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    Pre-Order Cathe's New Fit Split Workouts

    Will there be pre-mixes so we could extend the workout, specifically the cardio?
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    Step Cardio

    I would love to see a few more Step DVDs. The last ones that came out I think were made 4 or 5 years ago. I love step, the HIIT and even the Low Impact hurt my knees. The mountain climbers on the discs are so painful!! I wish Cathe would make a couple more Step only workouts, with no discs or...
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    Firewalker loops

    Fit49, when one of my loops broke and one of my long bands broke they sent me new ones free of charge. Unfortunately, now one of those firewalker bands broke. :-( They don't seem to last too long. I may try the ones kathydaffy bought.
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    Coming Soon – NEW Fit Tower™ Home Workout System.

    So we will have to purchase the tower if we want to use the DVDs entirely? Ugh
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    Cathe Announcement

    She probably regrets saying anything at all, which is most likely why she's not answering us.
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    Cathe Announcement

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    Cathe Announcement

    Me too, she said she would us let us know in a couple of weeks. It's been almost 2 months.
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    Party Rockin Step 3???

    I love the Party Rockin Step DVDs, another one would be awesome!
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    January 2016 Rotation

    ditto, but this always happens when a new series comes out
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    Love my Pats!!! Great game!!!
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    Searching the Forums

    I'm still having a problem. I've used more than one word, and actually phrases I know it should find. I'm really not liking the new forums, very difficult to navigate.
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    Searching the Forums

    How do I search the forums? Every time I do a search I get "no results". So I put in words I know would be found like "weights" and "cardio" and still no results. What am I doing wrong?
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    Less Calories Using Lower Step

    That's pretty much why I asked the question. I can't do 8 inches anymore, my knees are not the same as they use to be.
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    Less Calories Using Lower Step

    Thank you so much Stephanie. I just calculated mine, and it said a difference of 44 calories. So I'm assuming for it will be a difference of anywhere from maybe 40 to 50 calories. Linda
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    Less Calories Using Lower Step

    Hi Cathe, I was wondering, roughly how many less calories do I burn if I use a 6 inch step as opposed to an 8 inch step. For instance, if the workout manager calculates 400 calories burned during a workout using an 8 inch step, and I use a 6 inch. How many calories should I subtract? Thanks...
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    Just wondering if anyone has heard of this and does it work. In my many searches on the web about cellulite, I came across this program. It's by Joey Atlas. He supposedly developed this method to get rid of cellulite. A lot of you seem to be pretty knowledgeable and informed about exercise...
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    I GOT THEM!!

    Hi Pedmom, I actually waited until the last minute to order, I don't remember the date. Maybe a week or two before the pre-sale ended. I'm on the East Coast. in MA, maybe that's why they got to me so quickly. Hope you get yours soon!! Linda
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    I GOT THEM!!

    My Low Impact Series DVDs were just delivered!!! I was just reading the updates when my mailman rang the doorbell!! Yeah!! Talk about fast!! :D
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    Cycle Max?

    From what I am reading through out the other forums and facebook, you pretty much need a spin bike. Which really is a bummer for those of us that don't have one. I'm sure the workout will be great for whomever is fortunate to have a spin bike.
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    Cycle Max?

    Ugh! Unfortunately that DVD is one I won't be able to use :( Can't afford to buy another piece of exercise equipment.