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  1. AliCoop

    More HiiTs!!!

    I love, love, love Intensity. An Intensity 2 DVD would be amazing!
  2. AliCoop

    Plantar Fasciitis and Cortisone Shots

    Superfeet inserts, recommended by my physical therapist, help with knee and foot problems. Also, yoga can help, particularly yoga stretches for the feet. Also, be very careful if you decide to try barefoot running/exercise. I seriously messed up my knee doing that. Both my doctor and physical...
  3. AliCoop

    Intensity 2, 3, 4....

    Agreed! I love this workout. It's so varied and fast paced you never get bored. The music's great too.
  4. AliCoop

    Drill Max 2!

    Ditto. Drill Max is one of my favs. But if you do a Drill Max 2, please include a core strengthening section.
  5. AliCoop

    Cathe downloads on TV using PlayOn

    True--it's only for PCs. But if you have a newer Mac with an Intel chip, you can use Bootcamp to run Windows on your Mac.
  6. AliCoop

    Cathe downloads on TV using PlayOn

    I've downloaded many Cathe workouts that I play on my computer in my office/workout room. This morning, however, I needed to work out in the living room (not using my computer) and was able to do a downloaded Cathe workout on my tv. I used software called PlayOn (here's a link...
  7. AliCoop

    Class Itinerary

    This looks like a ton of fun but now I feel so sad because of a knee injury that just is not going away fast enough! How disappointing. I won't be able to participate in many of these (except the stretch). Argh. I haven't had a knee injury in years--why did it have to happen just a few weeks...
  8. AliCoop

    4 Days To Go

    Well Nancy you won't be the only one under the weather. I injured my knee less than two weeks ago and it's still not 100%. Argh! But it's mostly better. Either way, I'll have to take it a little easy this weekend...
  9. AliCoop

    Anyone sick of chicken and fish- mememememe

    I recently found a tasty way to eat tempeh (fermented soy cake), which is very nutritious, high in protein and quite flavorful. I never enjoyed the slight bitterness or bite of tempeh until I learned a new trick. I boil the tempeh in water with a bit of soy sauce for 5 minutes and then you can...
  10. AliCoop

    a couple items to pack

    I second Lorrayne's remarks--southern California is cooler than people may imagine this time of year, so bring some warmer clothes just in case. I've never been to a RT, but I think a workout towel might be helpful, too. I know when I do Cathe's DVDs I'm usually sweating buckets!
  11. AliCoop

    Would you work out?

    Thanks for the info--I really think I will take up running since it is a great workout to do while pregnant. (I was always nervous of toppling over doing step workouts during my pregnancy.) I'm not pregnant again just yet, but I'm planning for the next one. I've been so happy with #1 (born in...
  12. AliCoop

    Upper Body Weight Workouts

    I agree--but I'd like an upper body workout that focuses on hypertrophy instead of endurance. That might be hard to do in under an hour, though. FYI--a few premixes you might want to try: Cross Train Xpress upper body split (I downloaded this one) and the all upper body premix on the 4 Day...
  13. AliCoop

    Would you work out?

    Okay, 23jimbeam, how did you do that?! (Bounce back so quickly after baby) I'm hoping for my next pregnancy to work out at a higher intensity so I can jump back faster postpartum. Did you jog during your pregnancy? I'm thinking of doing a half marathon in September--I figure if I can get used to...
  14. AliCoop

    Curious about the RT workouts- step vs. weights

    I'm curious about this, too. I'm also wondering how high impact a lot of the workouts will be. Since I'm a nursing mom, I have to wear three (seriously, three) sports bras to do high impact workouts. I'm a little concerned if I'll have enough sports bras for the RT!
  15. AliCoop

    Who is joining me in San Diego?

    Hi all, I'm Alison and am the mother of a 6-month old daughter (I've included a link if anyone would like to see a photo: I've been doing Cathe videos since 2006 and credit her workouts as the biggest reason I lost my pregnancy weight so quickly. I love all of my...
  16. AliCoop

    Postnatal pain in the . . . hips

    I had hip pain postpartum. I think it's normal and is likely related to everything being totally shoved around in your pelvis. I took care of myself and eased back into working out (since high impact workouts seemed to make it worse). A chiropractor's probably not a bad idea, either.
  17. AliCoop

    Did Cardio Blast this morning and now my knees hurt

    Thanks for the suggestions. I think I will invest in new shoes and lower my step.
  18. AliCoop

    Weights before cardio for fat loss?

    I'm curious to hear what others say on this, too. I've heard the opposite: cardio before weights if your goal is weight loss. Not sure, though.
  19. AliCoop

    knee pain - causes, prevention

    I notice knee pain at times after doing high impact workouts (Circuit Blast did me in earlier this week). I have to be super aware when I do things like leg presses on the high step to put my weight in the heel, not my toes, and engage my hamstrings/glutes more. It seems to make a big...
  20. AliCoop

    Sexy Moms of New Babies hit it hard in 2010!!!

    buneknek--Based on the recommendations of a lactation consultant, I started pumping when my baby was 2 weeks old about 1-2 times per day, after baby had finished a feeding. It's best to pump in the mornings, since you're BM supply is highest at that time. You won't get much at first--that's...