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  1. tbabcock

    August 2011

    Thanks Cathe!! With all you've had going on it's amazing you had time to put this together! Really appreciate it tho!:D
  2. tbabcock

    June 11' Rotation

    Thanks Cathe!! This looks great!:eek:
  3. tbabcock

    April 2011 Rotation

    Looks awesome - as usual! Thanks so much for posting rotations for us!!:D
  4. tbabcock

    FEB 2011 Rock Bottoms Rotation

    Wow! I saw people requesting this rotation on the boards but now that I see it - OMG! I'm afraid I'll be "choosing one" on the Double Shot days but thanks for the options! :D
  5. tbabcock

    Sept 10 Rotation

    This looks excellent - as always! I'm going to skip out half-way thru the month tho so I can start STS and still finish before Christmas!
  6. tbabcock

    July 10' rotation

    This looks excellent! Can't wait to get started. :D Thanks, Cathe, for taking the time to put these rotations together!
  7. tbabcock

    June 10' rotation

    Excellent! Hey, where's the witch cackle to go with that last comment? :D This looks great, as always!
  8. tbabcock

    Dec 09 Rotation Timesaver

    This looks like a terrific workout! Along with all the time demands you mentioned, I'll also be traveling over the holidays - I think this rotation will help me stick to my routine! Thanks Cathe!!:D
  9. tbabcock

    Nov 09 Rotation

    Thanks so much for setting up this rotation. I can see that your schedule is crazy right now and really appreciate you taking time to do this.:D It looks really fun!
  10. tbabcock

    Oct 09 Rotation

    This month looks like a great variety!! I don't have the STS series but I think I found enough substitutions in your other dvds to make this work. :D Thanks Cathe!!