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  1. MuscleGuy

    Entire MMA Boxing with Heavy Bag

    Sounds like a great idea! I need to hang my heavy bag up again. :)
  2. MuscleGuy

    Valerie Waters - Action Hero Babe

    I think those workouts are here: :) Adam
  3. MuscleGuy

    Length of STS workouts?

    I just did Disc 13 (Meso 2 day 1) and although it is 65 minutes long, the time really flew by!
  4. MuscleGuy

    Does anyone else think their 1RM is low?

    Alison, I did my 1RMs for Meso 2 Disc 13 yesterday and I think a couple are low. Instead of retesting though, I'm going to go with it and adjust the weight up if I feel it is too light while during the workout, then make a note. I assume that is why Cathe and crew are writing their...
  5. MuscleGuy

    Insanity Results so far?

    Not sure if you're interested in a guy's results. I've been on the Insanity rotation for just under 2 weeks. I am not following the eating plan but my diet isn't too bad anyway....despite treats like cookies every now and then. I've lost some weight already but I don't weigh myself so I...
  6. MuscleGuy

    Insanity Cardio Recovery disc

    Regarding calorie burn and HIIT. It is well-known that HIIT workouts cause a greater fat loss than steady state, despite a lower caloric expenditure during the actual workout. The Tremblay study in Canada divided 27 healthy non-obese adults (14 women and 13 men) into two groups. One group...
  7. MuscleGuy


    Why would having the guys in the vids draw more men in? Have you ever considered that we might like working out with a crew of women? :D
  8. MuscleGuy

    worst insanity move

    Ski Abs. It may not be the actual move so much as the fact that they come near the end of the Plyo by the time we get to them, I am already wiped out.
  9. MuscleGuy

    Cardio Recovery for Insanity

    Substituting an upper body lifting day instead of the Cardio Recovery sounds good to me. I'm going to do that starting next week.
  10. MuscleGuy

    So where are YOU located? :)

    A large city in England. :)
  11. MuscleGuy


    Well I am LOVING this thread! :D For me the most inspiring woman in fitness is Tracie Long! She looked fantastic in the Firm Maximum Body Sculpting, Fitprime Strong Bear and Fast Cheetah and the TLT Yorktowns! Well, everything! :)
  12. MuscleGuy

    Male Cathe fans (or husbands who work out with Cathe)

    I enjoy Muscle Max, Slow & Heavy and the Gym Styles. More men should try Cathe workouts, IMO. Adam
  13. MuscleGuy

    If you're able to chat, join me here

    Hi, Cathe Saw you on QVC today (I'm in the UK so I watched it online) and the girls were great! Looking forward to your upcoming Shock Cardio (especially MMA!) Hope everything goes OK during filming! Adam
  14. MuscleGuy

    Has STS ruined you?

    OK, thats good to hear...not that you fell out of love with CLX :(, but that there is life after STS! I may order Meso 2 as my 'summer project'. Adam
  15. MuscleGuy

    So, what was the LAST concert you saw?

    Jethro Tull. :)
  16. MuscleGuy

    Will someone explain cell phone etiquette to me?

    In my opinion, you shouldn't have to wait at all. If they are having a phone conversation, then they are having a phone conversation....they shouldn't be getting in line for things and holding people up. Some people seem to think they are so important they can't be out of touch for a second...
  17. MuscleGuy

    Just for fun--what was your first concert?

    My first ever concert was the Sisters of Mercy. (I was a Goth in the eighties) :)
  18. MuscleGuy

    Has STS ruined you?

    Cynthia, This thread explains one of the reasons I am still on the fence about STS. I've been considering getting just Meso 2 (since I suck at sticking with rotations) but at the back of my mind I've always had the niggling feeling that I will like STS so much that I'll become locked into...
  19. MuscleGuy

    Circuit timing question

    Hi, Tami I would suggest keeping the cardio interval short but intense. It's entirely up to you, of course, but I think 5 minutes or even 3 minutes (at high intensity) would be good. Adam
  20. MuscleGuy

    Kelly Coffey-Meyer's presale is up

    My order is in! :)