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    "Hip dip"

    Hey! anyone know how to get rid of the "hip dip" or atleast reduce its size or "fill in" the dip?? Please google this if you're unfamiliar with the term.. I have it and I absolutely hate it. it makes my body look super unattractive
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    Working rectus abdominis & avoiding oblique muscles

    Attached is an image of what I mean by toned stomach, without the oblique (side ab) muscles. :)
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    Working rectus abdominis & avoiding oblique muscles

    hi! So I've been doing ab workouts for about a year and included side bends without understanding which muscles they work. Because of this, I've accidentally grown my oblique muscles. I honestly don't like the way this looks, it makes my waist appear larger than it really is (definitely muscle...
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    Overdeveloped gluteus medius muscles

    Hi! I've been working out for a couple years now, but started doing certain exercises for the past few months that actually work the gluteus medius (side lunges, hip abduction, etc.) at the time, I wasn't sure what the gluteus medius really was, i thought it was literally in the middle of the...