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  1. mom418

    fitting sts plyo in my lifting routine

    for those not familiar with this routine, here it is Originally Posted by all pro A Simple beginner's Routine You will do 3 work outs per week on non consecutive days. The first work out is your heavy work out. The second work out is your medium work out, use 10% less weight for your work...
  2. mom418

    fitting sts plyo in my lifting routine

    I'm doing the all pro beginner. M heavy, W 10% less than heavy day, F 20% less than heavy day weekends are off lifting, and I do a max of 2 days of intense cardio any of the days i'm not lifting. i just started my 2nd cycle. I want to do a sts plyo workout, but i don't want it to be too...
  3. mom418

    oily skin = egg white mask

    I've heard of the egg whites mask, but haven't tried it. I eat eggs, but it just sounds like it would be a weird/gross texture. here's a simple and great mask I like: honey + cinnamon start out with about a teaspoon of each, I just mix in in my hand. then add more if you need it. you can use...
  4. mom418

    shoulder padding for barbell on shoulders?

    I need to lift heavier. The safest way to do that is using some type of rack, and the barbel on my shoulders. you already know this, just stating the facts. so even now. as out of shape as I am, there is very little padding on that part of my arms/shoulders, so what do you girls do? wear...
  5. mom418

    Am I the only one???

    I didn't order it. There's just no room in the budget right now. So I feel your pain.
  6. mom418

    1 Rep Max Testing. Do I reeeeaaallllyyyy have to...?

    /I don't have the time nor am I interested in doing all of the exercises. However, I did it for 1 of the lower body exercises, just to gauge my potential compared what I've been lifting. I should be lifting 3 or 4 times what I've been lifting. :eek: you could just pick the exercises that are...
  7. mom418

    Join a squatathon challenge

    It's called Another Squat Challenge, and it's on there are many other challenges on that website too. the squat challenge is a great way for those of us, ahem (waves both hands frantically, me) that need to get back into the swing of things after the holidays or work on our...
  8. mom418


    I recently went off birth control, and since then I've noticed my hormones fluctuating like a rollercoaster. Certain days I'm hardly hungry at all, normal hungry level, and then there's that week, or maybe just 2 or 3 days where I don't care what it is, I'm eating it. Last couple months I end...
  9. mom418

    Try wall sits with a kick

    Shrinking Bootcamp-Wall Squat Kick - YouTube
  10. mom418

    Severe nasal congestion relief needed-can't breathe. Recommendations please!

    so glad to hear you're feeling better :)
  11. mom418

    Severe nasal congestion relief needed-can't breathe. Recommendations please!

    -eating or drinking citrus -eating wasabi such as wasabi peas -taking a shower while drinking very hot tea/theraflu/etc if you have or can get a massaging shower head this is especially helpful when it's on the chest/back areas wherever you feel sore. -cold air, a brief walk...
  12. mom418

    Lifting heavy and "bulk"

    I was avoiding lifting heavy without realizing it. I just recently tried to do my 1 rep max. It wasn't in the best of conditions, a little tired bc it was at night. However, according to the calculator I should be lifting at least 100# on a regular basis. Or even as much as my DH. Doing...
  13. mom418

    100 Rep Challenges

    All of them are for upper body except 1 (hip thrusts). I would have liked to see more of a balance, I guess. What do you think?
  14. mom418

    Just saw The Hobit in 3-D

    lol! My daughter fell asleep for part of it too! We kept asking her, "How do you fall asleep? It's 3D!" She's much better about it now, but when she was really little she'd fall asleep as soon as the popcorn ran out. So funny.
  15. mom418

    Just saw The Hobit in 3-D

    We did too. Imax 3D It was really good. I can't quite put my finger on what I personally didn't like as much as the trilogy, but great story, worth seeing.
  16. mom418

    ROAD TRIP 2013?

    ST L, right smack in the middle. :)
  17. mom418

    New Year Challenge

    This week's challenge: Alternate sets of 10- 15 reps of squat + side kick (s)? with your choice of cardio. I'm going to do stair sprints. For my example, it will be about 2-3 mins on each. Do 3 or more circuits, depending on your fitness level, and if this is your w/o of the day, or...
  18. mom418

    FDA approving GMO salmon. Please read. It impacts everyone!

    Build a vertical aquaponic veggie & fish farm for small yards & houses Windowfarms - Vertical Garden for Growing Herbs and Vegetables at Home
  19. mom418

    Differences in measurements right/left side of your body

    Has anyone also noticed this? I have noticed before, but never this drastic. Today there's a whole inch difference on my quads. :o I did not behave myself over the holidays. :O But I did avoid making sweets at home. So the damage wasn't as bad as in the past.
  20. mom418

    Structured Procrastination

    It's always worst when I have too much time to do it. All the time in the world to clean the house? I'm in maintenance mode, and don't care about/can't even see much of the clutter or real cleaning to be done. People are coming over or other deadline and I'm all adrenaline, and much...