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    Workout Manager problems.

    Hi...went back to Safari today after not visiting the site for a few days...everything is showing up now!
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    Workout Manager problems.

    Icons are not showing up for me, have also cleared history, and have tried on multiple browsers....
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    Body-Weight Strength Recommendations

    Hello All, We are currently under contract on the sale of our house and it looks like we will be closing by the end of July. We have not found the new house's been frustrating, but....we are keeping faith that the perfect house is out there....somewhere! At any rate, we will be...
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    End of STS...What Next? Body Beast?

    Hi Christin! This is Aimee....from West Genny! So funny...I haven't been on the forums in forever, and I was checking in to see about the new workouts just announced...and there you were! Congratulations on both finishing and obtaining amazing results from STS! I myself am a "hard gainer"...
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    RWH rotation not showing in calendar.

    Weird....I posted my reply, and about an hour, the RWH workouts started showing in my calendar!!!!
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    Anyone else coughing coughing coughing????

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to suggest a remedy that has worked WONDERS for me.... Bragg's organic apple cider vinegar in a mug of warm-to-hot water. When I feel like I'm coming down with something, a use about 2 tablespoons and 1 tablespoon of honey, 3-4 times a day. When feeling healthy, I...
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    RWH rotation not showing in calendar.

    Yes....I am not seeing the workouts on my calendar either, just when I click on a particular day. I know there has been a lot going on with getting new technology going, etc....but I miss looking at the month and seeing what I've accomplished!!
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    My husband said he was going to make some hubbard squash soup on this blizzard-y northeast day....I heard it as "hover squat soup." Tee-hee. That is all, Aimee
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    New Workouts in Workout Manager?

    Forgive me if this has already been addressed....any word when we might see the new workouts in the drop-down menu in Workout Manager?? Aimee
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    What's AGE got to do with it?

    The one thing that reminds me that I am not as young as I used to be.....trying to get up off the floor after sitting on it for a while! Aimee
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    Cathe's 2010 Intensity Workout?

    Just did this one yesterday after not having pulled it out in a while. Sweaty, aweome workout! Really good premixes, too. Heart-rate is on the high side for the duration. Nothing bad to say! Aimee
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    Think! Math?? WHAT??

    My kids' school district also uses the Everyday Math series. When the first kid started, I too was like "huh?" But as time has gone on, it seems to me that this program helps kids understand math on a deeper level. Someone mentioned "ballpark estimates." I think the point with these is...
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    Security problems on this site?

    Me too....everytime I click to a new page. Aimee
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    STS Full Body 1RM

    Hello to Cathe and All, I am making my way through the new workouts and finally got to STS FB today. Whoa Nellie, the weights suggested by my workout card were...well, off! The lower body weights were fine, but the upper...another story! There were plenty of sets I just could not finish...
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    Question about Muscle Max

    I do Muscle Max as is when I am doing a cardio-heavy rotation (I am doing Insanity currently) but want to do a full-body about once a week to keep my muscles in somewhat good shape. However, when I am committing to do doing 2 or 3 day splits, such as Gym Styles, then I tend to use the upper and...
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    I agree with Liann that some people lived longer than Jack, some died before him, but they were all there at the end to help him to "let go". I think ultimately the series was Jack's story, but since the show has always been about connections between people, it was important to have a stake in...
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    Just re-watched the last 20 minutes or so of the Big Finale. I was confused last night, but I slept on it and I get it now. Bawled like a big huge baby on the re-watch. Beautiful ending....I actually like how it didn't answer all the questions...but answered the biggest one of all. It...
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    Who was your gateway drug to Cathe?

    For me, it was Gin Miller. I still have her Power Step Reebok on VHS, even though I no loner have a VCR. I couldn't bring myself to get rid of it! I was browsing the Collage catalog looking for more Gin Miller, and I too kept seeing reviews for Cathe. But it wasn't unil FitTV that I actual...
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    Would This Be Ironic?

    So I scrolled down my home page of the Workout Manager to see if I was one of the "Workouts Being Done Today" people (c' know you do it too!!)...and lo and behold, there I was! Yippee! But the cardio I was doing today was my first Insanity workout! Figures... Aimee
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    This is very strange that you posted this....because today I went to buy some liquid neutrogena skin clearing make-up, and I noticed that they had a mineral-powder version of the skin-clearing foundation. Perhaps they replaced the compact-powder version with this?? Aimee