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    Food Dehydrator

    i dehydrated potato and sweet potato chips because I had a craving for chips. i soak one batch of the sliced chips in apple cider vinegar and salt mixture and another batch in olive oil with lemon juice. Will know how they turn out in another 6 hours. Was told they are excellent like those...
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    Food Dehydrator

    Yay, I got my dehydrator and had dehydrated sweet potato, tomatoes, fruits, nuts and some crackers. Thanks Kathryn for your suggestion of the 9 trays. It makes a big difference as I do use up all trays at one go. Can't wait to try out dehydrating other stuff. The timer does work well and is...
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    Food Dehydrator

    Thank you so much for the feedback. Guess if I really want to get one, I should go for the Excalibur 9 tray. I am doing quite a fair bit of sprouting so making dehydrated sprout cake may be good in addition to fruits and vegetables. Shelly
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    Food Dehydrator

    Would like to know if anyone use a food dehydrator at home. I came across the Excalibur brand online but have not seen one in real before. Would love to know if there is a difference between the 9 tray and the 5 tray model too and how useful is it to have one. Shelly
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    Is this kettlebell workout?

    If you think Kathy Smith's kettlebell technique is bad, this is worse.
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    BB cream or Blemish Balm as it is known here is something like a foundation but does not cake pores. I don't know how to explain it to you but I swear by it as it gives my face such a nice natural look. Here is an write-up on it. Not sure if it is available in US but it is very popular in the...
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    If you can get hold of BB cream, give it a try. The cream looks like foundation but is so good for coverage and so good on the skin. No cakey look and it gives you that natural shine. Also, you use so little (just about a dot off the tip of your finger tip) to cover the face. Once you use BB...
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    Emjoi Hair Removal System

    Why don't you try sugaring instead? It is not painful and so easy to do. The only troublesome part is to make the sugaring paste but once you make a batch, it can last you a long time. I don't use the strip method but the free hand method. Once you get the technique (which is not difficult)...
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    Heel Pain?

    Try standing the heel of the foot that is painful on a golf ball. It can be painful at first but it works in the long run.
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    Patiently Canadian...

    Me in Singapore, far far away, hopefully will receive by next week. I can't wait to work out on MMA and HIT. Shelly
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    Tell Me About INSANITY

    Although I like Insanity very much but I have to say my knee problem started to flare up after the second week on it. Now that I have stop doing it, my knee problems had subsided. Guess it all depends on how you can take to it. I don't want to go through not being able to get down the steps...
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    Skechers Shape Ups

    I love my Skechers. I wanted so much to get a pair of MBT after my friends had such good review on it but being so expensive, I look and found Skechers. It is the best pair of walking shoes for me. I walked about 2 to 3 miles everytime with them. It makes walking a total different...
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    If you really want to get Sadie's, get her Sadie's Complete Bellydancing Guide. It is affordable and is good. I have it. I feel it is better quality than Sadie and Kaya's. Shelly
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    Trust me, once you have tried learning from Jenna and Sadie, you won't really want Rania or the twins. I got Rania and the twins when I first started and thought they were good but when I got Sadie and Jenna, the rest are collecting dust in my cupboard. There is another, Pop, Lock and shimmies...
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    Try Sadie and also Jenna. Both of them are a class above the others. Sadie's Complete Bellydancing Guide and Thrilling Drilling Sadie Basic and Beyond with Jenna The Heartbeat of Bellydance with Jenna and Raquy I have many bellydance dvds and these are some of the better ones with good...
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    The rigorous training some youngsters have to go through It is a long progamme but after watching it I feel we are so lucky to be able to train for pleasure. When one have to train like these kids, the joy of training is gone. I am very thankful that I can train when I want and...
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    The Flow movement.

    Most of the classes are conducted in USA. You can check out the website The movement comes from learning the CST or Circular Strength Training which encompasses Intuflow, Flowfit and Prasara Yoga. I got to know about CST when they came to...
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    The Flow movement.

    This is really nice. Although I am not as flexible and can't do what he did in the clip, I am working towards it. My local coach could do it and I am impressed.
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    Do you know anything about Kangen Water?

    I have been drinking alkaline water for two years or so. It does lower the acidity in your blood. We were skeptical over such claims on alkaline water before but after some research and real tests found it is beneficial. My two friends had their uric acid level lowered significantly since...
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    I have been on Accutane before too and although at that time I thot it was worth the effort as it cleared my acne. However, friends have used cucumber with same result but not the side effect of terribly dry lips and eyes. Try cutting thin slices of cucumber and keep lightly going over the...