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    Hormone rant - long

    Ann Louie Gittleman has a great book called "Taking Charge of your Perimenopause". She really understands the female body and has some great tips and supplement ideas. As for your vertigo...I just finished taking an audiology course and was amazed to learn that an audiologists really can...
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    Jari Love--yikes

    "Good on you" is a very Canadian phrase. Charlene Prickett uses it in her workouts. I am originally from Calgary and remember as a little girl in the 60's watching my mom to Charlene's half hour workouts every morning and hearing "good on you". It means that what you are doing looks...good...
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    I have ordered from them through Amazon and directly from their website. They are awesome. The DVD's come with a 10% off coupon and I received them in two day. No more Collage for me. Cheryl
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    Defending Her Honor

    I'll vote for Beavs! I must say when November comes around I'll have "thanksgiving" that it's all over....then we all can brace for whatever the outcome. I just have to remember when things get ugly, that I live in a country where people have the right to express opinions freely. Cheryl
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    It's national donut day!

    Wish they gave me tummy aches! Sigh:( Cheryl
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    Who HASN'T ordered STS?

    I have not and will not. I know that I just won't do it because I prefer the total body, get it over with, workouts. I also find the older I get, any extra exercise time (and $)needs to be directed towards increased flexibility. Cheryl
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    Do you like stretching? Which is your favorite

    I, like many others, have recently become a Classical Stretch fan. The end section on the Athlete's Intense Stretch workout is amazing. I have seen real changes in my body doing this program and the concept of strenthening and stretching together if working for me. I love, love, love it! Cheryl
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    When to start cleanse?

    I certainly do not consider myself an expert on this subject, but I have read a number of books on the subject. The overall view is that the best time to cleanse is in the spring or the fall. Winter is a time to build the body, not take away. Ann Louise Gittleman has a wonderful book on how...
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    Does youth end at 35?

    If you want to feel old, just try going back to school with kids that are younger than your own kids!!! Seriously, I feel better than I did when I was in my thirties. I have tried not to overwork my body and have incorporated more stretch and kinder to the joint workouts. If I hurt, I scale...
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    Thank-you Classical Stretch advocates!!!

    Ditto on the additional 15 minute segment for the lower body! That has to be the most amazing stretch segment and my tight hips are thanking me. And how about those foot stretches! I am stretching muscles I didn't know I had. Cheryl
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    4DS total body?

    I have not done the total body, but made it through the 67 minutes upper body TWICE! It is one of my favorites. I feel like an amazon woman after I am done. Cheryl
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    Thank-you Classical Stretch advocates!!!

    A big thanks to those who put in a plug for Classical Stretch. I have ordered and received the Full body and the Athletes Instense Stretch. I have the tightest hips on the planet and no amount of yoga could budge them...... till I found Miranda. My hips and back have never felt better! She...
  13. P love

    You know it's pomegrante season in our house when the skin under the right thumbnail is stained blue!! Cheryl
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    Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

    I miss Canadian Thanksgiving. It is so much more low-key and you think about what the holiday really means. I will be thinking of my family today and wishing I was in "the land of the free----------------- and the home of the brave"! Cheryl
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    Barry's BootCamp....yeowza!

    The all body workout without weights just about does me in. The short cardios are intense and I feel like I am getting an effecticew intense workout in short time time. Having said that, I have to be careful doing this workout as I put my back out after a two week rotation right before I...
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    change of pace

    I love, love, love, the "Squeeze" and am seeing results! The old WHFN's are deceptive in their effectivness. Pump and MetaBoost are my favorites. MetaBoost gives me a "slow" sweat and Pump is just fun. Cheryl
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    I should be......

    ...studing instead of watching "What's up Doc?" my bathrooms ...washing my floors ...stealing some Kashi crackers ...and on and on................ Cheryl
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    Let's make a pact....

    I so agree with you Shelley. Whose got time for the drama? I can barely keep my bathrooms clean! Cheryl
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    Standard transmission

    I love my Nisson Sentra! I always put it in neutral when I am at a stand still. It definately saves wear and tear on the clutch. Plus I like not having both feet engaged when I am stopped. Cheryl
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    Acne anyone???

    Murad makes an acne product that is touted as being far superior to Proactiv. Good luck. Adult acne is so frustrating! Cheryl