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    Choice of workouts

    Hi, I just got some of the DVDs and going to start doing them on my off days from STS strength workouts. I know there are pre-made rotations and such, but I'd rather do what I want based on what I have, time, and other factors. My question though is, are there some you should not do after...
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    1RM time taken

    Wow, mine took A LOT longer...but I procrastinated alot and kind of hated the 1RM process.
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    One rep max?

    I did the first legs disk today in week 1 and my 1RMs were way too high...I felt like I got a back workout (anyone else? Trying to keep form) instead of legs and couldn't finish a lot of the sets good, which I interpret as using too heavy weights, so I just ended up decreasing each target weight...
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    Does anyone else think their 1RM is low?

    Sounds good to me :)
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    I can't wait for tomorrow!

    I did disk one today! Wow, probably the most intense dvd I've done...had to modify and could not complete a lot of the pushups throughout, and had to decrease quite amount of weight on a few exercises simply because my arms were too tired....LOVE the extended stretch option!!!!
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    I can't wait for tomorrow!

    I'm starting STS for my first time tomorrow! Truth is I still have some 1RMS towards the end that I haven't done, but I really don't want to wait any longer...I can do them later, right?
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    As a guy doing or to begin doing STS, I do like the addition of males into the mix...I know it may seem minor but it is definitely something I would think many men doing STS would find a positive addition for the same reason Cathe's women customers like seeing other women as part of the crew...
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    1RM Test - So Easy a Caveman can do it

    Ah, thank you so much!
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    1RM Test - So Easy a Caveman can do it

    How much time should one wait in between each 1RM test?
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    BD-3 or D-8 Valor Squat Stands

    Okay, so people are doing modified pull-ups with the barbell...apparently it works right? Good idea!
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    Quick Question - No barbell!

    Thanks for the help!
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    Quick Question - No barbell!

    Now that people are finishing STS, I'm going to be starting it.. The thing is I need to start keeping costs down in getting the necessary equipment. I don't have money right now for a barbell and a bench press and I hear you can do STS with only dumbbells. I was wondering if anyone did STS with...
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    They're in the mail!

    I'm going to start soon too..just gathering all the equipment I'll need now. Trying to keep costs down and thinking if I need a barbell and rack...I read you can do STS with only dumbbells and in place of barbells. For those that finished STS, did anyone do this??! If so, how did you find it...