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  1. rafiayunus

    Upper body + Upper body bonus + Extended Stretch

    I just received mine today and can’t wait to try them
  2. rafiayunus

    Sept 2020 Rotation

    I love this rotation sooo much
  3. rafiayunus

    Shipping Notification!

    Got my shipping notice too, I live in Houston TX Rafia
  4. rafiayunus

    ICE Low Impact Sweat Premixes

    Now that's what we call VARIETY. Only Cathe can deliver THAT kind of Variety. Can't wait [emoji16][emoji16][emoji16] Sooooo excited... Rafia
  5. rafiayunus

    Wonder when filming will start?

    I'm out of fuel. I NEED updates please [emoji6] Rafia
  6. rafiayunus


    Thank you for your response Roz, I understand, everyone is so busy these days, summer is almost here, getting ready for either vacations or extra activities with kids [emoji28] I'm glad that you like DYP and it's good to know that you tried all the practices, you're an advanced "YOGI" I say...
  7. rafiayunus


    Hey ladies, How are y'all. Did you try DEEPEN YOUR PRACTICE, how did you like it ? Because when I did this series first time I couldn't do it as I did with THE ULTIMATE YOGI but I stick with DYP for a month or two and then Cathe's RWH series came out and I got busy with that but now when I'm...
  8. rafiayunus

    Tracy Anderson method VS Tonique method

    Hey Liz, I think I did something wrong because my post is mixed up with your post which I QUOTED... Hahaha Rafia
  9. rafiayunus

    Tracy Anderson method VS Tonique method

    Thank you Elsie and TurquoiseEyes. I'm gonna check em out, I don't mind the datedness as long as workout gives me enough CHALLENGE and RESULTS [emoji6] and actually I got Physique57 DVDs yesterday and I tried classic 57 total body and I really like it but no DOMS (yet) though ((like I get when I...
  10. rafiayunus

    Tracy Anderson method VS Tonique method

    Thank you so much for your suggestions ladies. I ordered physique57 six DVD kit. They looks good enough and I hope I'm gonna get the results I want. Rafia
  11. rafiayunus

    Low impact series #2 PLEASE!

    Yey [emoji322][emoji322][emoji322] Another VOTE.... I hope this thread gets Cathe's attention [emoji18] and she provide us with, what our heart desires [emoji39][emoji39][emoji39] I'm READY to preorder. Rafia
  12. rafiayunus

    Tracy Anderson method VS Tonique method

    Thanks for responding guys. I really appreciate it[emoji4]. Actually I wasn't sure about TA and what I watched on YouTube her style look bit annoying (TO ME) of course some people find it really motivating but I'm not coordinated enough to follow dancy choreography. I just did Cathe's turbo...
  13. rafiayunus

    Tracy Anderson method VS Tonique method

    Yes I have most of the Cathe DVDs including turbo barre, which I'm gonna do today but you know we always need MORE (newer) workouts [emoji6] Rafia
  14. rafiayunus

    Tracy Anderson method VS Tonique method

    Hi guys I have Tonique's few DVDs. I really like her style and thousands of NONSTOP reps she does but her workouts are really really long and I can't get myself to do more than an hour workout, not more than once a week, so I usually end up doing something under an hour. I really want to trim...
  15. rafiayunus

    Found another great Premix in RWH series

    I did this premix # 6 UBC today and this is what I wanted today, around 50 mins this premix gives me a fair amount of work without much of the impact. Upper body, lots of core and even bit of lower body. My heart rate was up too and because of no cardio bursts I could lift slightly heavier on...
  16. rafiayunus

    Low impact series #2 PLEASE!

    I know right! [emoji14] another Low Impact Series CATHE STYLE [emoji39][emoji39][emoji39]. Cardio Leg Blast is from XTRAIN, (the best of the best series) I love Cardio Leg Blast too, at first few tries, this one gives me scares but after awhile, I was doing this without any breaks (after all we...
  17. rafiayunus

    Found another great Premix in RWH series

    Thanks for sharing, sounds fun.I'll definitely try this premix soon [emoji4] Rafia
  18. rafiayunus

    upcoming workouts?

    Ditto Rafia
  19. rafiayunus

    RWH LIHI Legs premix 6 rocks!

    I love doing this premix too. I've done it more than real workout, cause it really gives you break by working your abs [emoji6], is it really a BREAK! I love the idea to putting abs after each interval. To me this premix feels like I'm doing totally different workout. Cathe you are a genius...