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    Happy Holidays, Cathe :)

    Hi Cathe: I know it's early, but I might not be able to post next week so I would like to wish you, your family, and of course, your company/crew a Merry Christmas. Each day I'm getting stronger thanks to your workouts and I am excited to see what the new year will bring! :) Sincerely...
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    Cathe Customer Service

    I too would like to thank you and Nancy for the wonderful service. I recently placed an order for the calendar but I just realized I had way too many expenses (holidays not included!) and I asked if it was possible to cancel. Yes, I really do feel guilty about that! But Nancy was so pleasant...
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    Ryka N-Gage Trainer?

    Hi Edie, That's even better. :) Thanks so much! Christine
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    Ryka N-Gage Trainer?

    Hi Edie, That's even better. :) Thanks so much! Christine
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    Ryka N-Gage Trainer?

    Thanks, Edie. I can't afford them right yet but just mentioning and 15% is a big help--I paid $78.95 for the Instructors at Hadn't heard of, so I'm happy with any discount! :) Christine
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    Ryka N-Gage Trainer?

    Thanks you two for the responses. I will take these points into consideration. I think I may possibly want more ankle support. My floor is concrete. I probably destroyed my sneakers early on because I didn't know enough to put mats down. Now I have two layers of Ironman aerobic flooring and...
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    For all pet owners - be careful with some vets

    This thread reminds me of some situations I've experienced. There's a few vets here that I don't feel very confident in. I will not presume that they are only in it for the money--which I hope is not true--but I'm not really sure. For example, one of my mother's Pekes gets bumps in his skin...
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    talk me in or out of 4 day split

    I've been using 4 Day Split for about three weeks and personally enjoy it quite well. In my opinion, it's well-structured. There's enough variety in cardio (with both style and intensity), which experts suggest is important. Kickbox is very energetic and I liked this one right off the bat...
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    Sad Morning...:(

    Hi Reese, I am not a regular poster but I would like to note how sorry I am. I have not owned cats, but my mother has seven dogs that I worry myself crazy over. I can't imagine how you are feeling; our pets are quite "human" to me and I do not even want to think of losing one. I know it's...
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    Ryka N-Gage Trainer?

    Hi: I have a pair of N-Gage Instructor that I bought about 6 months ago. I think I need something new. I have no extra money, but hopefully I can pester one of my relatives for the holidays. ;-) I just checked and saw N-Gage Trainer. I don't recall noticing these before. I...
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    What happened to the 3 - split project?

    Thanks for explaining. I too was considering asking about this. I had wondered how Slow & Heavy could be improved upon. I guess this is why I'm not the one producing videos. ;-) Christine
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    Announcing STS - Cathe's Next Filming Project!

    RE: I always worry I'm really glad you mentioned hypertrophy. I used to experiment with what I read about weight workouts from the gym, even with some tips from bodybuilders, but I could never do it on my own. While I enjoy *all* of Cathe's workouts, STS sounds top of the line and I will...
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    Food Question For Cathe

    Hi Cathe: I'm sorry for all the questions today. :o This one I've been pondering about but haven't been quite sure how to phrase it. I'm now sticking to clean foods with no added sugar or processed fats. The only carbohydrates I eat are a whole grain/soy protein cereal and a 100% whole...
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    SNM - '07 calendar still available?

    Thanks again Cathe! :) Christine
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    Barbell placement for plié work

    Hi Cathe: That helps a lot. Thank you! I appreciate it. Christine
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    mega step blast !!!

    I third that. :7 I'd really love to see more Classics volumes. Cathe is the only instructor whose videos I own, so the more, the better! Christine
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    Thinking of All of You

    Hi Cathe! I'm thinking of you too, and how glad I am that I happened to find your videos. :) I searched so long, but none of them really "clicked" for me. Honestly, your workouts are a dream come true for me (and probably many others, at that). I'm not sure what else I would have done. I...
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    SNM - '07 calendar still available?

    Hi SNM: You will probably think I'm crazy (don't worry, it's not the first time), but I was wondering if you have any left of the '07 calendars? I unfortunately didn't pay much attention, then noticing the '08 one makes me think I want the first one too for the pics and trivia. Thanks in...
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    Barbell placement for plié work

    Hi Cathe: When you place the barbell on your shoulders for pliés (or for the forward squats--I think that's what they're called--in 4 Day Split: Legs), is it normal to feel a bit of pressure? I'm not sure if the bar should be resting on the front delts or lower. Happy Thanksgiving! :)...