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    Upper Body & Cardio Intervals?

    Cardio & Weights and Low Impact Circuit
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    Boxing Gloves

    12 ounces
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    Cathe Step dvd that has a hitch kick

    It may be one from the 4 day Split series. I think it's the higher impact step routine.
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    Former Cathlete

    Do you have Cross Train Express? If you do, even if you skip the cardio, you can start with lighter weights and work your way up. Plus, now I am shocked at how light Cathe goes for some of these. Disclaimer: I normally cannot come anywhere close to matching Cathe's weights when she does...
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    Update a dope Flash Player error

    I had the same problem. cathe Live worked on it at the end of July when I subscribed, but the next week I received the message you are/were getting. We already had apple tv hooked up in another room, so that has been relocated to the tv in the basement where I work out.
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    Xtrain ride song

    The original song is by Miley Cyrus and is called the climb. I have no idea if the version used in Ride is available for sale, as the lyrics have been changed.
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    Cardio Suggestions with healing broken wrist?

    I was told it was OK to try running early on and I did try it (although I hate running) and it hurt the wrist every time my feet hit the ground! I also don't belong to a gym, but did enjoy some walks around the neighborhood. My workouts are all done at home with Cathe videos, unless I am...
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    Cardio Suggestions with healing broken wrist?

    I broke my wrist last summer, so I completely understand what your friend is going through. The workouts I was able to do were Turbo Barre, Slide and Glide (minus some of the arm movements), and I think I did Cardio Supersets with a lot of substitutions for any burpees or "hands on the floor"...
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    A song comes on the radio...

    This happens to me all the time. Whenever I hear a song from one of Cathe's DVDs on the radio, I always feel like that's a sign I should be doing that workout that day! Certainly motivational!
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    Loving Flex Train

    This is a perfect total body workout (IMHO)! LOTS of shoulder work in this one.
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    Party Rockin' Step #2 Review

    I absolutely LOVE this workout! Combos were easy to learn, good music, and it left me sweaty when I finished (which, to me, always signals a great workout)! I tried Party Rockin' Step #1, but by the time I got to the second combo gave up rather easily. Unfortunately, I was nervous about...
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    If you want one and don't want to spend a lot of money, keep an eye on your local Craigslist listings. I got mine for around $200 a couple of years ago (right around when cycle max came out).
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    My sister's cat is quite ill. Looking for advice on the best thing to do for her.

    I'm so sorry to hear your sister's cat passed away. I guess it was time, but still so difficult. My heart goes out to all of you. Your poor niece, having known the kitty her entire life. Sending hugs to you and your family.
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    Beach Blast Guy

    Jesse1 - there were a lot of positive comments about you on Cathe's (athlete) facebook page as well! Many of us enjoyed watching you - you ROCKED at the road trip! I wasn't there, but also noticed you on the live stream. It would be great to see you in one of Cathe's videos!
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    My sister's cat is quite ill. Looking for advice on the best thing to do for her.

    Speaking from experience, if your sister's cat is trying to spend time away from her (or the rest of her family), then the cat is ready for the end of his/her life. Both of my older cats really tried to avoid us when it "was their time". I would say if the cat is still lovable, then it is...
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    Prayers For ReneePruitt

    Renee, I am so sorry for your loss. My prayers are with you and your family during this time. Sherry
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    Cathe's Make-Up

    Thanks for replying to this thread Cathe! You are the best! Quite frankly, I typically don't notice much of the make up because I don't wear my glasses when I exercise :-) When news stations here have switched to High Def., the news anchors have commented about having to wear make up -...
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    Rotation/ideas for thinning out the middle?

    I also have that problem, but I think more of it is due to my eating habits than any rotation. I have been doing the XTrain 12 week rotation and it has helped to slim down my middle (almost done and I will let you know results once I'm finished), but I think if I ate healthier I would have much...
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    Hard Strikes...

    This is one of my favorite Cathe workouts! I wish there were less jumping jacks, but I just pause the DVD for a bathroom break when needed. The music and some of Cathe's comments are so motivating! I exercise after work, so I love "get those aggressions out"!
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    Injured ankle

    I fell down the stairs while vacuuming a couple years ago and injured my ankle. Honestly, it must have been a tendon injury, but I was only able to walk and bike for many months - they were the only things that didn't end up hurting it more. Get it checked out and give it plenty of time to heal.