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    2022 Calendar??

    Will there be a new calendar for 2022? It seems the time to order comes in Sept or Oct each year!
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    will you be releasing a calendar this year? I sure hope so!!
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    critical error

    Ok so I looked on and they indicate is down for 'everyone'....ugh
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    critical error

    Now it won't show up on my mobile device. It looks like I'm logged in on my phone but there are no workouts available. I rebooted my computer, my Roku, and my mobile device and nothing is there. I still get the critical WordPress error and I'm directed to a debugging info page which advises me...
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    critical error

    I tried to log into my Roku Cathe live and also on Demand apps, and no password will work. Then I tried to log into the main Cathe site and get a critical WordPress error. I logged in here with no problems. Can anyone help?
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    I want to do STS via on demand, which I've purchased. I did the 1 rep max test, put the values in and now want to print out the workout card for disc 1. When I go to print the workout card nothing happens. HELP!!
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    Cathe Compendium 2017

    Thank you so much for all the work on this!!
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    I know I'm working hard, doing significant interval training, sweat like crazy, and feel afterward like I've gotten a tremendous workout. Naysayers just gonna talk, aren't they!
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    I've been spinning 3x a week for the last month or so, alternating with Cathe, and have run across info saying, weirdly, that you can't lose weight with spinning. I'm using Global Cycling Network videos, so I'm not talking about a leisurely pedal. Any more experienced folks wanna chime I...
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    Streaming Indoor Cycling Classes?

    I did a google search and found several on You Tube, all of which are free and can be downloaded to your tablet, smart phone, etc. I've done one so far, 25 min. 'ride' through the Dolomites.
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    Cathe's article on cortisol...anyone else with elevated levels?

    Thanks for the info! I'll check into the test.
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    I can't eat much soy because I've had breast cancer, so that's my take on it. I do eat tofu some, but limit any soy products. I think it is a great source of protein, just have to avoid too much.
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    Cathe's article on cortisol...anyone else with elevated levels?

    Sorry, I'm not familiar with the test you talked about. I have hypothyroid as well, and also taking anticancer med for the next 1.5 years, so I'd be interested in your experience and the test you talked about. Is it something you have to take in a doc's office? Thanks, Maggie
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    spin bike

    I have the Sunny bike as well, but my DH put it together (he's awesome but not especially handy) and I have some difficulty adjusting the seat forward, the levers holding it secure can scratch my legs. I only spin about 1x a week as I'm really new to it, so I can live with it. Great bike for...
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    pre order

    YAY! thanks for your quick reply!
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    pre order

    When can we order individual dvds? I want some of the workouts, not the whole set. Thanks! Maggie
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    In honor of Ilaria Montagnani

    awww, so sad to hear this!
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    Athletic Training or Afterburn?

    so glad to see this thread, because I was wanting to know about the Athletic Training upper body premix. I don't use AT or Afterburn very often, but wanted to know if the AT upper premix is a good weight training option, or is it more cardio/wts? Thanks! Maggie
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    2017 calendars

    Thanks, I don't know why I was jumping the gun, so to speak!
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    2017 calendars

    Is it too early to ask ifor there will be a pre-order for the Cathe 2017 calendars?