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  1. DebbieH


    :) BEST RT ever! Cathe, you and all your staff are so amazing! I look forward to every RT but this one was soooo FUN! Thanks to you all for letting us join in on a weekend of nonstop fun, smiles & sweat!
  2. DebbieH

    2014 Glassboro Trip Date

    The Philadelphia Airport is best and YES, they have shuttles. Can't wait to meet you!
  3. DebbieH

    Just like the song Timber says....

    LOVE that song. I am using it for my fall session. Not for square dance though! :p
  4. DebbieH

    9 days to go....

    :D On the count of 3!!!!! :p
  5. DebbieH


    Yippers!!!!! Nan, you're right!!! Can't wait to meet you.
  6. DebbieH

    Glassboro RT 26 Days 17 Hours

    YES!!!!!! Wheee! :eek:
  7. DebbieH

    Looking for a roomie

    Did you all get a room?
  8. DebbieH

    Who's In??

    We sure will Liz! Can't wait to meet you!!! I better start working harder on my ARMS! :p
  9. DebbieH

    Announcing Cathe's Next DVD Series - Ripped with HiiT™

    YEEHAW! This thread HIIT me on the perfect day! So exciting!!!!
  10. DebbieH

    Who's In??

    I'm in! :p Can't wait to see you all, newbies & oldies!!! If you've never attended, just you wait! A lifelong memory!!! Cathe makes everyone feels so welcome too! Just beware...there's a few CRAZIES that attend. You know who you are! :eek: SEE YOU ALL IN JULY!!!! Wheeeeee!!!!!!!
  11. DebbieH

    Prayers For ReneePruitt

    Oh Renee! This just breaks my heart. I am so sorry I'm just now seeing this. Words can't express my thoughts but know I will keep you in my thoughts & prayers. Ryan sounds like he touched so many people in such positive ways. I wish I could give you a big hug right now. God Bless his heart!
  12. DebbieH

    Is Filming Completed?

    Oh, you're right. Mine's also dated the 1st. Sorry! Probably because of the filming and Cathe leaving for Hawaii has kept them beyond BUSY! :)
  13. DebbieH

    Is Filming Completed?

    I received mine on July 1st. I can foward it to you all???
  14. DebbieH

    Title for next Spin Bike DVD...

    All three of those are GREAT!
  15. DebbieH

    Spot opened up! Now I'm nervous

    Jennifur-What they all said! Cathelete's are sooo friendly! You will fit right in and NEXT year you'll be welcoming newbies! Can't wait to meet you!
  16. DebbieH

    2013 New Jersey Road Trip "Yearbook"

    THANK YOU sooo much! That's so sweet. Sorry I'm late!
  17. DebbieH

    Cathe's New X10 is More Than Just 10 min Workouts

    I'm looking forward to this one a LOT!!! Thanks for the info!
  18. DebbieH

    Slow and heavy

    Three words...YES, GET IT!!!
  19. DebbieH

    Glassboro RT Facebook group.

    Sooo fun to "see" new faces!!! Yah!!!!