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    Tennis Elbow

    I work in an orthopedic office, we recommend the Airiest Pneumatic Armband, It is $14.88 on amazon. We recommend you use it whenever you are lifting.
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    Joint relief

    I have osteoarthritis of the knee and use 1000mg curcumin (turmeric), Cosamin DS, and apply Diclofenac (Voltaren) topical gel to the knees. I highly recommend getting PRP with A2M protein injections to prevent further deterioration of the knees. I work in an orthopedic office and we have had a...
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    Add aerial silks to workout manager

    Do you follow a specific instructor for your silks? I have one and would love to find some good workouts to follow.
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    New Year's Eve

    Aerial yoga is my favorite. I have a hammock in my house, such a great stress reliever!
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    Sore fingers after weight lifting

    This can be due to a few conditions, I would go to an orthopedic specialist and have it evaluated. It could be as simple as a sprain or a tenosynovitis and a cortisone injection could relieve the discomfort.
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    Patellofemoral replacement

    Has anyone had a patellofemoral knee replacement? I need to have this procedure and was wondering if anyone here has had one, and if you were able to resume cathe's workouts after the procedure. I know it will take time after the surgery, but I do worry about how long it will take to get back...
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    Meniscus Repair Surgery

    So sorry to hear that you need to have the meniscus repaired. My physician uses bone marrow aspirate concentrate injections when he repairs them, it allows for healing and pain relief. We aspirate your bone marrow from the iliac crest and inject into the area with the repair. It is amazing how...
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    Meniscus Repair Surgery

    If you have no pain there is no reason to fix the meniscus. I work in an orthopedic office, our physician tells his patients that meniscal repair will accelerate the development of arthritis. The irrigation used in arthroscopic repair is very acidic and washes away the synovial fluid in the...
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    Suggestion for OnDemand

    I would like this too!
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    What are your favorite live workputs

    I have really been enjoying the "live" workouts during this quarantine. Since there are 299 workouts will you please post your favorites. Please feel free to rate them according to groupings, ex: LI, Hiit, weights etc.. Thanks for your help.
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    Does anyone use the apple watch to workout?

    My polar watch stopped working and I need to get a new watch. I am considering getting an apple watch, but would like to know how accurate it will be in comparison to my polar watch with chest strap.
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    Rebounder for low-impact mods?

    I would love to get a rebounder, does anyone have a suggestion as to the best one and where to get the best price.
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    leg w/o

    I did Live #3, All about legs yesterday. I really liked this w/o but it had a lot of breaks. I would love to see a w/o similar to this with fewer breaks.
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    Tennis Elbow anyone??

    I work in an orthopedic office and we see a fair amount of tennis and golfer's elbow. Usually it is the result of overuse or lifting too heavy. Give it time to heal,it usually takes anywhere from 6-12 months. Topical anti inflammatory creams can help, as well as a brace. You can order the tennis...
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    Best Smoothie Maker

    I had a vitamix but honestly did not like it. If I didn't cut everything up it did not blend well, and forget trying to blend "sticky" stuff like figs. I now have a Ninja and love it, you can put anything in it and it works in seconds. Bonus: it is cheaper than the vitamix.
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    inversion table

    Thanks everyone, I ordered the Teeter one from costco (Merry Xmas to me, lol). Hopefully this will help.
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    inversion table

    Thanks so much, I had no idea that Costco sells them.
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    inversion table

    I have a bulging disc in my low back and it was recommended that I use an inversion table. Does anyone use one and if so what brand? There are so many on the market and quite expensive, just want to make sure I get a good one.
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    NO!!!!! Just broke my ankle today, and the new DVDs are coming!!

    Sorry to hear, I hope you heal quickly. Please don't rush back into working out, take time to heal. I work in an orthopedic office and we have people who rush back and re-injure themselves.
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    No Squats or Lunges

    I would love a workout that would be challenging, low impact and safe for knee osteoarthritis.