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    For those of you who have Ab Circuits

    yoga abs today. after two days of not feeling good, just had to move my body and yoga abs felt great today. just a good slow paced full body stretch. thanks cathe.
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    Butts and please

    b&g2??? hi cathe, love the warm up, firewalkers and the lunge work on and off step. just imagining b&g combined with floor work from l&g= b&g2. love the thought! thank you for asking us. jocq
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    QVC Wednesday Morning

    qvc hi cathe, saw you on qvc today and thought both you and lorraine did a great job of explaining the benfits of owning this vest. i look forward to more of fbc showcased on qvc and well as jocq
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    Dec 09 Rotation Timesaver

    thanks cathe, wanted to stay true to wo's. am able to with this timesavers rotation. go cathe!!!
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    dec '09 rotation

    hi cathe, with the holiday season in full swing, can we have a holiday surprise rotation using just shorter premix workouts. i hate to feel guilty for skipping longer w/o's so pretty please since we all will be busy baking, shopping, and decorating. plus we know you will pay us back come...
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    QVC Update

    hi cathe, just caught the end of qvc this morning and recognized the vest that pat was wearing, called qvc just to confirm that it was indeed fbc and to my delight, it was. caught the video online and must say how great a job you guys did selling fbc to the qvc customer. told the rep how excited...
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    Tell us about your STS results!

    will be celebrating my newfound strength gains after completing sts by ordering the black sts shirt. woohoo! fitjock
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    cathe, thank you for this system. thank you for my stenght gains and my self confidence. mostly thank you for working out along side us on this one. it helped knowing you were sweating right with us. waiting on sts cardio and then its on for another round. much love to you and crew. fitjock
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    On your mark, get set.......

    count me in too hi cathe, sts is just what i wanted as a next step from slow and heavy. how is it that you can create two very distinct yet very different weight programs that builds muscle and still manage to have us all waiting for the next great thing from you. how lucky we are that your...
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    sts black step mat

    hello cathe, i must tell you how excited i am about starting sts. just previewed a few discs and am having a love/hate relationship with those pushups. anyway, i need that mat!!!. hoping to see you again for class over spring break. thank you for everthing, jocq
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    Hi Cathe!

    2009 calendar-may congratulations on this wonderful publication of your yearly and highly motivating calendar. i initially begged you for the shot of you in the grey rutgers t-shirt, i am not dissappointed in the least with the may shot. thank you and have a truly wonderful and memorable...
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    R/T lanyards

    hi cathe, i would like to know if those pretty orange (cathe in white) lanyards id'ing everyone at last years r/t could be made available for others to purchase. i think this would be perfect to hold my car key if i choose to drive to the track or my house key if i want a neighborhood walk. i...
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    Let's Chat

    hi cathe, although i was unable to attend the road trip this year, i was able to participate in your high step class back in april( loved it). i would like to know what besides your family do you do for relaxation. are you a reader? play a musical instrument? or gardener??? hope your boys make...
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    August '07 Rotation Check in

    IMAX 3 today, whew!!! what a workout. actually, it's my favorite cathe cardio. blast 7 was tough, but i managed to pull it out and it was a sticker day for me. my personal best yet. can't wait for imax 4. jock
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    Does anyone use Cathe's Calender?

    hi, just to answer your question. not only do i find the calendar very motivating (just looking at the monthly picture), i find it to be inspiring. cathe and crew are working hard and i want the same feeling for me, therefore i can barely wait to write in my workout for that day. if it is an...
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    August '07 Rotation Check in

    sorry, posted this in the wrong place. today, gsl. great w/o, but tough. I am loving this rotation and i'm a big fan of working upper body. jocq
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    GSLegs today

    tough w/o today, but sure am enjoying this months rotation. jocq
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    would love to see Imax 4 and Lowmax II

    hi cathe, (first post here), my favorite workout is Imax 3. I love,love this workout. The music, the complexity and the great feeling of accomplishment when i'm done. yet, Lowmax has such a warm place in my heart. please keep these suggestions in mind when considering where your feet on the step...