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    Collage video

    OK, thank you for clarifying.
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    What were your 2010 workout dvd purchases?

    Hard to remember all, but... Shock Cardio Turbo Fire + TF Advanced (BEST PURCHASE!) BBL (but then traded for CLX) T. Staehle Cardio Kickbox Challenge Power Hour + Amy Bento APX Tony Horton - Fountain of Youth yoga couple of KCM's, but can't remember which ones Preorder: Cathe's new...
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    A quickie update!

    Thanks for the update, any info, no matter how brief is always appreciated! Happy rehearsing!
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    ?@ new STS Toal Body

    So, no upper only/lower only premix option? TIA!
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    Power Hour weights used?

    Got it. Thanks. I knew there was a list of weights used that I had from a long time ago, but couldn't seem to find it.
  6. rose2boys

    Power Hour weights used?

    Does anyone have a list of the weights used in PH? I did a search but cannot seem to locate. I just got PH when I did my pre-order & it would be helpful as I have it on my roster to do tomorrow am. TIA!
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    High Reps/STS Total Body?

    Ok, thanks... so much for the info! I appreciate it. Will there be premixes to work just upper or lower body seperately, if desired?
  8. rose2boys

    High Reps/STS Total Body?

    Is it just me or do these workouts seem very similiar - basically a total body weight workout ? Just trying to understand before I preorder. TIA!
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    New Cathe DVDs in the works? Announcement at the RT?

    So exciting... and I will most likely buy anything Cathe produces (can't help it!), but, whatever happened to a good old fashioned fun yet challenging step workout with really rockin' music?? ...or is that "old fashioned" thses days? Just curious..
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    Turbo Fire...what weight training

    I wasn't sure if I wanted to go as intense & time consuming as STS w/TF. I like to either have a cardio or a weight heavy rotation, if you know what I mean. So, I consider TF to be cardio intensive. Trng to figure out what weights to do w/it. I am very much into free weights/barbell, not...
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    What are your favorite things about the summer?

    being on and in the water (beach, boat, pool!) SUN!! easy dressing: cute sundresses, tank tops, breezy skirts, sparkly fun sandals, FLIP FLOPS! NO hats, scarves, gloves, etc to harrass my kids to wear long, lazy nights eating al fresco/cooking out fresh summer fruits (esp. NECTARINES!!) &...
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    Turbo Fire...what weight training

    program are you using with these workouts? Just curious what others are doing. I was going to do TF w/STS, but haven't started STS portion yet. Looking for ideas/options. Really enjoying TF so far, very different from usual cardio & sooo fun once I got the moves down (kinda!). Loving the...
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    Cardio or Strength Training??

    Much prefer weight training. Depending on what cardio I'm doing, I range from total dread (but always feel better afterwards) to OK, let;s just do it! But, what I really dread is core/ab work!!!
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    OK I just have to ask--who's watching RH NYC?

    I actually thought that Luann looked scarily like Danielle in her video.... I am having a very hard time watching NJ the past couple epsodes due it the Danielle storyline...I don't really find it entertaining anymore, just extremely uncomfortable & creepy. She is paranoid & psycho! Why is...
  15. rose2boys

    RH - NYC and NJ...

    Who thinks that Kelly form NY and Danielle from NJ should get together??? They are both CRAZY, paranoid, mean (and look like they used to be a man) bitches! Kelly is less deliberate than Danielle though. Danielle is more scary crazy, Kelly is just kinda "out there" crazy... These shows are...
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    I Want My Step!! Step!! Step!! And More Step!!

    YES! Please! More good old step workouts! I'd LOVE step wos like the ones in 4DS, but longer...or a series of short ones on i disc that could be used seperately or mixed. I just LOVE those and reach for them frequently -- just 1 when I am time crunched & premix of both when I really want...
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    Why so many negatives with this series?/Just starting them

    I totally agree with you! I was just thinking the same thing the other day re: having all MMAs together & both step together to allow for premixes options,which I greatly miss. Liking the series, but not loving it with all series, there are positives & negatives. Hard to please...
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    The Real Housewives of BEVERLY HILLS????

    DC??? What happened to the DC one??? Last I heard they were filming this one. Did they cancel? Whatever it will be, I am totally addicted & will watch it like a car wreck, with a kinda sick fascination....
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    Need Deadlift subs!

    Cathe (or fellow cathlete), Please help. Due to lower back pain/strain, I can not do deadlifts anymore. I struggle with this every time a deadlift is called for in a workout,usuall I just skip it & do nothing. What is the best sub for deadlifts during a back workout & leg workout...
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    who likes the show "Nurse Jackie"

    I do!! I love this show. Edie Falco is excellent! It is out there, though. Full of funny, quirky, not always moral characters. You just have to suspnd belief a bit & not take it too seriously. Depends on the type of show you like...but I got hooked 1st season and can't wait for new...