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    Issue with the Live App?

    Wow, that worked! I had it set to default, and I changed it to "Larger Text" and restarted my phone. Opened the Cathe Live app and voila - all the videos are visible! Thanks much, that was an easy fix.
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    Issue with the Live App?

    I tried to play a video this evening using the app on my phone, but when I opened it, many of the videos were not visible and there is no way to move the screen or change the sort that makes them view-able. It's hard to describe it but it's like the columns got jumbled and there is absolutely...
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    No CatheLIVE June 15, 2022

    Hope you feel better! It’s a little confusing, though. Today’s session was canceled, right? June 16th? Next week is June 23 which is not canceled? I guess it’s obvious that’s what you meant but just wanted to make sure! Thanks!
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    Video Clip of Cathe's Cardio Weight Mash-Up

    I am coming back from a major surgery just one month ago, and the shorter length of this workout was a plus for me. I've done it twice so far and thoroughly enjoyed it, although I modified the high-impact cardio moves and I also chose lower weights than Cathe did, but, for the most part, I was...
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    Help! Where do I find my downloads?

    I bought the perfect 30 digital downloads but I can’t figure out where to get them!? I got the passcode from customer support but I never got a link or other instructions on how to access them. Help!?
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    Who wants step tutorials?

    I'm just now seeing this, hope not too late to add my vote, YES! Please! Thank you! I love step but I'm afraid I'll injure myself if I try to keep up with anything beyond very simple choreography, so I only do step blasts. Would love to be able to master a few of the easier combos. Also...
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    Will there still be Live next few weeks?

    Wow! So glad we will continue to get new videos! One positive thing in the midst of all the scary news. Bless you, and thank you!!
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    May 30, 2019

    The Live crew is so awesome, they barely seem to break a sweat! They make it look easy, but doing it at home, I know it’s not, and I am modifying many of the high impact moves. I really love the live workouts, I feel like I am participating in a class without leaving home. Also it so cool to...
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    Issue with Apple TV and Xfinity?

    That's great! I'm glad to hear that updating your Apple TV to the latest model made a difference. I may do the same.
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    Issue with Apple TV and Xfinity?

    Just an update here? The fix worked for a few days, then stopped working again. (Sigh....) I didn’t want to go through the special hell that is Comcast customer service again (how many tines must I repeat “speak to an agent” before the robot believes me?), so I swiped an Ethernet cable...
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    Issue with Apple TV and Xfinity?

    Wow, thanks for all the help! These are suggestions I will keep in mind (and on file) in the event this thing goes on the fritz again. I was able to get Comcast to "forward a port" (???) that resolved the issue quite quickly with a phone call. Now don't get me started on how long it takes to...
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    Issue with Apple TV and Xfinity?

    Yes, I am using or trying to use Airplay, which has always worked before. I didn't know there was an option to load apps directly on Apple TV! Thank you! I will try to do it, but I have no idea how to even begin. My apple tv comes with a list of pre-loaded apps that I can choose to show or...
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    Issue with Apple TV and Xfinity?

    Hi, I use an Apple TV device to watch Cathe Live and On Demand workouts on my TV. I switched to Comcast from Verizon a month ago and things seemed fine, then, suddenly, the icon for “Airplay” disappeared and I can no longer use my Apple device to stream Cathe workouts on my TV? Anybody else...
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    Video Clip of Cathe's PHA Plus Cardio Blasts Live Workout

    Loved this one, too! Totally worked up a sweat!
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    Lifting gloves?

    Apologies if this has been posted before, I could not find it. I need a recommendation for some good lifting gloves. I bought a cheapie ($10-15) pair on Amazon and they are OK but they aren’t truly adjustable and they stretch out. I would like nice quality close-fitting gloves because my hands...
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    Workout blender & CatheLive class 1/31/19

    I had NO Idea you could make workout blends from Cathe's live classes? do you mean I can string them together or clip part of one to another?
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    Series for beginners.

    I did Cardio Party (without the Calorie Crush because I have two left feet and cannot do choreographed step) and found it, as expected, to be shorter & less intense than some of Cathe’s other straight-cardio workouts, but nonetheless I worked up a sweat and was breathing pretty hard by the end...
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    Series for beginners.

    I consider myself at an intermediate to advanced intermediate level - I am 66 so I limit high impact moves to save the wear and tear on my joints. The LITE Metabolic plus the Calorie Crush was a little easier than some of the Cathe Live Metabolic workouts I normally do, but it didn’t feel...
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    We Have Now Added LITE To Cathe OnDemand

    I just did the LITE Metabolic workout plus the calorie crush. Wow! At first I thought the weights were too light for me, but the high reps quickly started to burn and I was happy to stay with 5’s and 8’s and even 3#’s. I consider myself advanced intermediate (whatever that is!) and this was...
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    Needed equipment

    When I started working out after being fairly sedentary, I was using 3, 5 and 8# dumbbells. After about a year (I am in my mid-60’s and it takes me a while to progress), I bought a set of 10# bells. When those got a little easier doing curls and presses I moved up to 12#. It probably took me...