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    Getting my body back..

    Seabeewife- I started with cardio for about a week, then added some weights. Don't put too much pressure on yourself; you will be amazed at how fast you are able to do what you did prepregnancy. I was in the gym alot during my first pregnancy and discovered cathe post partum. With my second I...
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    Newly pregnant exercise question

    Congratulations! I did alot of kickboxing and low impact circut. You can modify practicly ANYTHING; just be creative. Low impact circut was definately my go to workout though.
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    Does B&G ever get any easier!

    I just did this workout in its entirety (i have a four month old, so I've always had to modify), and it KILLED me. I love to work my legs and glutes, but I absolutly hate the swelling it brings on the next 24-48 hours. The weights are so light, yet the exercises are so hard!}(
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    when do you workout?

    "UNLESS SOMEONE NEEDS TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL, OR IS BLEEDING, OR HAS THROWN UP, OR HAS DEVELOPED EXPLOSIVE DIARRHEA, DO NOT STOP YOUR WORKOUT!!!" Just had to say I love this...LOL. I am having SUCH a hard time with my son. He's just turned 2, and can not stand that I am working out.I am a...
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    stretch mark cream

    I got very mild stretch marks on my hips with my first; I was absolutely devestated! But, right after delivering my son I was actually proud of my flabby, stretch mark covered body because it made such a beautiful miracle. (and this is coming from somebody who's pretty vain) Don't worry, they...
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    which rotation was it that had you do BC 2x in a row?

    I can't find it for the life of me, but I know I saw a rotation that had you do it...
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    Anyone have Hardcore Extreme?

    I love hardcore extreme; the workouts are long and hard. I love the variety; you can mix and match, stop and continue later, etc. There is only one circut workout, and the other two are really tough cardio compilations. Hardcore extreme really can't be compared to the gym style series...
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    We have a while to preorder, right?

    Thank you!
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    We have a while to preorder, right?

    I want to preorder, but have to hold off a bit...we have some time, right? I can't remember what it was like last time because I ordered them right away.
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    Your New Blog Picture

    I have to agree; each video series you do you look better and better. Love the new look, LOVE the outfits. I am amazed, and inspired. Thanks for making me love to work out more than I ever thought I could :-)
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    Sooo . . .how much weight . . .

    I gained 40lbs with both pregnancies; I worked out the entire pregnancy with both, and resumed at 10 days pp with both. (Had extremely easy delivery and recovery) I just had my 6 week check up and I'm already down 30lbs.
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    Gender--To know or not to know?

    We found out with both of our children. We were supposed to have two boys...however, I gave birth to a baby girl on May 9th. They were 90% sure it was going to be a boy, but we were pleasantly surprised to find out she was NOT a boy! It didn't matter to us what we had, but the surprise factor...
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    UGH - Freaking Out At 36 Weeks!

    So let her complain a little. It's her first pregnancy; when the fat/water come in towards the end it's no picnic. I just wanted to point out that she is not looking for weight loss tips; Sometimes it's just nice to hear that others can identify with your situation.
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    UGH - Freaking Out At 36 Weeks!

    I don't see one word on this thread about LOSING weight--unless it is about how much easier it is to LOSE the weight POSTpartum after exercising the whole pregnancy.
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    UGH - Freaking Out At 36 Weeks!

    Hi- I am just about 37 weeks, and I have been noticing the same thing. I have been swelling quite a bit, and it is driving me CRAZY! I think that women who continue to work out (especially using weights) tend to hold on to water more (?). I am not sure; I have been exercising like crazy, but...
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    moms to be check in Jan 15th

    Hi's the first check in. Yeah! I need something to keep me accoutable. Last week I did: Mon: Low impact circut, cardio timesaver Tue: 3 mile jog with my son, 2/3 of butts & gutts Wed: Off Thur:Kickmax (combos only), plus 15min of MIC--body max2 upper body Fri: The firm...
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    No more weekly check ins for preggos???

    Did all of the pregnant women already pop??? LOL. Is there anybody out there?
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    Starving in the first trimester!!!

    I too was starving in the first tri. Eat when you are hungry! It (the weight gain) will all even out in the end; just try to keep up your exercise routine. BTW- I am now a few weeks away from the third tri, and I find I can eat about the same amount as I did pre-preg. That insanely ravenous...
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    Moms-to-be Check-In week of 11/26/06

    Thanks for all the great recomendations. I went to the gym (just to see if I liked this one) and did some eliptical and some treadmil walking today. It has been such a long time...I kind of missed working out at home! Have a good weekend ladies.