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    Arizona Catheites!!??

    Flagstaff girl here. I don't post much but it's good to know there are others here from Arizona. Santana
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    Personal personal trainer

    It probably determines if your sleeping, and how soundly, by how low your heart rate drops . Santana
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    Personal personal trainer

    Has anyone heard of the actitrainer? I just saw the advertisement in my new Fitness Magazine and it looks really cool. Just wondering if anyone has heard anything about these.
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    Austria & Switzerland...

    If you want to e mail me I can give you my girlfriend's email. She not only lived in Switzerland for 25 years but she is also a travel agent. She is always planning trips for others, as well as taking guided tours over there once or twice each year. She leaves next week for Italy, Austria and...
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    Sad news about Thunder

    Maeghan, I am so sorry to hear about Thunder. I too, have lost horses to colic and know how traumatic it is. It is a loss like no other. You will be in my prayers as you grieve. Santana
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    Help Us Proof The New 2007 Cathe Catalog

    Wow! everything looks fantastic. I love the fact that you listed the premixes and their times. Santana:-) ;) :-)
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    Journalize Your Journey 2/27

    Tuesdays are busy but was able to get up early this morning and squeeze in KPC and Gym Back, Shoul. and Bi's before the morning rush. My calories were higher today. I felt hungry so I just kept eating lean protein and fruit to fill up with. I was still able to end the day with a 700 calorie...
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    Journalize Your Journey 2/25

    Good evening ! Sounds like you had a good workout Janie. Keep up the good work! I did KPC today. Had hoped to get in a yoga stretch but ran out of time. Promised to watch a movie with the family. I'll try to squeeze in an extra stretch later in the week. Did good on my calories. Stayed...
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    Journalize Your Journey 2/24

    RE: Journalize Your Journey Janie, Congrads on your weight loss over the past years.I have 20 pounds I would love to lose. I'm determined to succeed this time. What do your split workouts consist of ? I'm glad you got a chance to do some stretching today. My run was wonderful. The...
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    Journalize Your Journey 2/24

    RE: Journalize Your Journey Hi, I am getting ready to go for a 6 mile run. Just waiting for a phone call. I have set myself for a hundred day challenge. I started the first day of Lent and will wrap it up the last day of school before the kids get out for summer break. My challenge includes...
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    Method for Ultimate Guide Update

    please count me in and thanks so much for doing this. [email protected]. Santana
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    Compendium copy please

    Could I please get a copy also ? My email is [email protected]. Thanks, Santana
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    Kari Anderson's Reach

    I love Reach. I also love Angles, Lines and Curves- both I and II. Sometimes it feels great just to slow down and work on balance and coordination. I feel totally stretched out and relaxed after these workouts.
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    Body for Life

    I just purchased the BFL for Women last night. I'm not sure how the two programs differ or how they are the same. I need to be more accountable also but may do some modifications. I am looking to lose 30 pounds but also training for a 26 mile run in Sept. Hope to get a chance to start reading...
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    Ab Hits

    I use a stretching video about once per week. Sometimes in the evening of a busy day when I wasn't able to work out earlier in the day. They can be so relaxing. Other times I'll use the stretch routines when the energy level just isn't high enough for a tough workout usually the day after a long...
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    Who doesn't want to get old???

    My mother is a tribute to old. She is 72 and still walks 4+ miles per day.Even last week when the weather was 8 degrees.She does lift weights,light but definitely keeps the muscles toned. She has never done " aerobics " like we do but she has always kept busy. She still paints her own house...
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    ediets or ishape ?

    Has anyone had successful weight loss with either of these diets ? I think the structure and preplanning might be helpful for my busy lifestyle. Thanks
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    Thanks for the November rotation

    Thanks for this rotation Cathe. It is great fun. It allowed me to revisit some of my favorite workouts and get alot of results in about an hour a day.It has helped me to lose 5 pounds over the Halloween and Thanksgiving portion of the holidays. Now that is something to celebrate! :7
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    Thanks Kim. That sounds good to me- love Gym Style Legs. Horseygirl
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    Looks like a great rotation. Where do I find Hard Core Legs mentioned in week three? Is this a premix somewhere? Thanks.