray for me.

    IF you get have to have a party for all of us!!! :) Good Luck, will be rootin' for ya! Annette Bethel
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    vent - out of shape husband - how to help?

    You can't. He has to make up his mind to do. Meanwhile I fix healthier meals when he is home. Since Dave is on the road, he eats out even though he does have a kitchenette in the room. I also encourage portion control while he is home and try to keep him out of the kitchen. :D The good...
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    Kettlebell kg for starter

    The Firm is coming out with a new kit in the late summer/late fall. It looks awesome. It is on my wishlist for sure. Annette Bethel
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    I have the same problem. Check with gyn/obgyn. I have a cyst and fibroids that also attributes to my problem. Since I have been yoga and pilates, I don't have pain anymore. Also I have had a MEA, so I don't have a period. Annette Bethel
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    DVD's are cost prohibitive; help please

    Also try Firm Yayas. You can request dvds at the library. I have done that with several instructors. Annette Bethel
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    Namaste Yoga on Fit Tv.

    I love FitTV! but when I can catch Namaste Yoga I'll do. The moves are faster, though. I wish they wouldn't have the commercials. Annette Bethel
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    time spent daily workout

    Between 1-4 hours usually broken up. I try to do 20 Minutes of pilates, followed by yoga. M,W,F-parts/cardio. T,T,S-full body/cardio. Then I am done. What I have noticed with pilates/yoga is I lift heavier and leaning out more. Now if I can just get rid of this belly and celluite, I'll be...
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    Changes in fitness regimine since joining Cathe??

    After the initial flusteration, I have really enjoyed working out with Cathe and very compatiable with other workouts. Annette Bethel
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    Um, no I don't need help, thanks!

    Nan congratulations on the leap from 25 to 30lb weights. I made the switch about 2 months ago w/30 lbers. Every once in a blue moon, I might be able to do a few double... anyway....I was Walmart getting 25lbs and the same thing happened to me. Nope I got it. I even had "boot" on my bunion...
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    It never fails...

    You are sooo not alone. I try and do yoga in the morning while the house is nice and quiet. But noooo as I was doing Rodney Yee, Dave kept calling, not once but twice. I didn't have a Buddha mind and the present mind wanted to shot the telephone and the caller. :D So yeah! I know the...
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    A personal Thank You!

    Awesome!! Annette Bethel
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    Winston-Salem, NC

    We were on vacation this week and visited Old Salem. What a beautiful place and city. People there are very nice. Also went to Asheville to eat at Asheville Brewery and Pizza. My favorite pizza place. Yes we drove 4 hours out of the way to eat there! I think NC rocks! Annette Bethel
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    a question for parents whose kids play sports

    That is a little extreme. Every once in awhile coaches will have an expletive even at Pee Wee Football, only because they are human and want the best. But when it is every other word, that is extreme. Annette Bethel
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    Happy Independence Day, Everybody

    Y'all too! Annette Bethel
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    What do you mean regarding how much weight you are usin...

    Thanks for answering that, now that makes total sense! Annette Bethel
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    Happy 4th of July Cathe!!

    RE: Happy 4th to you too!!!!!! Hope y'all have a wonderful day!! That pools sounds refreshin'! Annette Bethel