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  1. cottagecheeks

    Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity

    My Husband has a gluten intolerance. He got me hooked on Nutthins crackers. They are made from almonds.
  2. cottagecheeks

    I thought you should know....

    I'm sorry for you loss. May you and your family find please and grace.
  3. cottagecheeks

    Zombie Challenge - Cool Shirt

    Now, I'm wondering about signing up. It has to be on Facebook. If I do that will my homepage be flooded with everyone's posts everyday? I don't have a smart phone. I just check once in a while on my pc.
  4. cottagecheeks

    Zombie Challenge - Cool Shirt

    Huh, I tried again and it did have the option. I don't know what happened before. Now I'm going to have to get off my lazy but and run. Too bad for my fat cells. Ha ha. Thanks for the link.
  5. cottagecheeks

    Zombie Challenge - Cool Shirt

    That does look like fun. I wonder why the only Pay Pal option is "Bill me later". I don't really want to use that.
  6. cottagecheeks

    Video: Only ONE exercise matters (habit)

    Dang it! You Tube freezes up on me. Even at the lowest setting.
  7. cottagecheeks

    Starting over?

    Back on the road I'm back in Arizona. Yippie! The Race across America map is working again!
  8. cottagecheeks

    Starting over?

    I lost all the miles in the race across America challenge. It's all green. What happened? I was past Peonex.
  9. cottagecheeks

    When shopping for clothes do you consider?

    Heck, I would be happy just to find a top you can wear a real bra under without showing most of it.
  10. cottagecheeks

    From serious to seriously funny!

    Oh thank you. I so needed that.
  11. cottagecheeks

    Need an alternative to Diet Coke

    I'm not sure how they made it but I had a great drink at a restaurant called The Rusty Bucket. It was just pureed strawberries and fizzy water. It was so refreshing. I'm guessing they put ice and strawberries in a blender then add the water. Garnish with a fresh strawberry and enjoy.
  12. cottagecheeks

    Any Thoughts on Brown Rice?

    Inorganic arsenic? Is there an organic arsenic? Which is better? I don't think brown rice will kill us. Hot dogs might.
  13. cottagecheeks

    Let's talk about women health, COREGASm have you heard of this

    LOL next we will see adds for Captains Chair Attachments.
  14. cottagecheeks

    Prayer Request

    Yes, will do.
  15. cottagecheeks

    Earphone recommendations?

    I get these cheap at Marc's Here's the link at Amazon, Maxell HB-202 Stereo Headphone - Wired Connectivity: Electronics
  16. cottagecheeks

    News letter on Menopause & Weight gain

    I like your style. That's so reasonable and doable. I cut out sugar for a year once. I was like one of those people without a weight problem. I ate everyting else I wanted when I wanted. I lost weight. Then I got pregnant and ate junk. Boom! 64 pounds!
  17. cottagecheeks

    News letter on Menopause & Weight gain

    If I cut down to 1300 calories for five years and lost only 0.2 pounds, I be so mad I would,. I don't know what I wold do.
  18. cottagecheeks

    News letter on Menopause & Weight gain

    Yes Trixoo, That's my spoiled little kitty. Thanks. Are those yours in your avitar? They look adorable too.