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    On demand app update

    I deleted the app, reinstalled it, and now everything is working perfectly. Thanks again!
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    On demand app update

    Wonderful news! Thanks for your quick work.
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    On demand app update

    I’m having the same problem on an older iPad that I keep in my exercise area and use exclusively for playing Cathe On Demand. When you select a workout and push play, it shows up in a smaller box. What’s worse is that if you click outside that box the window showing the workout vanishes and...
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    Sound issues with Live

    Oh wow, that was absolutely it! Problem fixed. I’m so grateful to you for tracking this down because it was driving me nuts. I wish I knew your name, but for now I’ll just say thank you so much, Forum Administrator!
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    Sound issues with Live

    Thanks. I tried playing Cathe Live via my browser (Chrome) and the iPad speakers. At first no sound played out, but then I noticed that the mute button on the bottom right was selected. I unmuted and then it played fine. Then I tried the Cathe Live app but, unfortunately, still no sound from my...
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    Sound issues with Live

    Hi, thanks for your responses. My iPad Pro is 11 inches and I’m running iOS 13.3.1. I just turned off my Bluetooth and tried Cathe Live again, but still no sound. I just tried the same thing on an older iPad I used to use and same pattern—sound is fine with Cathe OnDemand, but no sound with...
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    Sound issues with Live

    I’m not having problems playing Cathe Live through my iPhone. I am having issues playing Cathe Live through my 2019 version iPad Pro. If I simply play a live workout, no sound comes out of the device (the internal speaker). I have to connect my AirPods to hear the workout. I don’t have this...
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    Sound issues with Live

    Same here. It’s incredibly frustrating. My guess is that the app for some reason thinks Bluetooth headphones are connected and therefore doesn’t play out of the speaker. But that’s just a guess. Can this be fixed please?
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    No sound through speaker in Cathe Live

    Since last weekend I no longer hear Cathe Live workouts through my iPad speaker using the Cathe Live app. I get sound through the iPad speaker with Cathe OnDemand, but not with Cathe Live. The only way for me to hear the workouts on Cathe Live using my iPad is through my AirPods. Oddly...
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    Rock 'em, Sock 'em - triceps won't download

    I had the same problem, so I emailed support a few days ago but still no reply.
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    Workout Blender Issues

    I love Cathe and almost all her products, but the Workout Blender is a dud. I've posted several times to describe similar problems to what you've described here and it appears the support people (assuming there are any) have just given up - they don't even bother replying anymore. It's a bit...
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    Do you run?

    Hi Cathe! I'm just curious - are you also a runner? If so, how often do you run, and what's your pace? And one more question: If you focus on other types of workouts for a while and stop running, say, for more than a couple of months, do you find it hard to get back in, or is your fitness level...
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    What is the oldest work out tape/DVD that you still do?

    The Firm Vol.2 with Janet Jones-Gretzky! Still love it, even after all these years (decades!). Lurdes
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    Heavy Bag workouts

    Hi Labnick! Thanks so much for really helpful reply. I actually have all the workouts as downloads so if I can figure out the Workout Blender, I'll be good to go! (Actually, it's not that much of a hassle to just open up the different files manually - I find the WB really fussy.) One more...
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    Heavy Bag workouts

    Does anyone know which of Cathe's kickboxing DVDs have a heavy bag segment? I'd like to use the workout blender to put them together into one long, awesome workout! Thanks in advance. Lurdes
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    UPDATED Cathe Compendium (premix list, weight worksheets)

    This is such a fantastic resource - thank you for putting it together! I hope you don't mind if I ask a question: did you make the list in a program like Excel? I'm asking because it would be amazing to be able to sort the list by things like calories burned, type of workout, etc. The search...
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    Another "Name that XTRain song"

    And how about this one: what's the lovely cooldown song in Supercuts? Thanks to that tune, that's now my favorite stretch segment of all time! Lurdes
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    Help finding this DVD

    Thanks Lisa! Lurdes
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    Help finding this DVD

    One of my favorite moves is one that Paul Katami does in his more recent 4x4 bootcamp workout, but I remember that Cathe has included it as well. You basically jump up from a plank or push-up position into a kind of a squat but facing to one side. I hope I'm describing this clearly! Does anyone...
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    Another menu request

    Lala1, that happens to me too if I push the "next" button too quickly, but only with the newer workouts like Xtrain. But if I push a second time after getting the "operation currently prohibited" message, I'm able to skip over those initial chapters. One of the things I've always appreciated...