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    Anyone on a Gluten-Free Diet?

    Hi Gin, My DH was recently diagnosed with celiac sprue, which is a disease that one has a high intolerance (life/death in our case), to grains, esp. wheat/gluten. Thankfully, there are many cookbooks on the market that wasn't available years ago. Bette Hagman and Carol Fenster books are what I...
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    Indiana Anyone?

    Monticello here....home of Indiana Beach..."more than corn in Indiana". ;-) :-)
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    Will there be recommendations for non STS days?

    Sorry. I put a space where there should not have been one. Try this. This one should work. :-)
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    Will there be recommendations for non STS days?

    It is under the thread :Viewing topic #573- Helping you understand STS page 3 dated Wed Jan 30-08 "We will also be making cardio suggestions for STS. We will provide recommendations for various days, various...
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    In your opinion, who is the founder of home fitness??

    Jack LaLanne. He had and exercise show on TV back in the the 50's...I remember staying at my friend's house (1958), and her mother was working out with him on TV. ;-) How's that for a flashback in time? :P Jane Fonda didn't have her record out until the early 80's. I want to say about 1983.
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    Weighted vests in Meso 3?

    >sadly, it looks like it's 10 measly pounds *pout* and not >adjustable > >*pout* *pout* *pout* > >it's altus, with cathe brand.... > > > >------------- >cute work out clothes are good for AT LEAST an additional >10-15 calories burned! > Rats! ;( Yet, I'm keeping fingers crossed...
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    Weight of Weighted Vest?

    Yeah, if the vests are only 10#, then it would be useless to me as well. I'd rather buy a vest that holds more weight or splurge on a squat rack. ;(
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    Picture of Cathe's springy floor?

    Allison, thank you so much. I had always accused Cathe of having a trampoline under her feet in order to jump so high. Now we know...LOL And you too, have quite a spring in your jump as well. I am amazed seeing you jump so high on the step. :P
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    migraine help needed

    Boy can I ever relate to all of you with migraines. Normally, I have them every week, and sometimes (like the past 2 weeks), I have them every day. Barametric pressure going up/down is my major trigger, though sodium nitrate will trigger (I NEVER eat this), would trigger a migraine in just a few...
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    Picture of Cathe's springy floor?

    I am looking for a picture (I believe Beloved Heather posted it from the Road Trip?) of Cathe's floor with the foam spring underneath. I was wondering if anyone knows what topic it is under. I ran a search but came up empty. DH told me I can get some flooring like this, but it would be helpful...
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    Realistically, how long??

    But this time, NFL was editing as they filmed. So that cuts the production process down by lots. ;-)
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    Fitness by Cathe Weighted Vest Questions

    >I didn't want to buy a vest because the ones I've used or the >others I seen are always so constricting. > >I like Cathe's design of the weighted vest. > > >Namita Isn't this the coolest vest? I have been looking for the perfect vest for a long time. So many of the others were either...
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    Weighted vests in Meso 3?

    Ooooh this is so cool! I'm in the market for a weighted vest, but undecided exactly which one to buy. Now, I will just wait for Cathe's. I hope they will be available by the time I'm doing meso 3. SNM, you are going to get lots of orders from me for some new toys. :P :P
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    Weighted vests in Meso 3?

    Is that a weighted vest that Cathe and the girls are wearing in the Meso 3 legs picture? If so, what brand is it? :-)
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    New blog pics of meso3

    Is that a weighted vest Cathe and the girls are wearing? If so, I wonder what kind it is? :-)
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    COOL pullup bar system!!!! Thanks Cathe and SNM!!!!

    I know I want to purchase one. I may not be the first one to buy, but I will be ordering one the first day it is available. :-)
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    Opinions on Valor BD-3 Squat Stands?

    RE: Leanne, Q re: Valor squat stands >Hi Wanda, > >I'll be sure to keep you posted! > >They're probably wondering where all this new interest in the >squat stands is coming from!:-) Hi back at you Leanne. :-) Yes they were wondering why the rush on squat racks. Leslie, at...
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    Opinions on Valor BD-3 Squat Stands?

    RE: Leanne, Q re: Valor squat stands I just placed an order for the racks. Again, CS says they are on backorder until at least June. I asked about keeping the same price since I preordered now. She said she talked to Valor company and the price will increase up to $20 more due to parts coming...
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    Any American Idol groupies here :)

    >> I >>do think that the sniping was a bit much yesterday. > >It definitely seemed to go beyond 'playful', especially >between Simon and Ryan. > >> As much >>as Simon can be rude, his opinions are usually spot on. >Paula >>and Randy say the same thing over and over with no good...
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    selling on amazon questions!plz help :-)

    Kassia, What I did to set my price for my items, I looked to see what others were selling them for. For example, with my DVDs, I would type in the name of the instructor and scroll down for the same DVD I had, then click on new/used to see the going rates for the ones that were in 'like'...