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    Aging and Intense Training

    Gypsymom just by your age I would guess that your might be dealing with pre-menopause. I had a lot of problems around your age with my hormones going crazy along with some other symptoms. Talk with your doctor. And good job changing your diet, if you're not eating right for your body and...
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    Wondering about a new series this year?

    I hope you can work in some new DVDs! They are the best and most efficient way for me to work out! Thank you for thinking of us!
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    Tracie Long fans--She is filming again!!

    I just ordered both of the workouts yesterday. I love her workouts. I'm really craving a new DVD series from Cathe, but am happy Tracie came through!
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    Form question for hydrants

    Hi Cathe, Was wondering about form on leg hydrants. I've noticed your routines are positioning the leg diagonally back rather than straight out to side. Can you explain the benefits vs. straight out to the side? Thank you! dlaudy
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    Need to branch out

    I've been a loyal fan of Cathe for years. But it seems like Cathe is moving away from her traditional choreographed workouts. I don't want to create my own workouts, I want Cathe to offer us the best workouts based on the latest research. I love Cathe workouts, but it looks like I need to...
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    Not sold on the streaming subscription

    Cathe, I do your workouts at 5am before I pack lunches and head off to work by 8am. I don't have a computer in my exercise room (basement) and sometimes my kids and hubby work out with me and YOU! I don't want to add any time to getting started, and I don't want to buy more computing gear...
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    Which DVDs have leg floorwork - fire hydrants?

    I can't remember which DVD had the floor work where you are on hands and knees with high reps for fire hydrant and back on an angle leg lifts? Thanks!
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    Cathe, your thoughts on new Rykas

    I curious too Cathe - what did you think? The shoe technology has changed so much recently, I'm not sure I like any fitness shoes at the moment...
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    Cathe - what shoes are you wearing now?

    I'm having a hard time finding good shoes for my workouts. What are you wearing these days? Thanks - loving the new workouts and thanks for the premix options!!!
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    LEGS need HELP

    Better legs BESTICAN - First off, make sure you are near your ideal weight. Extra weight shows up in all kinds of places maybe even your legs. If you are near your goal weight, I suggest you continue your training but add some sculpting moves that will sculpt the smaller muscles. How do I...
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    Clothes and Shoes

    When will you tell us where you got those outfits and what shoes you're wearing????
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    What if I have to travel?

    Hi Cathe, I'm moving right along with you on the STS program, and I LOVE the Cathe TV. One problem is that I have to travel a few times during the program. Too bad my work doesn't let me schedule for the recovery week! What do you suggest if I have to travel and be off the program for one...
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    A personal Thank You!

    AWESOME STORY! Very motivating. Congratulations!!!!!
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    Cathe - question on PT & Your knee

    Cathe, did you incorporate any of the Physical Therapy moves into your videos after your injury? Just curious. Thank you for making work outs that are easy to modify. I've been able to keep working out during recovery from surgery and a few injuries! You're the greatest! Best wishes for the...
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    Jan 08 rotation

    Thanks Cathe! Looks like just what I need! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
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    Happy Holidays!

    Happy Holidays to you too! All the best for a wonderful New Year!
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    Thinking of All of You

    Cathe, My dh and I were thinking of YOU this morning as we did BUTTS AND GUTS!!! I was thankful that you've made so many great workouts and I have to admit I was THANKFUL that the workout was over and I made it!!! Now for the eating without a bit of guilt!! YOU ARE THE BEST!! Dlaudy &...
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    Right Shoulder Injury

    Hi! Not Cathe, but I would recommend you go see a Ortho and have them do an assessment. Often times they will recommend exercises to strenghen you particular concern or physical thereapy. Best wishes!
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    Please offer some adive....

    Jen, At 23, your body is ready and has the horomones to prepare you for having kids. Most women under 30 will be a little less defined and muscular because of this, which by the way, makes you look young. UNLESS you diet and work out like a fitness competitor or Olympic athlete, you're going...