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    Made me laugh

    Did anyone notice the size of the weight Stuart is using doing the low pulse lunge? Check out the size of the weight Jai is using! Men want to say home workout DVDs aren't effective...Yeah, ask Stuart how bad that hurt him!
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    Do Cathe fans have a "name"

    RE: Do Cathe fans have a The firm> >are called Ya ya's i believe... We need a name! >Steph Actually, Steph, long before we were called Ya Ya's we were called "Firmies." The change to Ya Ya's came after The Firm sold out to Good Times Video.
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    BlockBuster vs. Netflix

    >...Netflix openly admits(after a >lawsuit) that they sort of 'reward' customers who rent fewer >videos. If you are a frequent renter(meaning, that you have a >quick turnaround on watching and sending back DVDs which >results in you receiving a lot of videos each month) they sort >of push...
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    Continuing the great underware debate

    I just bought a few pair of these. They sure looked pretty hanging in the store but let me tell you that seem that goes down the front, goes in places I'd rather not have it. I'm glad they wqere on sale! I don't feel bad having thrown them away--I don't think it's right to return undies to...
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    Cathe, I think you & your crew would get a kick out of this......

    RE: Cathe, I think you & your crew would get a kick out... > >Annette Bethel > > >Are you sure the South Jersey Barbie isn't from SC? :D.... >PS: I am from SC, and I thought that was funny as well.... I'm sure she is from somewhere other than South Jersey because I live in South Jersey...
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    My hormones are having a party...

    Sounds to me like you are pregnant
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    Any Boxer mommies out there???

    >They are definitely people dogs, almost to the extreme, so be >prepared. Also, mine suffers with horrible separation anxiety >but that may be due to "issues" that were before his time with >us. I have a 5 year old, too. She is definitely the baby in the house--our only dog & our child...
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    I just signed up for a Triathlon!!!!!!!!

    Very cool. I just signed up for the in Philly. I am very excited. Check out There are a ton of free traiing programs. Their forum is very supportive & will provide you with more information than you will be able to digest. Personally, I'm...
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    Is it ok to mix fruit with protein? (Like in a Smoothi...

    Dr. John Berardi, who has a doctoral degree from the University of Western Ontario (2005) with a specialization in the area of exercise biology and nutrient biochemistry, highly recommends adding fruit to protein shakes. This provides for proper balance of proteins & carbs. You can read...
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    Eating clean question(s)...

    >However, there is no 'clean eating police' that will whack you >with a billy club if you do eat some processed foods. Are you kidding me? all this time I've been thinking I would get arrested or something for eating processed foods. Just playing! I thought your comment was very funny!
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    Has any one seen the Cathe Cam?

    I've been a member of this board (with different names) for YEARS. The "web cam" has always been on the home page but to my knowledge has never been used.
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    Anyone tried Bare Minerals makeup?

    I use it & love it. My 21 daughter uses it & loves it. I have several friends with rosacia that use it & won't use anything else.
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    Anyone tried Bare Minerals makeup?

    Oops to fast on the mouse!
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    Who buys Muscle Fitness for Her magazine?

    I don't buy it but every month DH & I go to B&N as one of our "dates." While there I pick up M&F Hers & read it. I only buy it if there is something that really catches my attention.
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    Can my spouse attend?

    Your DH should attend & go to AC anyway--it's only about 45 minutes from Cathe.
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    Has anyone ever tried Nutrisystem

    LA Weightloss--long I've been doing LA Weightloss for the last 7 months. I LOVE IT! I make all of my own meals using all of my own ingredients & have found it to be easy to follow. The initial outlay is very expensive. You are required to pay for the entire program up front. The way it...
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    P90X too easy?!

    As others have already expressed, the cardio isn't supposed to work you that hard but if you aren't completely whiped out from doing the weight work, you aren't lifting heavy enough. Increase your weights.
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    I know I'm anal - does anyone else do this?

    Maybe I'm anal, too because I think that is an awesome idea. I think I will follow your advice & do that when I get home!
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    can't believe I'm posting this....

    I'm the father!
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    Snoring Husband--What to do?

    >Anything to escape that ugly >snorting and gasping sound. Absolutely get him to your family physician right away. That snorting gasping sound is a symptom of obstructive sleep apnea which can lead to cardiac arrest in his sleep. I'm not saying this to be an alarmist. As Dave...