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  1. mountainsnow

    Need to find some yoga

    I also like Ultimate Yogi. I've recently discovered Xen Strength and find it very challenging and rewarding. You can find Xen Strength on You Tube also.
  2. mountainsnow

    Wondering about a new series this year?

    All of you are geniuses! I would love to see DVDs like this!
  3. mountainsnow

    Now Share Your Workouts on Our Newest Workout Blender

    So many workout possibilities, so little time! :D
  4. mountainsnow

    Time to Buy New Shoes

    Thank you for the suggestions and the link. I also have only used Asics for the last seven years or so.
  5. mountainsnow

    Time to Buy New Shoes

    Hi Everyone Please give me some ideas for new workout/cross training shoes. I always look to my clathlete buddies to help me out with this! Thank you!:eek:
  6. mountainsnow

    Finally found the perfect Step and interval training shoes

    Great recommendation! I've been using Asics Gel for the last two years (I buy a new pair every 6 months) and I love them.:eek:
  7. mountainsnow

    Cathe's Greatest Hits?

    STS Plyo Legs and Fav Step Combos This is a workout I made up in the Workout Blender. My favorite STS Plyo Legs Blasts in between my favorite step finished combos. 4DS LIS Warmup 7:39 BM2 Bonus Cardio 5:50 STS Plyo Leg Slow Straddle Jumps 1:32 STS Plyo Leg Squat Jumps 1:06 SM Finished Product...
  8. mountainsnow

    What state already received their DVD's

    Albuquerque, New Mexico - that was fast:eek:
  9. mountainsnow

    quick reference card for new LIS series!!!

    WOW!!!:D Thanks Leane. This will come in very useful.
  10. mountainsnow

    Problem with Clips with Same Name

    Thank you. I will patiently await the upcoming release!!!! Ann
  11. mountainsnow

    Problem with Clips with Same Name

    When I create a workout video using clips which have the same title but are from different Cathe Videos, the Workout Blender uses only the first clip at every occurance of clips of the same title. It appears correctly in the story board, and in the preview screen, but not when I play it on Quick...
  12. mountainsnow

    TF Arrived today!!!!

    Hi Pam I've had mine for a week and I love all of them. I've never owned Turbo Jam, so I did not have the pleasure of working out with Chalene Johnson. I think the advanced workouts are worth it. I did Fire 60 this morning and had a blast!!! The sweat was just pouring off me. I also love...
  13. mountainsnow

    Quick question for anyone

    I'm 5'9" and have no problems. :D
  14. mountainsnow

    Turbo Fire

    Thanks everyone for the reviews. I just ordered plus the extra DVDs:p Hey Denise, your rotation looks awesome, I will probably try it when we get back from vacation in August:cool: Have fun everyone and again, thanks for helping me decide to add to my library:eek: Ann
  15. mountainsnow

    Step Moves....

    I love this one too After reading the reviews here, I did Step Moves yesterday. It was so much fun I did combo 2 and 3 twice. It helped me get the moves down better and the time really did fly!!! My all time favorite is Rythmic Step and Step Moves is going to be my 2nd favorite. Thanks...
  16. mountainsnow

    A question for SNM on new Cathe products

    Thanks Michelle for asking this question and thanks SNM for answering so promptly. Can't wait to use my discount on the new products. :eek:
  17. mountainsnow

    anyone make their own protein bars?

    Hi Laura We cut eight bars per pan.
  18. mountainsnow

    anyone make their own protein bars?

    I use a 9X13 pan:)
  19. mountainsnow

    anyone make their own protein bars?

    Hi DeanaMax My husband and I found many different recipes on the internet. From those recipes, we came up with this one recipe that (IMHO):D tastes best: Chocolate Protein Bars 1 cup Applesauce (I use natural/unsweetened applesauce) 1 tsp Ground Cinnamon 2 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder 3...
  20. mountainsnow

    When will filming start???