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    Cathe, shoes in your workouts?

    Hi, Cathe! I searched the forums to see if I could find a thread about this already, but didn't see anything. Sorry if this is a repeat question! Do you have a listing anywhere of the different types of shoes you have worn in recent workouts? I am currently on my 7th pair of shoes from...
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    Shoes for High Impact?

    I am in complete despair! I struggle so much to find shoes for high impact workouts! My feet cramp up so bad that I have to quit almost all the time. I don't know what to do, and refuse to believe that my high impact days are over. I am on my 7th pair of shoes from Zappos right now. Every...
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    Amy Bento

    I love Amy! She is 2nd to Cathe in my book. While her ASC2 and 3 are super fun, she does take complex choreography to a new level in my book and after a few years of owning them I still don't have it down and therefore don't grab them much. I love LOVE Hi Lo Knockout... and normally don't like...
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    I feel it too! I have had knee issues all my life- from having had Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis when I was a toddler. Sometimes my knees feel good and I can go all out and sometimes I have problems and can't even do stairs without pain. I remember being so excited about Low Max, but when my...
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    Plyo or interval suggestions?

    I am looking for some really tough plyo or intervals that I can do. Right now I just mix and match sections from Cathe and Amy Bento (like the section from Kick Max with all the kicks and jumps, or or a few of the Blasts from the Imax DVD's, or the Power Up Section from Amy Bento's Advanced...
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    My two questions

    Yes to premixes! I love premixes and find I use them more than the original workout as filmed. I really hope you have premixes on this series! That would be awesome and one of the reasons I really LOVE Cathe workouts!
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    Afraid to lose mass

    I am in the same boat. I have been lifting heavy for awhile now (6-8 reps) and am in a Transformation Challenge that started Sunday and goes until the end of March. I want to start STS when it comes but am afraid to lower my weights.
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    I love Debbie's advice! I think it is incredibly generous of her to spend so much of her time helping us out. Can you imagine how much time she spends reading posts and responding? Seriously- this is where so many of us come for our fitness advice and this is the ONLY place we have to go for...
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    A poem- an ode to weight lifting

    I wrote this and thought I'd share it with all of you because I know there are MANY like-minded women (and a few men, he he) here that absolutely LIVE for their next weight workout. Cold Steel On a Silent Morning by Denise Cran Cold steel on a silent morning Tired muscles still cold with...
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    Deazie from sts

    She is also in my Oxygen magazine- can't remember which month (I am reading multiple months right now trying to catch up!).
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    Quit my job today. Anybody hiring?

    Every state is different but more than likely you can collect unemployment at least for a time. If the company doesn't fight it you might get away with collecting it for the max allowed time or until you find another job (and some companies don't fight it). I'm in HR and it seems it is MUCH...
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    What shoes are you wearing CURRENTLY? EVERYONE respond

    RE: What shoes are you wearing CURRENTLY? EVERYONE resp... is the way to go for sure! Free shipping as well as free RETURN shipping has made me a life long shopper! No risk in trying something out because it won't cost me to return. I always buy from them before I'll buy anywhere...
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    Least Favorite Cathe Workout?

    I am loving hearing what people don't like- no offense to Cathe, though! Some of the ones people hate I LOVE (I absolutely HEART LIC, BM2, Drill Max- minus the markers, I skip those as well). Kick Max- I sold it and then bought it again. There are parts of it I don't love and parts I do. I...
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    OMG, I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!

    YAY!! You must get CTX! I love that series- and the upper body premix always FRIES me completely. Plus- the cardio segments are perfect add on's to a weight training day or one where you feel really insane and have to do more than 1 DVD of cardio }( Denise
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    What shoes are you wearing CURRENTLY? EVERYONE respond

    Ok- I know there are always a TON of posts about shoes, so why not, right? I have been wearing the Ryka Enlights for a few years now (I stocked up on them in my size) but lately they are not feeling as good as they used to. I still have 3 pairs brand new in the box but am considering selling...
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    Picture of Stewart from STS!!!

    That first picture... OH YEAH BABY!! Now I have something to dream about tonight, lol! He is honestly one of the most georgous men I've ever seen! Denise
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    Need a SERIOUS fat loss rotation- best one for this??

    I start tomorrow. Wish me luck! I Will post an update after week one is finished. Denise
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    Please make up my mind for me :)

    First of all- which rotation are you just finishing up? Second- if you are really ready for some workout insanity- here is the rotation I am starting on Monday (it is one of Cathe's) PS: I love lifting as well so it is going to take all the determination I have to get through this! Denise...
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    FitnessFreak/Debbie- THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    I officially finished the 2007 one today and am thrilled! I had such a blast with it and have never been more motivated! This was an awesome experience! Thanks again, Debbie! Denise
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    July RTers going to Jai's restaurant Thurs?

    I posted 5 or 5:30 but after 6 is fine too. Denise