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    Cycling DVD

    I have been away from the forums for awhile and am slightly overwhelmed. I just saw something about a spin dvd from Cathe - is this true and what else is she working on. If someone could point me to the link announcing the new workouts that are happening it would be greatly appreciated...
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    Nook vs Kindle

    Yes, the 3g is definately worth the extra $50 - it is a one time charge - and if you don't have access to wifi - like if you are on vacation and need another book to read - you have the 3g so you can download without connecting to a computer which you might not have access to either. I have the...
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    TV shows that I ALWAYS watch

    my watch list anything food network - usually have that or some news channel on when making dinner newest obsession - The Vampire Diaries - amazing - can't wait for season 2 to start glee - with my 12 year old dd dancing with the stars - again with 12 year old dd big bang theory - with...
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    New Runner - Need some tips

    couch 25k is a great program - do it at your pace sometimes I would repeat a week if I didn't feel I was ready for the next step. Most important is running shoes - go to a local running store - hopefully one near you - they will look at your foot and fit you with the right type of shoe. Also...
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    young girls and a cleanser

    Neutrogena makes a device called the wave - you need to buy pads that have a cleanser in it - each pad is one time use. I can get a little more expensive than a regular soap - but my dd loved using it so she actually did wash her face. She has also used clean and clear morning burst and loves...
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    Question for Runners . . . . Leg cramps

    sounds like dehydration to me. I agree with the banannas - they can never hurt and gatorade - if you can't stomach it - me either - just make sure your are properly hydrated with water - especially a few days before your 10k - good luck with that!!!! I did a 30 mile bike ride a few weeks...
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    Resistance bands?

    Resistance Bands I just got the gym styles and thought the same thing - that cathe sold the bands. I thought maybe they were out of stock and that was why I couldn't find them. Anyone know the answer and isn't there a website that a lot of people used to get the 6ft bands at - I can't...
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    Thanks all. She had this once before 2 years ago - funny same exact time of year. It lasted about a week but was much worse with vomitting and dehydration. We did the mri and eng test last time around. But as this is her second round in just about a month, the doctor does want me to follow...
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    Opinions - Jillian Michaels Ultimate Crossbar

    Thanks - that's what I was thinking. I might wind up getting it anyway - right now I am in the 15 lb range on a bar bell so I think it will last awhile. I looked into the troy lite which I like but shipping is around $35 putting the 40 lb set at around $100. I also have a younger daughter...
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    Does anyone here suffer from this. My 12 year old DD is going through her 2nd bout of this in the past month. The 1st episode lastest about 5 days. She is going on 5 days now with this one. Dr. put her on bonine today. She has been to the pediatrician, ent and am waiting for an...
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    Opinions - Jillian Michaels Ultimate Crossbar

    Was curious if anyone out there in Catheland has this "barbell". Opinions please - are the weights easy to change?? Did you outgrow it quickly. It is on sale at a local sporting goods store for $60. Thanks
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    Seriously $400 Lego set for an 8 year old?

    LEGOS today are not the legos of yesterday. LEGOS are big in education - they teach fine motor skills, math skills etc - do a search on lego leagues and competitions. Winning one of these is very prestigious and believe it or not looks good on college applications - schools have clubs that...
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    I need a super-good veggie soup recipe!

    Love this Soup Hope the link works - the soup is called Zero Soup and is from the Moosewood Restaurant New Classics cookbook. Really easy to make and very satisfying.
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    Running Clothes

    Thanks all. I will definately check out the article - I love the runnersworld website - surprised I haven't seen this article. I love the nike convertible jacket that Janie1234 posted the link for - just don't love the $100 price - but with the holidays coming upon us soon, maybe this would...
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    Running Clothes

    As the weather is getting colder, I was wondering if the runners out there could recommend running clothes for the fall and winter. Please be brand specific, I know I need a jacket can anyone recommend something that is also waterproof - did my first 5k two weeks ago in the rain - a nice...
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    Disney World help needed

    Try this website I have never used it, but it has been recommended by several friends of mine. Also remember to book at least one character meal - Chef Mickey's is great. With two little girls, if you can get into Cinderella's castle that would be awesome as...
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    Ankle injury need strengthening exercises

    What Cathe said - was exactly what they had me doing in physical therapy when I injured my ankle. They gave me a band to do those exercises at home as well. For me the ankle injury took the longest to heal - after a year, I still don't feel that I have the same strength or mobility as in my...
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    ipod nano vs shuffle

    Calling all runners and others of course - please chime in about the pros and cons - I am trying to decide between the two. Which do you like better for running and exercising and just in general. Please bear in mind, if I get the shuffle I will need to get the upgraded in ear headphones as...
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    Slowcooker recommendations - cookbooks too

    Been thinking about buying a slow cooker - have never used one and know nothing about them. Anyone tell me what to look for and what to avoid when purchasing one and any good cookbooks out there geared towards healthier slow cooked meals? Thanks for any and all info
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    What to do if your child is being picked on

    praise all the small successes he has everyday What can I say to my son to encourage him to keep trying? How can I help him build confidence when it seems there's always someone there trying to tear it down? His father and I have no athletic skill at all, and I while I take him out to play...