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    Cathe, how is Brenda doing?

    I had no idea!!! My prayers are with Brenda. Surely being in such great shape will help her immensely in her recovery! {{{{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} for Brenda!
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    Fitnessfreak366's Generic Breakdown of Rotations

    Wow, thanks so much for this, Fitnessfreak!!! You put a lot of work into this:) These templates will come in so handy for a lot of to print it out and file it away for future use:) Thank you so much:D!
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    I can't speak for Cathe, but I for one appreciate the emphasis on upper body work. I guess because I'm an apple and it seems my lower body takes less work to make the legs look great. I also do a fair amount of stepping for cardio, so that helps, too. Where I need work is the upper body...
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    LOVE LOVE LOVE the new menu!

    >Glad you are all enjoying this feature. It takes a bit more >time but we are now seeing that it is very worth it to you so >thank you for the feedback. Well, it is indeed well worth your time, Cathe. Thanks so we not only have great workouts, but with the menus and all the...
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    Listing the weights

    Now THIS feature is what's pushing me over the edge:D! That and the great premixes, esp. the weights first premixes. So far, reading the blogs and studying the photos, I haven't seen anything I don't like...thanks a million, Cathe. You've made these so user-friendly:)
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    A-Jock, what a year for you and your DH...but you're still here and God bless that bit of perimenoflab...welcome to the Change, girl:) And as for this milestone, well that's a real cause for celebration!!! Congratulations, A-Jock!!! You are a true inspiration. Thank God for folks like you...
  7. L distraught.

    Divagirl, you've quit smoking...hey, that's a BIGGIE...a huge accomplishment. WTG, girl:) You have a man in your life who dreams about your sexy body to make it through his tough workday...not many women have this. You know what to do to celebrate that kind of love;) I am so sorry your...
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    Good news!!!!!

    Congratulations, Alini!
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    New Custom Made Workout Clothes

    Okay, I personally love the outfits and I love navy and brown (my DH is retired Navy and true navy blue is almost impossible to tell from BLACK! FWIW), so I like the colors and the styles. Now I don't intend to rush out and buy new workout clothes to wear while sweating with Cathe and crew in...
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    SNM two workouts on one DVD

    >SNM, I sense from your wording that you don't think much of >your customers. Some of us are actually quite bright, believe >it or not. I realize we're the "educated crowd", but I tend to agree with the tone of the does seem to talk down to us. That said, I have no problem...
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    SS/PP---What Type of Workouts Would you Consider These?

    On Push Pull, I often can go heavier than on say, Power Hour. Cathe doesn't do too many reps or sets on this one and she goes pretty quickly from one body part to the next and on. In about 45 minutes or less, she moves this one along pretty quickly, but she takes her time with each...
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    The Most "Underrated" Cathe Videos?

    RE: The Most Without a doubt Supersets/Push can go pretty heavy with PP since Cathe doesn't do too many reps/sets per exercise and, my goodness, is there a muscle group she doesn't hit??? She even hits the little muscles on the front of the SHINS!!! Also PP is nice and...
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    4 Day Split Presale Will Begin June 25th

    >Wonderful news FINALLY!!!!!!! Well, this will make one Monday worth looking forward to...:D
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    SNM or Cathe -- any updates on this promised feature??

    RE: SNM or Cathe -- any updates on this promised featur... >*****And as for Amy and Tracy going on the RT - "weird" and >"creepy" sounds like a hateful way to characterize that. If >they enjoy being with others who enjoy working out - and they >like Cathe's workouts - what on earth in wrong...
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    SNM or Cathe -- any updates on this promised feature??

    RE: SNM or Cathe -- any updates on this promised featur... >Holy cow. I'm certainly not going to bash you because of >your post count, but I am going to tell you what a snotty >little craphead you are. > >Some of y'all need to wipe your snotty little noses. > Whoa!!!Some of those...
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    Cathe, I Love the Cross Train Xpress DVD

    I don't do this one a lot, mostly because I tend to do more total body strength workouts, but...CTX has some of the best short cardio workouts I know of and when I feel like really working my legs good, I know Meaner Legs will do the job nicely...well maybe not nicely:)
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    Kelly Ripa 40+

    >haha - here it is! I'm impressed!! I am, too. She was great...Go, Kelly!
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    SNM or Cathe -- any updates on this promised feature??

    RE: SNM or Cathe -- any updates on this promised featur... Jordan, I'm with you on this. Amy and A-jock should voice their displeasure here...not somewhere else. Doesn't matter if ANYONE agrees with them or not (I can see their point and also SNM's and Cathe's dilemna, too). And I see no...
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    Anybody doing the June 07 rotation????

    Well, I was...but I have this awful bruise/hematoma from giving blood last Thurs. evening. The poor little "vampire" was wiggling the needle around to get the show rolling and it turned out it was a kink in the linex( She apoligized and warned me I'd have a big bruise...but this is pretty...
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    Meeting Beloved Heather in person

    Jean, Heather is a lovely lady and a very determined one at that. I think she's an inspiration to us all. Her writings ( or postings really) are always wonderful, so well expressed and so well done. I'm glad she also included a pic of you with her. You're both lovely and and so kind to let us...